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Meet Our Guide: Susy

The Scottish Borders Ride, Scotland , The Thirlestane Castle Ride, Scotland

Meet our Guide: Susy - The Scottish Borders Ride, The Thirlestane Castle Ride, Scotland - Globetrotting horse riding holidaysIf you’re booked on one of our rides in Scotland, The Thirlestane Castle Ride or The Scottish Borders Ride, you’ll be in for a treat when you meet your delightful guide, Susy McIntosh. We asked Susy to give us the run-down on what she does and why she loves it.

How long have you been running your riding outfit in the Scottish Borders? And what was the background, history, reason for starting?
I started my business in the Scottish Borders 20 years ago. I’ve had a passion for working with horses all my life.

Describe your herd of horses in four words:
Lovely, willing, calm and caring.

What do you love most about your job?
Working with the lovely horses and customers.

What is the most challenging part?
Pairing the right horse with the correct rider.

Why should globetrotters sign up for this ride?
To explore the scenic Scottish Borders countryside (and, in the case of The Scottish Borders Ride, to follow, respect and partake in the customs and traditions of the common ridings and festivals throughout the Borders).

A tip that every globetrotter must know before signing up for this ride:
They have an  opportunity to be a part of history.

Finish this sentence: Don’t leave home without…
A hip flask!

Have we piqued your interest? You can find out more about our Thirlestane Castle Ride here, and The Scottish Borders Ride here.

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