Meet our Guides: Jayd and Jane - Horse Riding Holidays and Safaris

Meet our Guides: Jayd and Jane

The Snowy River Ride, Australia

Meet our Guides: Jayd & Jane - The Snowy River Ride, Victoria, Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidaysJayd Wieland and Jane Forke are the heart and soul of The Snowy River Ride in Australia’s High Country. They breed, break and train their own horses and love nothing more than taking guests deep into the wild, whether hiking, rafting or on horseback. The only thing that rivals this family’s love of horses is their passion for adventure! There isn’t much in the way of outdoor adventure that they haven’t experienced, guided or trained, both on and off the horse.

Jayd teaches swiftwater rescue, search and rescue, vertical rescue, rock climbing, whitewater guiding and remote area bushwalking, and has guided in Mongolia, India and Malaysian Borneo. For many years, he was a professional horse breaker in Queensland, training horses for cutting, campdrafting, reining and cowhorse disciplines. He has also worked in the Western horse industry Texas and Oklahoma.

Jane has travelled the world working with horses, taught many others the art of horse trail guiding, and organised and guided many horse treks herself. She and Jayd have run countless trips for recreation, education and guide training involving not just horse riding, but also rock climbing, whitewater paddling, snow camping, remote area hiking, canyoning and more! Their daughters Luca, Lilli and Indiana are always eager to lend a helping hand.

Together, Jayd and Jane have masterminded this unique horse riding holiday in Alpine National Park, where the Snowy River twists and plunges through ever-evolving bushland. If you’re booked on (or drooling over!) The Snowy River Ride, why not get to know your guides? We’ve asked them a few questions to kick things off.

How long have you been running your riding outfit? And what was the background, history, reason for starting?
We started around 2016. I have a background in outdoor guiding and teaching people to be outdoor guides – not just in horse situations, but on cliffs, in whitewater, snow and remote terrain. We wanted to be able to share adventures in beautiful and inspiring locations with others.
Jane: We wanted to create a family business that could take other families on adventures. We too often hear that adventure stops when you have kids. We wanted to prove that having children only makes adventures better. Jayd and I have been working with horses most of our lives [that’s us back in the early days below] and thought we could share our knowledge and beautiful country.

Meet our Guides: Jayd & Jane - The Snowy River Ride, Victoria, Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

How many guest horses do you have?
Jane: On The Snowy River Ride, we usually take around 13 horses: 8 guest horses, 4 staff horses and a pack horse.

Describe your herd of horses in four words.
Jane: Willing, tough, team workers, gorgeous.

What is the philosophy or ethos behind your horse riding experiences?
Jayd: Share, explore, teach, enjoy.
Jane: We want people to not just go on a ride, we want them to understand how horses think, and to work with them through challenging situations. We have horse/people training sessions throughout our ride to create better relationships and understanding.

What do you love most about your job?
Jayd: Hanging out with friends and meeting new people.
Jane: I love meeting new people and showing them our beautiful mountains and amazing team of horses. I love sitting around the campfire after a hard day in the saddle reminiscing on our day and hearing people’s life stories.

What is the most challenging part?
Jayd: Dealing with some socks occasionally migrating into the toe of my boots.
Jane: Keeping spirits high when the weather comes in bad.

What has been the most memorable or significant moment of your guiding careers?
Jayd: Evacuating someone with altitude sickness in a remote part of the Indian Himalayas at night over an icy pass, firstly strapped to a mule and then on my back.
Riding a very surefooted horse in Mongolia over ice-covered boulders on a mountain, and also high above a fast flowing river, with slippery logs with hoof-sized gaps in between them forming a bridge.
Jane: Moving a herd of 150 horses and mules from the Californian Sierra Nevadas to the desert over 4 days with 30 riders, having to stop a major highway 3 times to cross.

Why should globetrotters sign up for this ride?
Jayd: A great adventure in awesome country with the opportunity to make new friends.
Jane: It is the quintessential Aussie ride. The country we cover is so unique and stunning. It changes dramatically each day. The horses are well bred and trained, and the staff love their job.

A tip that every globetrotter must know before signing up for this ride:
Jayd: Merino wool thermal clothing is great for all weather conditions.
Jane: This ride is not for the faint-hearted. The terrain is challenging, with some long days in the saddle. Be prepared to walk on some of the steeper slopes. Always bring sturdy shoes and waterproofs! You never know when the weather’s going to turn in the mountains.

Finish this sentence: Don’t leave home without…
Jayd: Blistex and a pocket knife.
Jane: A sense of adventure.

Meet our Guides: Jayd & Jane - The Snowy River Ride, Victoria, Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Keen to follow Jayd and Jane into the Aussie wilderness? Click HERE to sign up for The Snowy River Ride!

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