The Perfect Birthday

Craig’s Hut & High Country Ride, Australia , Bordeaux Wine Trail, France , Andalusia, Spain , Costa Azul, Portugal , Twin Coast Adventure, New Zealand ... , Craig’s Hut & High Country Ride, Australia , Bordeaux Wine Trail, France , Andalusia, Spain , Costa Azul, Portugal , Twin Coast Adventure, New Zealand

The perfect birthday - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

So I’ve noticed a Globetrotting trend that I think you should seriously consider: Gifting yourself a horse riding holiday to mark a significant birthday!

It so happens to be MY birthday today (May 8th – I’m a fresh 38 years of age) and I’m off to Bonnie Scotland to take part in our DEBUT Scottish Borders Ride. Happy Birthday to ME!

And why not wrap a red ribbon around a horse riding holiday and call it a birthday present? GENIUS!

The mental conversation goes a little like this:
‘Happy birthday to me!
I’m going to book myself on the {INSERT BUCKET LIST RIDE HERE} to celebrate ME.
I don’t need new shoes, jewellery or a new bridle, what I actually yearn for is a wild and free ride.’

Some of our globetrotters extend the invitation to their best riding friends and make a trip of it – quite literally a BIRTHDAY RIDE!

OR you may choose to go by yourself. Anonymous – not a mother, nor a daughter, nor a wife. Just you, your horse and some enchanting new scenery awaiting discovery.

Can you imagine blowing out the candles on your birthday cake after a remarkable day in the saddle? I sure can’t wait to do just that tonight, after a good gallop across the fields and glens of Scotland.

So just thinking out loud, some of our MOST popular birthday rides would be…

Bordeaux Wine Trail, France
Who doesn’t want to celebrate a birthday with champagne in the country where it’s made? This ride oozes celebration, taking place in Bordeaux, France, where one skips, hops, trots and canters between generational vineyards on a daily basis. The best part is we have availability in both 2019 and 2020.

Andalusia, Spain
There is an unmistakable fiesta vibe to this very special ride in Andalusia – think live music, Spanish horse shows and brilliant riding. Oh, and you’re mounted on majestic Andalusian horses. Ummm, YES PLEASE!

Costa Azul, Portugal
When someone asks what you’re doing to celebrate your birthday, imagine saying ‘Oh, I’m just going on a horse riding holiday to Portugal, where I’ll be riding Lusitano horses, exploring groves of cork trees and enjoying salty beach canters while sipping on port!’ Enough said!

Twin Coast Adventure, New Zealand
The newest ride in the Globetrotting portfolio also happens to be the perfect birthday present to oneself. Not only is the ride price under $3,100 NZD, you get to spend five days discovering all the best-kept secrets of the North Island mounted on a top-shelf, naturally trained trail horse.

Craig’s Hut & High Country Ride, Australia
This is a birthday bucket-list ride for SURE, seeing you follow in the footsteps of the Man from Snowy River on your plucky mountain horse. Enjoy your birthday dinner around the campfire while millions of stars serenade you from above. This is also a great ride for family or friends to join you on, as it caters for everyone from beginners through to advanced riders.

These ride suggestions are only the tip of the iceberg – we have over 40 hand-tested and Globetrotting approved rides in our portfolio, so feel free to peruse them here until you find your PERFECT birthday destination.

We have both 2019 and 2020 departure dates available now, so you can plan well in advance if you so choose AND have the flexibility to pay off your birthday ride with our 5 x 20% payment plan.

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