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In the spotlight

I promised in this post that I would strap the go pro on my head and give you – my lovely blog followers – a bird’s eye view of  how I manage to work my three polo mares with limited time on my hands. I’m so very spoilt to ride in the pea green hills of the Sunshine Coast hinterland with ocean views and on this afternoon the light was startling. You’ll see my gorgeous grey mare Jinx self-exercising by following us up and down the hills. I’m riding my lead mare Tilly in a bit-less bridle and I’m leading Arusi my star polo mare. I try and do this hill circuit for twenty minutes, three times a week and then flat work in the arena on each horse throughout the week. Wow, I’m exhausted just thinking about it. I tell you what its the best stress- reliever pelting up and down those hills.

How awesome is the song!

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