Welcoming a new globetrotter to family.

welcome winnie

Life as a Globetrotter


Wow, its nearly been eight weeks since I’ve touched down in this blog-sphere. It’s fair to say I’ve got a valid excuse for the lack of posts. We welcomed our gorgeous daughter, Winifred, known to us as Winnie, into the world on September 26. Winnie has us all tangled up in love and makes us gasp every time we look into her deep blue eyes. Even though we’ve been a family of three for the past two and a half years, it’s not until Winnie arrived that we now feel like a true family unit. I love using the expression ‘my girls’ and I’m chuffed that Finn has a baby sister and Winnie an older sister. I know how special sisters are as I’m really close to my older sister, Amanda.

Our globetrotter Finn has been a doting sister getting Winnie toys and sharing her beloved toy rabbit, Ruby Red Shoes. Finn smothers Winnie with kisses on the lips when Winnie is quite content to kick around by herself. To be honest, Finn is more in love with Winnie than Winnie with Finn.

We’re off to Equitana Melbourne next week, if you’re going, we would love for you to stop by our stand #483 and say hello. We can answer all of your questions about how to become a globetrotter and the best rides suited to your experience level, within your budget and time frame. There is no obligation to book a ride in the next week, six months or two years. We’ve had clients day dreaming about our rides for years before the stars have aligned and they’ve booked.

Thanks for your patience during this enchanting time where we learn to be a family of four.

Here are some moments from the past couple of weeks.




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