Why Choose a Guided Globetrotting Ride?

Why Choose a Guided Globetrotting Ride?

Life as a Globetrotter

Why choose a guided Globetrotting horse riding holiday

A lot of our globetrotters are solo female riders who may not have the confidence to travel by themselves. They prefer to join us on a guided ride, letting us take the guesswork out of travelling to a unknown country so they can relax.

Our guests love that we take the hard work out of travelling – for example, when flying to a foreign country, we’re there from the get-go. We meet you at the airport (or co-ordinate our international flights together) and that’s when you can relax and let us hold your hand throughout your trip.

Before starting our ride we always spend two nights in the capital city. Whether it be Buenos Aires or Nairobi, we know these cities well. We avoid staying in generic hotels, preferring boutique hotels situated in charming suburbs. With limited time to spend in the city, we know the best restaurants, artisans and authentic cultural experiences trademark to that country.

What if your transfer doesn’t arrive on time? What regional airport do you have to get to? Where can you find an ATM? Don’t worry about it; we take care of all these boring travelling woes.

Steven and I are both photographers and are quite adept at taking photos of our guests on horseback. Whether you’re striking a pose in front of a buffalo herd or swimming your horse across the Mara River, it’s our job to film and photograph it all. And this is evidence to your friends back home that you did swim a horse across the Mara River with hippos and crocs watching on! With us holding the camera, you can truly enjoy the moment rather than fiddling around with your camera. When you get home we’ll send through an online album of images and a video clip of your journey. This part of the package is priceless.

We make sure you’re ecstatic with your safari horse, the pace of the ride and your saddle.

It’s our job to know what drink you yearn for after seven hours in the saddle, if you have milk in your tea and to make sure your dietary requirements are met.

We want you to absorb the country’s culture. It’s our aim to ensure you become intimate with the culture and experience every facet of its people, food, landscape, history and horses – warts and all.

You’ll be with a group of like-minded travellers. We’ve found our globetrotters all share a love of horses, travelling and adventure and are looking for a travel experience that is lasting and out-of-the-box. It warms my heart when globetrotters who meet as strangers become firm friends through the ride and go on to travel together to other riding destinations.

So in a robust nutshell, those are the reasons you’ll love our escorted Globetrotting holidays.

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This year we’ll be heading to Africa to guide a safari through the vast plains of the Maasai Mara in Kenya, the Okavango Delta in Botswana, the Namib Desert in Namibia, the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, South Africa and the Golden Eagle Festival in Mongolia!

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