Travelling by boat to Tassie

Why fly when you can sail to Tassie?

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As you plan your trip to see Tasmania on horseback, you’ll find yourself facing the decision to fly or sail to the island. While flying is a faster way to travel, there are plenty of reasons to extend your outdoor adventure by opting to sail aboard Spirit of Tasmania instead.

Bring All of Your Luggage

When you bring your vehicle with Spirit of Tasmania, you can take as much luggage as you can fit into it. When you opt for flying, you’re restricted according to the capacity of the plane and the room allocated to each passenger. Even if your luggage fits into these limitations, most airlines now charge fees for you to have your bags checked. Avid riders who are bringing along their own boots, chaps and other gear do not have to worry about paying an overweight luggage fee just to access the equipment they are familiar with when they saddle up in Tasmania.

Enjoy a More Leisurely Trip

Flying has become a hassle, and the many issues that are inherent to flying are exacerbated when an entire family is taking a trip. Instead of dealing with the scramble to get to the airport on time, the hectic rush to check in and the long security lines, slow down the pace of your trip by sailing instead. Sailing sets the relaxed tone for your trip that will extend to your horse riding holiday on the island. Sailing also offers you exciting entertainment and dining options. Bars, lounges and restaurants make traveling to Tasmania part of your vacation instead of just a means of transportation.

Use Your Own Car

If you choose to fly to Tasmania, you will have to rely on public transportation, spend a fortune on taxis or take on the expense of a rental car during your stay. When you take a ferry to the island, you retain access to the vehicle that you are familiar with to ensure that you are able to successfully navigate to the best riding trails on the island.

Enjoy the Outdoors

Many visitors to Tasmania come to enjoy nature and spend time outdoors and sailing to Tasmania allows travellers to immerse themselves in nature right from the start. You get to enjoy the fresh air and sweeping views of the open ocean as soon as you step on board. Globetrotting is all about enjoying the fresh air and getting in touch with nature while on horseback, so why not start your outdoor adventure off right?

Stay Comfortable

If you want room to move around as you travel to Tasmania, sailing is the way to go. Instead of dealing with the limited leg room available in the cabin of an aeroplane, Spirit of Tasmania allows passengers to explore the ship. Passengers even have their own cabin that they can retreat to if they would like to enjoy a more private traveling experience.

If you are planning a horse riding holiday to Tasmania, extend your vacation by making the travel itself part of your vacation experience. Spirit of Tasmania offers comfortable private cabins, on-board restaurants, entertainment options and plenty of room for your car and luggage to make your next trip to Tasmania one that will start from the moment you board.

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