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Well after our EPIC #10rides80days Globetrotting adventure in 2018, we’re keen for round TWO.

This time around in 2019, we’re going to be running TWO guided rides spread out throughout the year.

First up is our debut Scottish Borders Ride which will see us participate in the historical Common Ridings, an event ripe with tradition where we’ll ride side by side with the local lads and lasses as they celebrate the rhythms, culture and history of life on the Borders. Out of the saddle we’ll enjoy all the quintessential delights of Scotland – a wee dram of Scotch whisky, dining to the stirring sound of the bagpipes, and donning a kilt to try our hand at the Highland Games.

All those in favour, say ‘Och aye!’

Departure date: May 9 to 15, 2019 – TWO saddle seats left!

Ride price: £2270 GBP per person twin share

Up next is The Patagonia Trail in Argentina! To be honest globetrotters, to delve under Argentina’s skin, you have to jump on a Criollo horse, learn to drink maté with a gaucho and sing folklorica around a blazing fire under a pin-pricked night sky. So that’s exactly what we’ll be doing! You’ll fall in LOVE with the gaucho culture and the safe, sturdy Criollo horses, all of which will scale mountains and forge rivers to please their rider. Say YES!

Departure date: December 6 to 13, 2019 – SEVEN saddle seats left!

Ride price: $6000 USD per person twin share

meet the guides

Kate Pilcher is the founder of Globetrotting and has been roaming the globe on horseback for the past ten years. Kate has worked as a horse-riding guide in Kenya and Argentina and speaks conversational Kiswahili and Spanish. She has an intimate knowledge of the riding destinations in the Globetrotting portfolio. Kate is a professional photographer and has her camera constantly poised to capture your riding holiday of a lifetime. She is on the pulse in terms of guests needs and what guests would like to experience on their riding adventure.

Laura Rae is the jewel in our Globetrotting crown! We discovered Laura through an internship back in 2016 where she opted to learn the Globetrotting ropes while travelling around Canada and America. Many a bus trip nursing her laptop and struggling with intermittent WIFI – she surpassed our expectations and proved her love for the world of Globetrotting. Laura grew up on a sheep property near Mudgee in country New South Wales and has been closely connected to equines for her entire life. She rides like a BOSS, she’s a 2* eventer, has a natural affinity with horses and connects with ALL of our globetrotters. We’re SUPER proud to have her in our GT family and you’ll love to ride shoulder-to-shoulder with her on the ride you sign up for.


Some of our clients prefer the safety net of a guided group trip to ensure they are well looked after from when they arrive in their chosen country to when they leave after the ride. It takes the guess work out of travelling so that you can truly relax throughout your holiday.

Typically the day before the ride starts your guide will spend a day with you and the group visiting the tourist attractions of the capital. Also if you have any problems throughout the ride, it’s the guide’s job to fix them. The guided component also includes a disc of professional images and video of your riding holiday, photographed and filmed by your guide.

Each year globetrotting schedules guided group rides to Africa, South America, Mongolia and now Iceland and Europe, led by either founders and guides Kate & Steven Pilcher, Laura Rae or Angus Johns who have ridden extensively around the world.

To request more information on our guided rides for click here.

Bernadette Kelly

So good to be able to book with confidence knowing that the Globetrotting rides have all been road tested for quality. I now have four incredible Globetrotting rides under my belt and I have no doubt I will be back for more.

Maasai Mara, Kenya 10/12/2015

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