We consider ourselves first and foremost horse lovers, explorers, wanderlusters, pioneers, stargazers and adventurers.
We’ve been travelling the world from the back of a horse for more than a decade.
We’ve summited Patagonian mountains, slept under the stars in Morocco, eyeballed the wild things in Africa and traversed the red desert in Australia.
We’re Globetrotters – that’s our true north.
We live and breathe our own motto: love to ride, live to travel. So for us, it’s a natural step forward to create a range of products that support our Globetrotting lifestyle.
Apparel and gear designed for intrepid equestrians like ourselves.

GT Apparel is functional, hard-wearing, stylish and true to the art of horse travel.
We’ve personally road-tested all of our products and stand tall knowing that they’re the highest possible quality.

Our product range will continue to grow – we have SO many ideas!
But for now, we’re super proud to share these must-have products for your next Globetrotting ride, whether that be closer to home or further afield.

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