Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I pay extra if I book my horse riding holiday through www.globetrotting.com.au?

No, you most certainly do not. www.globetrotting.com.au is a booking agency specialising in horse riding holidays and it is no more expensive to book through us as compared to going directly to the outfitter.

Then why do I need www.globetrotting.com.au services if I can book directly through the outfitter or on the internet?

It’s simple. We’ve road tested the rides extensively and continually to make sure that the standard of rides are second to none. We make sure the horses are well looked after and that the riding outfitter is legitimate and professional. It gives my clients peace of mind that we’ve road tested their ride. Can you imagine flying half way across the world only to be bitterly disappointed when you reach a dodgy operator that has you riding donkeys rather than horses? It’s our job to be unbiased and work for you, the client to ensure it’s a riding holiday of a lifetime.

We can give you personal service right down to the very last detail such as what type of camera you should take to a suggested clothing list designed specifically for each ride. If you choose to book direct you don’t really know if what you see on your screen is what you are really going to get. With our first hand experience of each and every horse riding holiday that we offer we can honestly assure you of the best possible memories you could ever hope to ask for.

Why would I choose a globetrotting guided ride?

A lot of clients prefer the safety net of a group guided trip to ensure they are well looked after from when they arrive into their chosen country of choice to when they leave after the ride. It takes the guesswork out of the travelling so that you can truly relax throughout your holiday. Typically the day before the ride starts your guide will spend a day with you and the group visiting the tourist attractions of the capital. Also if you have any problems throughout the ride, it’s the guide’s job to fix them. The guided component also includes a disc of professional images of your riding holiday, photographed by your guide, it proves to be difficult to take photos of yourself when on horseback! A globetrotting safari shirt (very stylish!) and a professional hardcover coffee table book of your ride which you’ll have for ever.

To read testimonials from globetrotting client’s who have been on a guided ride click here.

Can I bring my own horse?

The answer is no (unless you have the cash flow to fly your horse to Kenya!) The portfolio of rides that globetrotting recommends to clients both within Australia and overseas involves riding the horses provided by the outfitter. A lot of riders prefer to ride their own horses as they know them inside out, however we can assure you that you’ll be truly satisfied with the type of horse that you’ll ride on each and every ride that we recommend. Before you arrive the outfitter will have a globetrotting information sheet on your riding ability and the type of horse that you prefer to ride. Horses will be matched according to your ability and there is always the option to swap horses if need be.

What level of riding experience do I need?

This depends on the individual ride. We have rides suitable for experienced to beginner riders. On each ride page it will specify the level of experience required to participate on the ride. If you’re still unsure if your level of experience is suited to that ride please don’t hesitate to email or phone us. There are also a variety of rides available that cater to both experienced and beginner riders. In the past we’ve had couples where one is an experienced rider and would enjoy a fast paced canter and one is a beginner rider who is more comfortable in a trot. We can recommend a range of rides that cater to both levels; email us here request these rides specifically or phone us direct on 043 885 1981.

I’m an experienced rider and don’t want to be held back by beginner riders.

Not a problem, we specialise in catering to experienced riders. On each ride page it will specify the level of experience required to participate on the ride. For rides that cater for all abilities, you will be divided into groups according to ability, so if you are an experienced rider you can enjoy a faster paced ride when the terrain allows, while those with less experience can go at a pace they are more comfortable with. If you’re still unsure as to which are the rides specifically for experienced riders please don’t hesitate to email us here or phone us.

What type of saddle will I be riding in?

The type of saddle is dependent on the outfitter and the saddle best suited to the individual horse and the terrain you’ll be riding through. If you prefer a specific type of saddle a request can be made to the outfitter in advance.

What do I need to bring with me?

Once you’ve secured your saddle seat on a globetrotting ride you’ll be sent a clothing list specific to your riding destination and the climate. You’ll also receive a fact sheet on the country including vital information in terms of visas, currency, medical shots required and what to read and watch in preparation of your trip.

Can non-riders come on the riding holiday?

Yes, we offer a variety of riding destinations that cater to both riders and non-riders. Please email us here to request these rides specifically or call us on 043 885 1981.

Can I go on my own?

Of course! We send a lot of globetrotting clients by themselves on their horse riding holiday of choice and they meet a variety of like-minded people from all corners of the globe. Keep in mind, the majority of our ride have a single supplement charge if you’re unwilling to share.

In the past, I’ve been on a riding holiday where the horses are slow, old and dull?

We understand your concern. But rest assured we road test each and every ride on a regular basis to ensure that the horses have a mind of their own and are forward going and alert. We believe that quality of horse is paramount to a top-shelf riding holiday. Nine out of ten times if you’re mounted on a horse that you enjoy riding then your riding holiday will be a success. We make sure we ride a variety of the guest horses to ensure that the horses are well schooled, well mannered and a pleasure to ride. We can safely say that all of the rides that we promote have top class safari horses – so much so you’ll want to take one home with you.

Is the riding safe?

Yes. We road test each and every ride on a regular basis to ensure that rider safety is of the highest standard. Each ride has experienced guides and horse handlers and first aid kits are carried on every ride that we offer. We recommend that globetrotting clients wear a hard hat on the rides and they have adequate travel insurance which includes medical cover before participating on a ride. Depending on the group size, each ride will have two guides, a head guide who rides at the front of the riding group and a back up guide who rides at the tail of the group.

What is the group size?

The group size depends on the individual ride and its popularity. The maximum group size with any ride that we recommend is 16 guests plus guides. To be clear, you won’t be riding with 16 guests each day, and will instead be split into smaller sub-groups to ride, and will meet the rest of the guests for meals etc.

How do I know that the horses are well looked after?

We wouldn’t dream of recommending a ride that doesn’t treat their horses well. As mentioned above, we road test each and every ride that we offer on a regular basis to ensure that horse welfare is of the highest standard. Horse culture differs between each country that we operate in but we believe that all horses should be treated with respect and are well cared for.

The riding holiday I want to do is already sold out. Can I please put my name on a wait list?

Unfortunately we don’t wait list our rides. If we have a cancellation and a saddle seat becomes available, it’s re-advertised via email to our database. And then it’s simply first in, best dressed.

Our payment method for non-Australian rides explained:

With our overseas riding destinations (rides other than in Australia), the currency is dictated by our partner in that country. Therefore due to fluctuating exchange rates we have to quote in the same currency.

You can pay via telegraphic transfer if you wish, but this will mean going into your bank and you’re generally charged $40+ per transaction to complete a telegraphic transfer – over two payments this fee adds up, not to mention going into your bank to make the transaction. Globetrotting also has to administer a $25 administration fee. Therefore we’ve found that credit card payment (2% surcharge) is the easiest form of payment for you.

What happens if I need to change my booking?

If you wish to make any changes or alterations to your holiday after it has been confirmed, you must advise us in writing {email} at least 60 days prior to the proposed departure date. Whilst we will endeavour to assist, we cannot guarantee we will be able to meet any such requests. It will depend on our ride supplier and the decision ultimately lies with them. Where we can, an amendment fee of $200AUD per person will be payable together with any costs incurred by ourselves and any costs or charges incurred or imposed by any of our suppliers. For example: if you’re booked on a ride departure with a specific supplier and you have to change to another departure date {with the same supplier} you’ll incur a $200 AUD administration fee AND pay the difference if the ride price has increased. This is dictated by our ride supplier. If you are prevented from travelling, you may be able to transfer your place to someone else (introduced by you), who has the appropriate riding ability for the booked arrangements, providing you notify us not less than 30 days before departure. You will not, however be able to do so if there is a waiting list for places in which case the available place must be offered to the next person on that list. Where you are able to transfer your place to a person of your choice, all costs and charges incurred by us or incurred and/or imposed by any of our suppliers as a result, together with an amendment fee of $200 AUD must be paid before the transfer can be effected. If you notify us in writing less than 30 days prior to the proposed departure date the refund policy applicable to cancellations will apply {see below}.

What happens if I need to cancel my saddle seat?
Should you or any member of your party need to cancel your riding holiday once it has been confirmed, the party leader must immediately advise us in writing {email}. Your notice of cancellation will only be effective when we receive it in writing at our offices. As we incur costs from the time we confirm your booking and may be unable to resell your holiday, cancellation charges will be payable. If you cancel your saddle seat prior to your departure you will forgo all monies paid to date upon receipt of the email.

Depending on the reason for cancellation, you may be able to reclaim these cancellation charges (less any applicable excess) under the terms of your travel insurance. We recommend ALL Globetrotters to take out travel insurance the moment they confirm their saddle seat with a completed booking form.

Do I need travel insurance (even if I’m an Australian resident travelling within Australia)?

The short answer – yes. Travel insurance is compulsory on all Globetrotting rides and is a condition of booking with Globetrotting, regardless if you’re travelling within your home country or abroad. When selecting a travel insurance policy we require that at a minimum you are covered for horse riding as an activity, and medical expenses, including emergency repatriation.

When looking for a travel insurance policy make sure it covers personal liability, loss of luggage and personal effects and most importantly cancellation insurance. This will cover cancellation penalties in certain circumstances if you have to cancel your trip unexpectedly due to illness, injury or unforeseen circumstances. Unfortunately cancellation insurance will not cover you if you change your mind (unless you take the ‘cancel for any reason’ insurance – which we recommend.)

Your insurance policy including the specific name of your insurance company, policy number and emergency insurance contact number MUST be provided before you start your ride. **Don’t worry we’ll be in contact prior to your ride departure for this information.

Please note, this is available to Australian residents, or globetrotters travelling to Australia ONLY. If you’re a non-Australian resident we can recommend a partnering insurance company at your request. When completing your online booking form, please indicate if you would like a competitive travel insurance (that specifically covers horse riding) quote provided.

To view Globetrotting’s booking conditions, click on the link below.

Globetrotting’s Booking Conditions