How do I know what my riding ability is?

You may have noticed that all of our horse riding holidays mention the riding ability globetrotters need to have before they embark on the ride. We divide this into four levels: beginner, intermediate, strong intermediate and advanced. Check out the definitions below and watch THIS video to find out more:

Beginner – reasonably confident riding a horse at a walk, a rising trot, and learning to canter.

Intermediate – confident and in control on a moving horse at all paces outside an arena, but not riding regularly.

Strong intermediate – an intermediate rider who is currently riding regularly (outside an arena) and is comfortable in the saddle for at least six hours per day.

Advanced – a frequent rider who is very fit, has an independent seat and soft hands, and is confident on a forward-moving horse at all paces over rough and variable ground on open terrain.

Hopefully you now feel confident in describing your ability and choosing a ride that’s a perfect fit!

If you have any doubts, or if there’s a ride you’re longing to experience but you’re not sure if your riding level is high enough, don’t hesitate to get in touch! We’re always happy to clarify things and answer all your questions, big or small.

I’m keen to return to the saddle after a long hiatus, what would be the best ride for me?

We have a number of rides that are perfect for globetrotters who have been out of the saddle for a while – designed to cater to your individual fitness level and riding ability while giving you a big confidence boost.

For more information, check out our blog post here.

You have so many riding holidays, how do I choose?

We understand. It’s quite daunting to know which ride you should book on when we have over 40 different riding holidays in our colourful Globetrotting portfolio.

But if it makes you feel better, there is no wrong decision. Hand on heart, all of the riding holidays that you’ll wanderlust after on our website are superior, the duck’s nuts, the cat’s pyjamas. Promise.

In saying that, if you’re still feeling lost, why not take our nifty pop-quiz here, which will take no more than 2 minutes, and will definitely help you find a horse riding holiday perfectly matched to your desires.

Otherwise, take a read of this article, How to Choose the Perfect Riding Holiday, for some more insight as to which type of riding vacation will suit you.

Do you have riding holidays for a family?


As a mother to three young globetrotters (Finn, Birdie and Poppy) I’m literally chomping at the bit to bundle up our wanderlust-filled family and take them on their first horse riding holiday. From a young age, our girls have been plonked on my reliable and dependable polo ponies or our two beautiful little ponies, Charlie Bubbles and Minty Magic. I believe horse riding is a life skill that needs to be learned, like swimming, and is part of our working life as globetrotters. As I’m sure you’ll agree, horses can teach us so much from a young age – persistence, patience, courage, responsibility – and give us the freedom to explore nature’s spoils. Generally on a weekend, we pack saddle bags and head out on local trails teeming with nature, wilderness and silence. Birdie is still pony-led on Charlie Bubbles, while Finn can ride independently on Minty Magic. We’re always shadowed by our beautiful rescue dog, Clifford. The girls will sing nonsense songs, we’ll pick wildflowers and adorn the horses’ bridles with them, and then we’ll stop by a nearby creek to eat our saddle bag-packed delights and share some with the ponies. These mini adventures make me smile and I believe they’re the perfect foundation to set the girls up for a lifelong love affair with horses.

Granted, not every family has access to a team of trustworthy horses, riding trails on their doorstep, and horse transport. But you can replicate this beautiful riding experience for your family on plenty of our Globetrotting holidays. We have a selection of rides that will suit the entire family, no matter your riding ability, from Australia to Mongolia depending on your budget, time and preferences. So whether it’s your entire family or a mother/daughter or father/son trip, below is a list of family-friendly horse riding holidays.

So whether it’s your entire family or a mother/daughter or father/son trip, click here to view a list of family friendly horse riding holidays, including age limits and suitability.

I’m over 60, will I be the oldest on the ride?

Age is no barrier in signing up for a horse riding adventure. The majority of our globetrotters range in age from 35 right through to 72, so you’ll be in good company no matter which ride you decide to join. Believe me: if you’re in good health and want to grasp life with both hands and go on a wildly exciting adventure that will blow your socks off, then one of our riding holidays is for you.

At sixty, gone are the days of riding young horses that prance on the spot, am I right?  You want to relax and enjoy the experience, knowing that you’re riding safe, responsive horses, surrounded by like-minded people, and that your creature comforts on and off the horse are delivered. THIS I can guarantee, and that’s the true benefit of booking with Globetrotting: we offer impartial advice as an agent that specialises in horse riding holidays. We can steer you in the direction of a horse riding holiday suits your riding level, interests and budget.

If you haven’t stopped riding throughout your adult life, you’ll be MORE than fine to conquer a huge percentage of our rides. And to be honest, if you’re in your sixties and lucky enough to be riding regularly,  you should be taking advantage of this time in your life – leave the cruise ships and the New York shopping trips for when you’re 80 and need a zimmer frame!

For those who haven’t been in the saddle for a few years and are concerned about whether your body will handle the riding hours each day, I recommend looking into our entry-level rides. Click here to read about our recommend rides for first-time globetrotters. And if you need to get yourself riding fit for your next holiday, this blog post will give you some very handy tips.

And at the risk of sounding melodramatic, let me tell you, this is the golden time to put yourself first; babysitting your grandchildren can wait!

Meet some globetrotters aged 60+

First up, there’s Margaret Mooney, who has notched up more riding holidays with Globetrotting than we can even count, including the Maasai Mara ride in Kenya, the Arhangay Ride in Mongolia, the Tassie Tiger Trail, The Sahara Ride in Morocco, The Patagonia Trail and more! This is what Margaret thought of her ride in Patagonia:
‘If riding a surefooted Criollo horse up and down precipitous mountain trails under a blazing blue sky is on your wish list, then The Patagonia Trail is for you! Experience luxurious glamping on the banks of a crystal clear river, feast on delicious asados and parillas washed down with plentiful Malbec. Ride through ancient forests to remote campsites that can only be reached on horseback to find a cold beer and delicious lunch waiting for you. Sit around the campfire in the evening, listening to the profound silence and watching the moon rise over the mountains. Swim in the icy Lake Traful after enjoying the amazing hospitality of Felipe’s home. The only thing I didn’t like about my time in Patagonia was that it came to an end all too soon! If there was just one word to sum up this experience it would be EXHILARATING!’
Not bad, huh? Margaret also did a Q&A for us a few years back, so if you’d like to learn more about her Globetrotting journey you can check it out here.

Not to be outdone is Kaye Bracken, who discovered Globetrotting late in life and has been absolutely unstoppable! At the time of writing she has the Tassie Tiger Trail, the Grape Horse Adventure, the Glenorchy Back Country Ride and our rides in Japan and Canada under her belt, is booked on The Margaret River Ride and the Twin Coast Adventure in New Zealand, and after that her sights are set on the Touch of the Highlands Ride in Iceland! When asked why she loves horse riding holidays so very much, she said the following:
‘Horses can give you such an insightful aspect of the country in which you are riding. Nothing beats being surrounded by nature on the back of a horse. Everything is crystal clear – the country, the smells, the colours, the season, whether it be summer, spring, autumn or winter, really feeling the sun, the wind, even the rain. Each ride has its own individual taste, which keeps me coming back and wanting more.’
Learn more about Kaye in her Meet a Globetrotter article.

But wait, there’s more! To read our full article, ‘You’re Never Too Old to Go Globetrotting‘, click here.

Can I go on my own?

Believe it or not, the majority of our globetrotters travel solo. I started my career as a single globetrotter and have made life-long friendships born from hours upon hours of conversations in the saddle. Once you’ve completed one horse riding holiday as a single traveller, you’ll realise that it’s an absolute cinch and you’ll be signing up for the next ride (as a single) in a heartbeat.

Here is why:

You can pick the travel dates that fit within your holiday schedule rather than co-ordinating with a friend.
You can select the PERFECT ride based on your budget, time and riding ability rather than down-grading your expectations to fit with a friend who may not be as confident in the saddle as you are. Or vice versa – you may be a beginner looking for an entry-level ride where you can really get your riding mojo on.

Typically, when travelling alone, you’re also in a position to meet more people and get out of your comfort zone than if you were travelling with a friend or partner. The wonderful part of a horse riding holiday is that more often than not, everyone on the ride is a single traveller. You’ll meet like-minded folk who all share a common love of horses and travelling. You’ll enjoy endless hours of swapping riding stories around the campfire that would bore a non-horse enthusiast to tears!

From the get-go, we make it super easy and hassle-free to be a solo globetrotter. If you’re going to a foreign country, we make sure that one of our representatives is at the airport with your name on a sign (yep – you’ll feel famous) to collect you, take you to an ATM to get the local currency and drive you back to your hotel.

Also, once you’ve booked on your Globetrotting holiday we invite you to join our private Globetrotters Facebook group, which is a space for all of our globetrotters who have ridden with us in the past or are about to embark on their first ride. It’s a great spot to ask any questions you might have and hear first hand advice from globetrotters who have already completed the ride. You’ll also be able to correspond with other globetrotters who will be joining you on your ride, so you can make arrangements to meet up beforehand or share transfer costs if required.

We’ll always try our very best to secure you your own room or tent (depending on the style of accommodation) without having to pay a hefty single supplement charge. If you have to share due to ride numbers, we’ll make sure you’re teamed up with a rider of the same gender – who doesn’t snore!

So don’t put off your Globetrotting career simply because you’re flying solo – life is WAY too short and their are FAR too many riding holidays to conquer. To start you off, check out this list of Globetrotting rides that offer single accommodation without charging a single supplement!

And finally, here are some words of encouragement from other globetrotters who have travelled solo.

“If you are toying about the idea of travelling on your own, maybe you’re a bit worried, don’t be…JUST DO IT! I had such an amazing time and met the most wonderful people who I anticipate riding with again. Thank you Globetrotting for all your help.” – Carolyn Francis, The Patagonia Trail, Argentina

“‘Just hurry up and do it!’ would be my quote to any fellow horse lovers who, like me, followed all of the Globetrotting posts for over a year but never actually booked one. When I finally did, I just wished I had done it sooner! I attended as a single rider, not knowing anyone when I arrived, but I now have a group of brilliant friends to book in with for our next Globetrotting adventure!” – Anne Smerdon, Glenorchy Back Country Ride, New Zealand

“I travelled alone and was thrilled to find that many in our group were also solo travellers, so don’t be afraid to go it alone! We were all there for the same reason and have made some excellent friends from all over the country.” – Susen Wettenhall, Craig’s Hut & High Country Ride, Australia

“Absolutely enjoyed the trip. Everyone in our group had a blast (half of them were solo travellers like me). We became fast friends because of the passion for horses. This was the first time I went out to travel as a solo travellers and I really felt relaxed and pampered, the whole atmosphere felt like a big family.” – Terri Yang, Shell Wyoming, USA

“This was my third ride as a solo globetrotter and it won’t be my last. Such an incredibly grounding way to travel.” – Lucy Dyball, Glenorchy Back Country Ride, New Zealand

“As a solo female traveller, I felt safe and fully supported by Christian, Laura and the team throughout the journey.” – Jenny Horner, Craig’s Hut & High Country Ride

What is a good entry-level ride?

If you’re considering dipping your toe into the {addictive} world of horse riding holidays, you may want to consider one of our entry-level rides to see if horse riding while seeing new landscapes is your cup of tea. Pssst: we know it will be, but you might be wondering if you’re riding fitness is up to scratch, if the horse quality is as good as we say it is and if the people on the rides are as nice and like-minded as they sound.

Rather than jumping head first into a 10 day riding safari across the Namibian Desert where you’re in the saddle for 7 hours, you might want to start off with something a bit more mellow, maybe in your own country.

Our entry-level rides are perfect if you’ve been out of the saddle for a while, are a tad nervous, travelling solo, or if it’s your first horse riding holiday.

Click here to read the full article with all of our entry-level ride recommendations.

My partner is a beginner rider and I’m an intermediate rider – do you have rides that will suit us?

Okay, so you’ve been riding since you were a tot, you consider yourself an intermediate to advanced rider, and you’re desperate to sign up for a horse riding holiday. Except you have ONE problem: your partner either doesn’t ride or is a beginner rider who can barely post to the trot.

You have three options here. You can…
a) leave your partner at home, sign up for your dream riding holiday by yourself and meet up with similar, like-minded people on the ride
b) contact your horse riding friends and organise a trip together, rather than with your partner
c) if your partner is keen to brush up on his/her riding skills, you can bring them along on a riding holiday that caters for everyone from beginners to experienced riders.

‘Is that possible?’ I hear you ask. ‘A riding holiday where I can still enjoy a canter and my partner won’t feel like they’re holding me back? A riding holiday where my partner can also improve their riding ability in a safe environment?’

I’m pleased to say, yes! We have quite a few riding holidays that fit the bill. To read the full article and our specific ride suggestions, click here.

What happens if I need to cancel my saddle seat?

Should you or any member of your party need to cancel your riding holiday once it has been confirmed, the party leader must immediately advise us in writing {email}. Your notice of cancellation will only be effective when we receive it in writing at our offices. As we incur costs from the time we confirm your booking and may be unable to resell your holiday, cancellation charges will be payable. If you cancel your saddle seat prior to your departure you will forgo all monies paid to date upon receipt of the email.

Depending on the reason for cancellation, you may be able to reclaim these cancellation charges (less any applicable excess) under the terms of your travel insurance. We recommend ALL Globetrotters to take out travel insurance the moment they confirm their saddle seat with a completed booking form.

To view Globetrotting’s terms and conditions click here.


What happens if I need to change my booking?

You agree that you will, at least 60 days prior to your departure date, provide us with written notification (by email) of any changes to your booking. If you change your departure date, your new departure date must be booked with the same supplier that you originally booked with. The new departure date must fall within 12 months of the date on which we receive notification of your request to change your booking.

For example: you have booked a ride with a departure date of 31 December 2019. You notified us by email sent at 5.05pm on 30 October 2019 that you wish to change your departure date, which we received on 31 October 2019 at 9.01am. In this situation, you will be able to choose a new departure date, subject to the original supplier’s availability, until 31 October 2020. If we are able to accommodate the change(s) that you have requested, we may charge an administration amendment fee of $200AUD per person ($13,975 JPY) in the currency of your ride invoice. Additional supplier fees may also apply where a booking is changed. Where we incur any liability for a supplier cancellation fee for any booking which you change or cancel, you agree to indemnify us for the amount of that fee. Any change requested within 30 days of the original departure date may, at our election, be treated as a cancellation and the cancellation fees set out in clause 6 below will be payable.

To view Globetrotting’s terms and conditions click here.

The riding holiday I want to do is already sold out. Can I please put my name on a wait list?

Unfortunately we don’t wait list our rides. If we have a cancellation and a saddle seat becomes available, it’s re-advertised via email to our database. And then it’s simply first in, best dressed.

To join our database so that you don’t miss out on last-minute saddle seats click here.

How do I know that the horses are well looked after?

We wouldn’t dream of recommending a ride that doesn’t treat their horses well. As mentioned, we road test each and every ride that we offer on a regular basis to ensure that horse welfare is of the highest standard. Horse culture differs between each country that we operate in but we believe that all horses should be treated with respect and be well cared for. It’s paramount to us.

What is the group size?

The group size depends on the individual ride and its popularity. The maximum group size with any ride that we recommend is 16 guests plus guides {a guide per five guests policy}. To be clear, you won’t be riding with 16 guests each day, and will instead be split into smaller sub-groups to ride, and will meet the rest of the guests for meals. Most rides have a lower maximum group size, with some offering as few as four saddle seats per departure – what a guest/guide ratio!

On each individual ride page, we specify the minimum and maximum group size for each departure.

How do I know the horses won’t be slow, old and dull?

We understand your concern. But rest assured we road test each and every ride on a regular basis to ensure that the horses have a mind of their own and are forward-going and alert. We believe that the quality of the horse is paramount to a top-shelf riding holiday. Nine times out of ten, if you’re mounted on a horse that you enjoy riding then your riding holiday will be a success. When road testing our rides we make sure we ride a variety of the guest horses to ensure that they are well schooled, well mannered and a pleasure to ride. We can safely say that all of the rides we promote have top-class safari horses – so much so, you’ll want to take one home with you!

Get to know some of our Globetrotting guest horses here.

Can non-riders come on your riding holidays?

Yes, we offer a variety of riding destinations that cater to both riders and non-riders. On each individual ride page we’ll specify whether non-riders can be catered for.

We’ve also made a list of the best Globetrotting holidays that cater for non-riders – check it out here.

If you’re still unsure, feel free to check in with us, and we’ll confirm whether the ride you’re interested in is suitable for non-riders.

I’m an experienced rider and don’t want to be held back by beginners.

Not a problem, we specialise in catering to experienced riders. On each ride page it will specify the level of experience required to participate in the ride. For rides that cater for all abilities, you will be divided into groups according to ability, so if you are an experienced rider you can enjoy a faster paced ride when the terrain allows, while those with less experience can go at a pace they are more comfortable with.

You can filter our horse riding holiday portfolio by ‘level of experience’. If you’re still unsure as to which rides will be best suited to your ability and interests, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.

That’s what we’re here for, to find the perfect ride for YOU.

What level of riding experience do I need?

This depends on the individual ride. We have rides suitable for beginner to experienced riders. On each ride page, the level of experience required to participate is specified, and you can also filter our list of horse riding holidays by experience level. If you’re still unsure which rides are best suited to your ability and interests, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

There are also a variety of rides available that cater to everyone from experienced to beginner riders. In the past we’ve had couples, friends or families where one guest is an experienced rider who would enjoy a fast paced canter and one is a beginner rider who is more comfortable at a trot. You can read about our rides that cater to all abilities in this article.

*Oh and if you’re unsure as to which level of riding experience you are, watch THIS video to find out!

Can I bring my own horse?

The answer is no (unless you have the cash flow to fly your horse to Kenya!) The portfolio of rides that Globetrotting recommends to clients involves riding the horses provided by the outfitter. A lot of riders prefer to ride their own horses as they know them inside out, however we can assure you that you’ll be truly satisfied with the type of horse that you’ll ride on each and every ride that we recommend.

Before you arrive the outfitter will have a globetrotting information sheet on your riding ability and the type of horse that you prefer to ride. Horses will be matched according to your ability and there is always the option to swap horses if need be.

Since we personally road-test each and every ride {and thus their string of horses} here is a list of the characteristics and traits that we’re looking for in a guest horse.

Get up close and personal with some of our globetrotters’ favourite mounts, who are now legendary in status, here.

Why would I choose a guided Globetrotting ride?

A lot of clients prefer the safety net of a guided group trip to ensure they are well looked after from the moment they arrive in their chosen country to their departure after the ride. It takes the guesswork out of the travelling so that you can truly relax throughout your holiday. Another bonus is that typically, the day before the ride starts, your guide will spend a day with you and the group visiting the tourist attractions of the capital. Also, if you have any problems throughout the ride, it’s your guide’s job to fix them.

The guided component also includes a digital album of your riding holiday, photographed and filmed by your guide and a globetrotting safari shirt (very stylish!).

Each year we schedule guided group rides to Africa, South America, Mongolia and other far-flung destinations (usually countries that we feel our solo globetrotters wouldn’t be likely to visit by themselves, where they would prefer the safety of a guide) led by either Kate & Steven Pilcher, founders of Globetrotting, or Globetrotting guides Laura Rae or Angus Johns, who have both ridden extensively around the world.

To learn more about our guided rides in 2021 (think the USA, Kenya, Botswana, Tanzania, Madagascar and Italy!), click here.

To read an in-depth article on the benefits of signing up on a guided Globetrotting ride, click here.

Why do I need Globetrotting if I can book directly through the outfitter or online?

It’s simple. We’ve road tested the rides extensively and continually to make sure that the standard of rides are second to none. We make sure the horses are well looked after and that the riding outfitter is legitimate and professional. It gives our clients peace of mind that we’ve road tested their ride. Can you imagine flying half way across the world only to be bitterly disappointed when you reach a dodgy operator that has you riding donkeys rather than horses? It’s our job to be unbiased and work for you, the client to ensure it’s a riding holiday of a lifetime. We provide 100% impartial advice.

We can give you personal service right down to the very last detail such as what type of camera you should take to a suggested clothing list designed specifically for each ride. If you choose to book direct you don’t really know if what you see on your screen is what you are really going to get. With our first hand experience of each and every horse riding holiday that we offer we can honestly assure you of the best possible memories you could ever hope to ask for.

Not to mention, you can pick up the phone and speak to us, and we’ll be able to find you the perfect ride that suits your riding ability, budget and holiday time.

For our globetrotters, we cover every possible base, offering friendly personal service right from your first inquiry. We answer questions and even have answers to questions you did not know you had.

To help a horse lover turn their dream into reality, we help our globetrotters find the ride that is their perfect fit. Then we do it all, from organising flights and transfers to hooking you up with the right insurance to be sure you can breathe easy and just focus on your time in the saddle.

You matter

Your trip matters to us. The details matter. And you matter because when you go on one of our rides, you become part of the Globetrotting family and will gain exclusive access to our Facebook community.

If you book direct with providers, you won’t get that. And you won’t with anyone else.

We also guarantee that you won’t get your trip cheaper anywhere else. We are so confident of this claim that if you happened to stumble on a unicorn and find the same ride for less, we will refund you the difference. How is that for peace of mind?

And yes, we delight in the funny and quirky, and hearing our globetrotters’ tales from their trips is what fuels our fire.

That is a good thing, because let’s face it: from the back of a horse, life is never dull or boring.

Do I pay extra if I book my horse riding holiday through Globetrotting?

No, you most certainly do not. Globetrotting is a booking agency specialising in horse riding holidays and it is no more expensive to book through us as compared to going directly to the outfitter. In fact, we guarantee that you won’t get your trip cheaper anywhere else. We are so confident of this claim that if you happened to stumble on a unicorn and find the same ride for less, we will refund you the difference. How is that for peace of mind?