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Terms and Conditions Explained

I wanted to explain our terms and conditions in this Covid era, particularly around our change policy, cancellations by you and what happens if there are changes made by our ride partners.

Just so you know where you stand in this current climate. We’re here to inform you, educate you, but not persuade you.

We can’t make a decision for you, but we will wholeheartedly support your decision, whatever feels right for you at this time.

First, let me just share what a few of our globetrotters have to say about our booking policies during these Covid times, in the hope that you too can have the confidence to book knowing there are options available should Covid wreak havoc with your ride:

“Please let everyone involved with Globetrotting and your ride partners know how much we have appreciated the stellar manner in which you have conducted your businesses. A class act in every respect, we look forward to the day when we can enjoy your amazing hospitality in person.” – Melissa Andrasik

“I cant tell you how excited we are to finally be going on this trip. It is going to be so amazing. Thank you so, so much for all your patience, understanding and perseverance in making it happen despite what is going on in the world. The whole booking, rebooking process has been so easy and well organised. I recommend Globetrotting to anyone who ever mentions they like horse riding.” – Joanne Momsen

Changes by you.
Under our existing terms and conditions, if you’re wanting to change your ride departure date you have up until 60 days from your ride departure date to change.
There is a $200 amendment fee if you’re wanting to change, and that will be invoiced in the currency of your ride invoice.
So if you’re booked on a ride in Shell, Wyoming the change fee would be $200 USD as the ride is invoiced in US dollars.
And you’ll be required to pay the difference if the ride price increases from one season to the next.

**If you decide to postpone, all existing invoices will be moved to align with your new departure date.

What if my ride is postponed by the ride partner?
There will be NO amendment fee or loss of payment – we promise you that. Instead you’ll be issued a ride credit that can be moved to a departure date with the ride supplier of your choosing next season.
And if you don’t feel comfortable travelling in 2022 or 2023, we’ll extend your ride credit on a case-by-case basis.

What if I test positive to Covid prior or during my ride departure?
As you may or may not know, travel insurance is compulsory on all of our rides regardless if you’re travelling domestically or internationally. 
But now, more than ever, it’s incredibly important that you have a travel insurance policy that includes Covid cover. So that if you test positive prior to your ride departure you can submit a claim for out of pocket expenses such as your ride costs {please make sure your Covid cover includes the ride price plus additional travel expenses including flights}. 
Not only that, if a non-travelling relative tests positive prior to departure you can claim any out pocket expenses. 
Travel insurance is incredibly important to protect all monies paid towards your ride so that you’re not left out of pocket.

For our Australian-based Globetrotters we strongly recommend CoverMore Insurance with specific Covid cover. If you have a ride booked and would like a no-obligation quote, please email us at info@globetrotting.com.au

For all of our international Globetrotters, we have to put together a comprehensive article on the best travel insurance companies on the market that cover horse riding as an activity and Covid cover. Please take the time to read this article and independently contact the insurance company of your choice for a quote.

If I test positive for Covid prior to my ride departure, can’t I just opt for a ride credit with Globetrotting rather than claiming travel insurance? 

If you {or a non-travelling relative} is diagnosed with COVID-19 prior to travel we recommend pursuing a travel insurance claim. Globetrotting will not be issuing a refund or ride credit based on our booking terms and conditions. 

What if the ride I’ve booked on requires me to be vaccinated against Covid and I’ve chosen not to vaccinate? 
We firmly believe in pro-choice and respect your individual decision. With that said, we’re governed by our ride partner and/or government restrictions in place. If you’ve booked on a ride that requires you to be vaccinated, you’ll need to notify us up to 60 days prior to departure that you won’t be able to attend the ride. We’ll issue you with a lifetime, global ride credit that can be used on an alternative ride that you can access.
What does Globetrotting define as Covid-related travel restrictions?
Travel restrictions or border closures imposed by a government due to the Covid-19 pandemic. If you test positive for Covid prior to your ride departure we recommend claiming your ride costs and travel expenses through your travel insurance policy.

What if I were to book a ride in 2022 and there are still Covid-related travel restrictions {see definition above} in place at the time of departure?
You’ll be able to change with no penalty.
You will be offered a global ride credit which will give you the flexibility to opt for a different ride at a time you feel comfortable travelling – whether that’s in your home country or further afield once international travel lifts.
We have implemented a 10 x 10% payment plan – so you can secure your ride with a 10% deposit and pay it off over 12 to 18 months – at your choosing.
We’re doing everything in our power to work with you on this Globetrotters.
For those who are booked on existing rides and for those who are keen to ride with us next year.

Why a ride credit and not a refund?
Thank you for your grace and understanding that we can only issue ride credits and not refunds during this difficult time.
We’re ambassadors for both you and our ride partners {who are more-often than not family owned and run}. Remember our ride partners have fixed costs regardless of the pandemic facing our world.
They have horses to feed, staff to pay.
If you want us, Globetrotting, and our ride partners to weather this storm, please be kind, calm and understanding of our terms and conditions. We believe a ride credit is fair for everyone involved.
We’re not heartless people, we’re just a tiny, family business trying to do the best we can out of a shitty, 1 in a 100 year situation.
We promise you that your ride deposits are safe and secure.

Is it still worth getting travel insurance?
Yes absolutely – now more than ever. If you read this comprehensive article you’ll see that travel insurance companies worldwide are covering travellers if they test positive for Covid-19 prior or during their trip. And if there are Covid-related travel restrictions in place we’ve got you covered with our Globetrotting guarantee.
Travel insurance is compulsory with all of our ride bookings. And it will cover you for other travel related events beyond your control.
You can read our guide to travel insurance, including recommended companies, here.

I hope that helps shine some light on our change policies.

Thanks again beautiful Globetrotters, you’re the most amazing community to work with.
And we can’t WAIT to welcome you on your much-anticipated rides in the future.

To view our comprehensive terms and conditions click here.