THE GLOBETROTTING DIFFERENCE - Horse Riding Holidays and Safaris



Horse riding holidays and safaris are our passion.

We love everything about them: travelling to far-flung places, the smell of the saddle, sighting beautiful landscapes and wildlife, the rhythm of the rides – and sharing it all with like-minded adventurers.

We want you to have that, too.

  • The world is a big space, and to us, the best way to explore its wonderful, colourful corners is on the back of a horse with people who know their stuff.
  • In short, that is us.
  • To get all hip about it – Globetrotting was born because trotting around the globe is our thang. Our love. Our reason for being.
  • We provide 100% impartial advice.
  • For our Globetrotters, we cover every possible base, offering friendly personal service right from your first inquiry. We answer questions and even have answers to questions you did not know you had.
  • To help horse lovers turn their dreams into reality, we help our Globetrotters find the ride that is their perfect fit. Then we do it all, from organising flights and transfers to hooking you up with the right insurance to ensure you can breathe easy and just focus on your time in the saddle.
  • You Matter.
  • Your trip matters to us. The details matter. And you matter because when you go on one of our rides, you become part of the Globetrotting family and will gain exclusive access to our Facebook community.
  • If you book direct with providers, you won’t get that. And you won’t with anyone else.
  • We also guarantee that you won’t get your trip cheaper anywhere else. We are so confident of this claim that if you happen to stumble on a unicorn and find the same ride for less, we will refund you the difference. How is that for peace of mind?
  • And yes, we delight in the funny and quirky, and hearing our Globetrotters’ tales from their trips is what fuels our fire.
  • That is a good thing, because let’s face it: from the back of a horse, life is never dull or boring.
  • ‘I have made some friends for life (whether they want that I am not sure) and travel buddies whenever I need any. I am single no more in the travel sense. My bucket list is now endless and the planet has opened up in the most beautiful way. I get to see it from between a pair of horse’s ears.’

    Jo Booth
  • ‘Every possible base is covered with lots of information so you can feel confident you are being looked after in every way. The rides are interestingly and often passionately explained in detail so anybody can feel confident that whatever is chosen, is as spot on as possible in this ever changing world.’

    Roz Beinke
  • ‘It has to be the trust factor. We know that all of the rides have been tested by you. Therefore we can book with confidence in the knowledge that we will have the best outfitters and guides, sure footed and cared for horses that are matched to our abilities and we can trust them. We don’t have to do the research… you already have.’

    Sue Nittyaho
  • Craig's Hut & High Country Ride, Victoria, Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

    ‘The team at Globetrotting are masters at helping you pick your dream horse riding holiday. I have now completed three rides through Globetrotting and each one has been beyond satisfactory, with the information provided giving a true representation and reflection of what to expect. I would highly recommend Kate and Laura; even with the challenges of Covid, they assisted us to revise our plans and find a suitable alternative to our previously planned holiday.
    Once you globetrot, you won’t holiday any other way!’

    Erin Harriott
  • Glenorchy Back Country Ride, South Island, New Zealand - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

    “I appreciate the comprehensive communication in the lead up – from extensive packing guides, details about what to expect on the ride and all the helpful tips on gear recommendations etc, to the Facebook group as a way of communicating and sharing the experience with others.”

    Sarah Mostyn
  • ‘I especially loved the personal treatment that the company gives. The messages before the ride to see if we had any questions, the quick replies and just the general helpfulness and cheerfulness of you all.’

    Madison Allen
  • ‘I loved your hands-on and personal approach to every detail. From experiencing the rides yourself, to the great detail provided for every trip, that not only includes the horses and country for each ride, but also information about the staff and the overall experience. The personal contact from the GT staff always made me feel extremely well looked after, with any question answered comprehensively. I’ve been on two GT trips and hope to do more, and most of all I love the way your love of each individual ride and experience shines through.’

    Wendy Cobb
  • ‘I enjoyed the information leading up to the ride, the emails, the group messages and the private Facebook group. No question is a silly question.
    There is so much risk to take when booking a ride, especially as first timers, but once you get connected to the group, you get a sense of relief and the excitement kicks in. Everything is so well organised and surpasses your expectations. And the pairing of your horse is incredibly well done!
    It’s definitely unique and very trustworthy to book a ride, as well as to continue your GT dreams and book future rides with friends made for life.’

    Jacqui Shannon
  • ‘It’s being able to trust that you’ll provide a quality experience that is true to your word – when you say ‘You’ll see glaciers’ – man… there were glaciers! Attention to detail (I can’t think of anything that hasn’t been considered!) and excellent service – essential to keep people happy!’

    Claire Dennerley
  • ‘High quality service and authentic experiences for horse lovers. The service is timely, responsive and personable (i.e. building trust, ‘no request too big or small’, building community before, during and after the ride, and regular customer engagement). The experiences are authentic: the ride write-ups are believable and we know they have been road-tested, and there is a level of trust that it isn’t ‘over-exaggerated’ or a nose-to-tail ride.’

    Anastasia Miros
  • ‘The GT difference is everything… from sending our info to the ride outfitters ahead of time so we get a perfectly matched horse, to packing lists, videos, the works. You engender trust. It would be easy to book a ride anywhere in the world and know we would be getting the best!’

    Mary-Jane Pell
  • ‘I liked the abundance of information about the area of each ride, climate info, trek operators, gear lists. It makes the whole experience more enjoyable. You are so approachable and happily answer questions. You’ve done the treks so you can give a personal recommendation.’

    Allison Howard
  • ‘Excellent customer service on every level. Horses and trips that you have personally been on and thus know they are great quality.
    Unique trips that are not offered anywhere else. A genuine desire to provide the best of everything  giving all the info needed, offering options, taking our requests seriously.
    The booking process and payment options make it easy.
    What’s not to like!’

    Sheryl Germany
  • ‘I refer people to you because you have personally ‘curated’ and test-ridden an amazing range of rides all over the world and there is something for everyone. I also like that where possible, an attempt has been made to accommodate non-riding partners. I love the helpful, enthusiastic people on the end of the phone or email – you know you’re in good hands when someone else is that excited for you!’

    Rebecca Clemmey
  • ‘For me, it’s all about trust. Trust that it is a reputable outfit you are riding with. Trust that the horses are well trained, well cared for and both mentally and physically fit. Trust that the accommodation will be as described and the food will be good. And trust that the guides will be fun, safety conscious and willing to help in any situation. I have done riding holidays arranged by 3 different organisations and Globetrotting is the only one I trust to ensure the perfect ride.’

    Ariane Pickering
  • ‘Globetrotting does the work and takes the guess factor out of choosing superlative rides all over the world. The quality of the hosting companies, the horses, the terrain, the safety, and the overall ‘wow’ experience is all checked out by this fantastic team, so all you have to do is choose one for yourself and relax. Having done two rides with GT and booked a third, I can’t see any reason to look further for our riding adventures.’

    Lisa Harris
  • ‘I followed Globetrotting for 2 years before committing to my first ride, which was absolutely amazing! Horse care is number one priority for me, as well as pairing riders to horses. I have been so happy to find all the horses so well trained and so well cared for. I have now completed 2 Australian rides and this year will complete 2 overseas rides. I am feeling confident and excited, as I know these rides have been tested by the GT team, and I have every confidence I will have the time of my life and make amazing friends and memories.’

    Margaret Poulter
  • ‘A group of US career women, ranging from 30 to 60, from nervous beginners to old pros, from never left the country to seasoned travellers, most of whom had never met, decided on a whim to take the trip of a lifetime together – with Globetrotting. And WHAT A TRIP. Globetrotting listened, selected the ideal trip, held our hands, answered all our questions calmly and patiently, recommended outstanding guides, helped with extra curricular activities and followed up at each point of the trip. We enjoyed every second of our ride – and travelled home feeling as if we had conquered the world. THANK YOU, Globetrotting, for a simply incomparable CUSTOM experience. We will all be back.’

    Jane McDowell
  • ‘Your website is easy to use, you are available to speak to whenever we feel the need, and you follow up, which is fantastic.
    Also, you are all so passionate about each and every one of your holidays, and that enthusiasm passes onto your customers. I had been looking for a long time for a company like this and to find you here in Australia is fantastic! You guys are great and I love these holidays! Keep up the great work!

    Annie Kilgour
  • The Sahara Ride, Morocco - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

    ‘How privileged I was as a solo traveller to join Kate, Steve and Laura in my choice of destinations, Morocco! The Globetrotting team excelled on all levels, and never missed crossing the Ts and dotting the Is. They are all such genuine, honest horse enthusiasts, and so passionate about what they do. Words can’t describe the exhilaration, fun times, great laughs and memories that I took away from that trip and it’s all thanks to an amazing team who are doing what they love and have an innate ability to leave a lasting impression on the hearts of all their globetrotters.’

    Jacqueline Hogan
  • Scottish Borders Ride - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

    ‘As an avid equestrian who craves new ways of experiencing and working with horses, I left The Scottish Borders Ride as a more confident rider and so inspired by everything that we did. A few days into the trip I was already thinking about how and when I could do it again. I’m so glad that Globetrotting arranged this special holiday, and there’s no one else I would trust more to take me on a horseback adventure!’

    Theresa Schmid
  • ‘While riding, some of us who have ridden with Globetrotting before discussed the benefits of booking through GT – aside from the great team, their warm, sincere service and their huge amount of valuable information, we always know the GT rides have been tested and are of a high standard, and we know that the horses, guides, accommodations and experiences are solid. As we heard from some other riders, there are horror stories out there about other rides, guides and experiences, so I for one value the ‘guarantee’ that comes from booking with Globetrotting. Thank you!’

    Robyn Smale