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Guided Rides

Globetrotting guided rides take the guesswork out of travelling, allowing Globetrotters to truly relax as we ride alongside, taking care of every detail.

Many of our guests are solo female riders who love that we do the hard work for them. For example, when you fly into a far-flung country, we’re there from the get-go. We meet you at the airport (or co-ordinate our international flights together), helping start your trip right.

Before starting our ride, we always spend two nights in the capital city. We have found boutique hotels in charming suburbs give a real taste of a place, and because we have limited time to spend in the city, we take you to the best restaurants, artisans and authentic cultural experiences that trademark that country.

What if your transfer doesn’t arrive on time? What regional airport do you need to arrive into? Where can you find an ATM? Don’t worry about it: we take care of all this and more.

Steven and I are both experience horseback photographers. With us holding the camera, you can enjoy the moment rather than fiddling around with your own. When you get home, we send through an online album of images and a video clip of your journey. This part of the package is priceless.

We make sure you’re thrilled with your horse, the pace of the ride and your saddle.

It’s our job to know what drink you yearn for after seven hours in the saddle, if you have milk in your tea and to make sure your dietary requirements are met.

It’s our aim to ensure you become intimate with the country’s culture and experience every facet of its people, food, landscape, history and horses – warts and all.

You’ll be with a group of like-minded travellers, who share a love of horses, travelling and adventure and are looking for an experience that is out-of-the-box. It warms my heart when Globetrotters who meet as strangers become firm friends through the ride. It’s a common story.

Those are the reasons you’ll love our guided Globetrotting holidays.

Now without further ado, here is a list of our upcoming Guided Rides.

We can’t WAIT to ride alongside you.

Kate Pilcher
Founder & Guide of Globetrotting

Scheduled 2024 guided rides


3-8 NightsStrong Intermediate to Advanced$6,550 USD?Tour costs $6,550 USD which is approximately $9,974 AUD

Tanzanian Wilderness Safari

More than almost any other destination, Tanzania is THE land of safaris. That’s why the riding itineraries offered in this country have us singing {quite possibly – squealing} with excitement.



10 NightsStrong Intermediate to Advanced$10,750 AUD

Paris Olympics & Champagne Ride

News flash – Globetrotting is heading to the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, France and YOU are invited to join!



7 NightsStrong Intermediate to Advanced€6,500 EUR?Tour costs €6,500 EUR which is approximately $10,712 AUD

Wilderness Expedition

Right, we’ve made an executive decision: Iceland should now be referred to as WOW-land.




    our founder, has been roaming the globe on horseback for a third of her life. Before Globetrotting was born, she worked as a horse-riding guide in Kenya and Argentina, and speaks conversational Kiswahili and Spanish. She has an intimate knowledge of the destinations in the Globetrotting portfolio. Globetrotting is Kate’s life calling and she is passionate about sharing this mode of travel.


    is the jewel in our Globetrotting crown! We discovered Laura through an internship in 2016 where she opted to learn the Globetrotting ropes with a trip around Canada and America. Laura grew up on a sheep property near Mudgee in country New South Wales and has been closely connected to equines her entire life. She rides like a BOSS, she’s a 3* eventer and connects with ALL of our globetrotters. We’re super proud to have her in our GT family and she’s an expert at finding your perfect-match riding holiday.


    began his Globetrotting career in Kenya and has since notched up countless rides from Iceland to Morocco. Steven learnt to ride as a child on the dusty plains of Nindigully in western Queensland. When Steven isn’t in the saddle he’s trigger-finger-ready to capture the amazingness of rides via camera and drone. He sometimes does all this while also wrangling three spirited daughters.


Tricia Huerta

‘Riding through the Bordeaux region with the Globetrotting crew, every day is a surprise. You’ll think ‘It can’t get better,’ and then it does. Miles and miles of grapevines, with incredible light filtering through the trees and amazing wine by the barrel – probably what you’re expecting when you hear the word ‘Bordeaux’ – but now imagine you’re on a horse. TEN MILLION TIMES BETTER. From riding through centuries-old fortresses and hand-walking your horse onto a ferry deck, to galloping through dense forest and picking grapes straight off the vines as you ride by, this ride will have you looking for real estate in the south of France before the week is out. Our hosts were beyond accommodating and ran the trip like a well-oiled machine, without making it feel like they were at work. The horses were extremely well cared for and had plenty of personality to keep the ride interesting, with amazing boldness – they didn’t put a hoof wrong. I recommend this trip not just for its delightful scenery and divine food and wine, but mostly for its hosts, as they have incredible stories to tell, care about their team – human and animal – and clearly love what they do.’

The Sahara Ride, Morocco - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Jacqueline Hogan

‘How privileged I was as a solo traveller to join Kate, Steve and Laura in my choice of destinations, Morocco! The Globetrotting team excelled on all levels, and never missed crossing the Ts and dotting the Is. They are all such genuine, honest horse enthusiasts, and so passionate about what they do. Words can’t describe the exhilaration, fun times, great laughs and memories that I took away from that trip and it’s all thanks to an amazing team who are doing what they love and have an innate ability to leave a lasting impression on the hearts of all their globetrotters.’

Niki Zubrzycki

‘The Scottish Borders Ride was amazing. Our horses were so honest and solid and looked after us all so well. It has been the most liberating thing I have ever done. Huge thanks to Kate for creating such a magical experience and for being there with us for all the fun. And to my Globetrotting companions on this mad adventure, who made it so incredible and full of joy!’