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What’s Your Riding Ability?


You may have noticed that all of our horse riding holidays mention the riding ability globetrotters need to have before they embark on the ride. We divide riding ability into four levels: beginner, intermediate, strong intermediate and advanced.

But what exactly do these mean, and which category do you fit into? Check out the definitions below.

BEGINNER – reasonably confident riding a horse at a walk, a rising trot, and learning to canter.

INTERMEDIATE – confident and in control on a moving horse at all paces outside an arena, but not riding regularly. Comfortable and competent using aids {you need to know what aids are} to communicate with your horse.

STRONG INTERMEDIATE – an intermediate rider who is currently riding regularly outside of an arena and is comfortable in the saddle for at least six hours per day. Strong intermediate riders are comfortable and competent in all three gaits; able to post or sit to the trot; have an independent seat while cantering (don’t hold onto the saddle); and can pick up the correct canter lead. They can also navigate more complex terrain, including asking a horse to sidestep and jump over a small obstacle.

ADVANCED – a frequent rider who is very fit, comfortable in the saddle for at least six hours per day, and has an independent seat and soft hands. Advanced riders are confident on a forward-moving horse at all paces over rough and variable ground on open terrain. They can ride over small jumps and know the techniques used to collect a horse.

Hopefully you now feel confident in describing your ability and choosing a ride that’s a perfect fit!

If you have any doubts, or if there’s a ride you’re longing to experience but you’re not sure if your riding level is high enough, don’t hesitate to get in touch! We’re always happy to clarify things and answer all your questions, big or small.

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