Don’t Leave Home Without… a Bum Bag

So you’ve booked another Globetrotting ride, or maybe you’re a first timer and new to our family of horseback holiday adventurers. Either way, you’re probably bursting with anticipation and busily planning your kit. Globetrotting holidays involve multiple hours in the saddle and we globetrotters like to carry a few essentials with us while riding: phone, […]

best waterproof pants for horse riding - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Don’t Leave Home Without… Waterproof Pants

If you’ve seen our post on waterproof jackets, you’ll know that for a number of good reasons, we prefer a shorter jacket to full-length. But what about your bottom half? If you’re caught out in the rain, the last thing you want to spoil your unique Globetrotting experience is a wet tush!  That’s where waterproof […]

Don't leave home without a waterproof jacket - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Don’t Leave Home Without… A Waterproof Jacket

As a confirmed Globetrotting tragic, I’ve ridden in just about all weathers, from Patagonian snow to Icelandic wind, to Morrocan desert chill and the relentless pelting of Irish rain. In every destination, the weather can change – sometimes not only daily, but hourly! So of course, a good rain jacket is a must. Choosing the […]

best riding pants for horse riding holidays

Boo to Jodhpurs, Hip Hip Hooray for Bombachas!

Ever since I was a little girl being ferried into the Dalby Pony Club while listening to Macca on a Sunday morning on the radio I’ve had an awkard relationship with jodhpurs. Let me explain, I wasn’t a bean stalk of a child like the ‘My Little Pony’, horse loving posse of friends that I had. Side-note: My […]

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The Ultimate Packing List for a Horse Riding Holiday

Over the years I’ve honed my packing to a fine art. A lot of my globetrotting clients ask for my advice on what to pack and even though each client is given a detailed packing list, I thought I would share a suggested list with you all. Obviously it depends on the country and the […]


Don’t Leave Home Without… a Chopper Bag

After notching up a myriad of horse riding safaris to my belt, I’ve discovered the perfect bag to pack my safari kit into. There is no point taking a sleek, black suitcase equipped with wheels and its own micro-chip when on safari. Quite often, your luggage will be heaved and squeezed into 4WD’S, fixed wing […]


Best Compact Cameras for a Horse Riding Holiday

So you’ve signed up for a riding holiday and you’re wanting to buy or upgrade your camera to make sure you capture every single moment from dusk to dawn. Yes, you could just take your iPhone but there are a few drawbacks with this option. Smartphones are the perfect shape for phone calls but a tricky one for […]


Don’t Leave Home Without… a Little Black Vest

LITTLE BLACK VEST A stylish, well-designed black (or any other colour that tickles your fancy) vest is my must-have item when packing for a horse riding holiday no matter the destination. For the cooler climate rides the vest is perfect for layering with thermals underneath and a heavier jacket on top. And on the flip side […]

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Don’t Leave Home Without… SPF Tinted Moisturiser

SPF TINTED MOISTURISER Sun protection is paramount when on a horse riding holiday, safari or trek as you’re spending hours in the saddle with the sun shining bright. Whether I’m riding or not an SPF tinted moisturiser is an integral item in my daily beauty regime. My all-time favourite is the Dermalogica sheer tint SPF20 – it’s not too […]


Don’t Leave Home Without… Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo It’s a recent discovery for me, it must be said – I’m a little slow on all things hair care. But a good dry shampoo is a GAME-CHANGER for your next horse riding safari. If you have limited access to showers, your dry shampoo, which comes in spray or powder form, will not […]

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Don’t Leave Home Without… Noise-cancelling Headphones

NOISE-CANCELLING HEADPHONES Noise-cancelling headphones are a brilliant, must-have addition to your carry-on rather than your run-of-the-mill iPhone earphones or your stock standard airplane earphones, where only one ear tunes in! There are a plethora of noise-reducing earphones on the market. Thankfully for those who are time poor, I’ve put together the best of the best to […]

ariat half chaps

Don’t Leave Home Without… Half Chaps

Half-chaps are an essential item for any riding holiday if you wish to stay comfortable in the saddle and avoid blisters from pinching stirrup leathers. The benefit of half chaps compared to packing long boots is that they are light and easy to pack when you’re travelling internationally. You can zip them off at lunch […]


Don’t Leave Home Without… a Universal Travel Adapter

UNIVERSAL TRAVEL ADAPTER These nifty devices are essential for any globetrotter who has caught the travel bug and is jet-setting between time zones on a regular basis. From Kenya to Argentina to Japan you’ll need a different power adapter for each country. For the savvy frequent flyers you’ll know all about this handy travel tool […]


Fashion Friday: the MomenT Hat

Hold onto your hats globetrotters! I’m so, so excited about this particular Fashion Friday recommendation. I’m a huge lover of hats and have a mighty collection that I’ve collected all over the world. My go-to Akubra has recently become too small for my head, go figure right? We’ve shared some wonderful adventures together but it’s […]

helmet for a riding holiday

Don’t Leave Home Without… This Helmet

Over the past couple of years I’ve been riding in a tomato-red polo helmet that I purchased from my all-time favourite tack shop, Arandu, in Argentina. It certainly has had its fair share of tumbles, thankfully cocooning my melon from serious damage. But now that I’m dabbling in the world of show jumping and cross-country, […]

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Fashion Friday: the Gaucho Belt

I feel completely lost when I don’t have a belt on when riding.  For me, I’m in love with these Argentinean gaucho belts. I discovered them when I first visited South America over ten years ago now and my original belt is still going strong. I now have a hefty collection of these gaucho belts in black […]

seat saver for horse riding holidays

Don’t Leave Home Without… a Seat Saver

Before we start there needs to be a disclaimer here – you really only need a seat saver if you are heading off on a horse riding holiday to Mongolia where the army saddles they use can certainly be very hard on the derriere. But for the majority of our rides, you’ll be riding in English saddles, […]

head torch for riding holiday

Don’t Leave Home Without… a Head Torch

For our riding holidays that involve camping you can’t leave home without a good, LED head torch. This hands-free light source is paramount in your riding kit and I keep my head torch in close proximity as soon as the sun starts to slump. A head torch will come in handy for reading your book at night, going […]


Don’t Leave Home Without… Gloves

We’ve all been there globetrotters – the blisters, the red burn marks from the leather reins, the feeling of the reins sliding through your fingers as you are pulled in one direction – but you don’t want to have to deal with this on what’s meant to be a holiday! And if your day job […]


Don’t Leave Home Without… Thermals

For our cooler climate rides, good quality wool blend thermals should be right at the top of your packing list! There’s nothing worse than that feeling of not being able to warm up,  and that’s why I LOVE my Icebreaker thermals – they have never let me down! The trick to riding in cold or unpredictable […]


Don’t Leave Home Without… Kerrits

Ok globetrotters, I have to make a confession. You are no doubt aware of my opinion of jodhpurs (if you aren’t familiar with it, click here and you will soon understand), and my refusal to ride in anything except my bombachas. Well, a friend of mine suggested I try Kerrits, and I have to be honest, […]