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Fashion Friday: the Moment Hat

the moment

Hold onto your hats globetrotters! I’m so, so excited about this particular Fashion Friday recommendation. I’m a huge lover of hats and have a mighty collection that I’ve collected all over the world. My go-to Akubra has recently become too small for my head, go figure right? We’ve shared some wonderful adventures together but it’s currently been shelved for my new hat, the momenT, by Fallen Broken Street. These sombreros are designed for both men and women and come out of the coolio coastal village of Byron Bay.


I discovered these hats, which are making waves in the fashion world, in a boutique in the tourist hub of Mooloolaba. As an experienced hat adorner I fell in love with the breadth of designs, rustic colours and slouchy comfort.

Not to mention, they’re extremely well-priced and are 100% Australian wool felt. Next time you sign up for your horse riding holiday you’ll want one of these wide-brimmed beauties in your kit.

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