The Scottish Borders Ride - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Waldeop Lynn

‘This was the most amazing experience! The Common Rides tested my riding abilities with long gallops across fields and up gorgeous hillsides! And to ride alongside 100-300 other riders was an experience in itself! The Irish Draughts and Sport Horses are tough, beautiful breeds that are so smooth to ride. I am usually a Western rider and practiced riding English for a month before the trip. That was the best thing I could have done because I was ready for the long riding days – all of that posting and two-point riding takes different muscles than Western! I rode Amadeus and he was fantastic!! He was beautiful and fast as the wind – the biggest and fastest horse I have ever ridden! But he was very honest and took care of me when I was a bit uneasy. I would take him home if I could! I also rode Aphrodite on the beach ride and she was amazing, too. This ride gave me more confidence in my riding skills and confirmed I have a ‘need for speed’ – I loved the gallops in the countryside!’


Dressage in Spain - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Kate Riordan

‘I can not recommend this ride enough. I was blown away by the quality of the horses, landscape, food and experiences. Our buffet breakfast was expansive and provided many delicious options, but the standout were the lunches provided by the in-house cooks – each meal was diverse and followed by free-flowing wine and dessert. The horses were all impeccably cared for and trained; they were fit, healthy and very responsive, which made progressing my dressage skills very easy. The highlight of the trip was the beach ride, which I would recommend to anyone interested in beautiful scenery – the view of the trees and ocean from the cliffs was stunning. Galloping along the beach in Spanish western saddles was an experience I will never forget.
On top of everything, though, the most important aspect of this ride were our hosts: Fernando, Jane and Vivi. Within seconds of meeting them, I felt like I was part of the family. They were relaxed, positive and passionate people who truly cared about our experience and satisfaction. Fernando, in particular, is a worldly, knowledgeable man with a killer sense of humour and talking to him during our lengthy car rides to Jerez and the beach made the trips fun and comfortable. I would, without a doubt, suggest this ride to anyone. I will most definitely be back.’

Peta Ruiter

‘I’ve been following Globetrotting for more than 12 years, dreaming of an adventure that would return me to the saddle. I spent almost the first 20 years of my life on the back on a horse, but not having ridden or been near a horse for the last 20 years, I was so reluctant (and frankly terrified) to return to the saddle. But… one day last November, on the commute to work, an email titled ‘Is it the right time?’ popped into my mailbox featuring the new tours to Iceland. By that afternoon, I had confirmed and paid a deposit! I am not an impulsive type, but this was THE best holiday decision I’ve ever made. Amazing, fantastic, incredible in every possible way. The Icelandic horses are the most beautiful creatures, each with their own personality. It fed my soul in every possible way, and I made meaningful connections with my fellow globetrotters and the team who looked after us. I even learnt how to sing Icelandic songs! I will be back – the hardest decision is where to next!’

Big Horn Cattle Drive - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Liz Gaffney

‘Recently I was lucky enough to go on the Big Horn Cattle Drive in Wyoming, USA and it was, simply put, magical! I fulfilled a childhood dream of driving cattle, cowboy style, through Wyoming. The scenery, the horses, the people and the experience will be etched on my heart for the rest of my life.’

Linda Williams

‘Happy is an understatement. I was ECSTATIC with my ride in the Scottish Borders! The Common Rides were amazing and exhilarating! I have had some wild first flight runs in my 20 years of hunting, and the Common Rides rank right up there with the best of them! I want to do all of them now. The horses were beautifully braided and turned out. They knew their job and did it well. I rode Zeus, Yani and a sweet big bay whose name I can’t recall, and I loved them all. Yani was my favourite, very forward and willing. Our guides, Gemma, Izzy, Helen and Susanne were wonderful! The food, accommodation and service was outstanding. It was well worth every penny.’

Christine Coulton

‘The most fabulous experience! The country, the horses and the mix of people was perfect. The ride exceeded my expectations. Thank you, Laura and Christian, for one of the most special adventures of my life. I genuinely slept better in my swag/stretcher than I have anywhere else, ever… can I order one in queen size please?! THANK YOU.’

Khovsgol Ride, Mongolia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Rachel Dunstan

‘My favourite day on the Khovsgol Ride in Mongolia was the day we experienced a thunderstorm and crossed a wooden barge river crossing. Due to poor weather, the guides made impromptu arrangements and took us to a family house to stay for the night. Our guide, Shuree, and her team went above and beyond to keep us safe and comfortable. The horses were all very quiet and well trained. The tack was surprisingly comfortable considering the rustic and homemade nature of it all. We never had any doubts that we were safe and well cared for. Our guides were so thoughtful and attentive. Shuree was well known and respected by every Mongolian person we came into contact with. She showed at all times that we were her priority. She was very knowledgeable and we wanted for nothing.’

Kristen Sagar

‘I’ve just arrived back from the Goomboorian Campdraft Ride. Andrew and his team were amazing. Each of them are very obviously accomplished riders and this showed in the way they worked with the horses throughout the week, how they matched the horses to their guests, and also in the way they taught us about riding and handing not only the horses, but also the cattle both in the yards and on horseback. I was very lucky to ride Dynamite – he was beautifully responsive, with a lovely can do attitude, comfortable gaits, and he certainly knows how to work a beast! Awesome horse!
At Cots Camp, Rod and Jake were amazing teachers – getting us all out of the camp with a steer and around the pegs in a couple of days! Their passion for the sport is undeniable.
The scenery was beautiful both at Goomboorian and Widgee, and both camps were great. The bell tents at Mount Goomboorian were warm and spacious and the beds were really comfortable, too. I also loved the outdoor shower with its awesome view! The food was delicious (thanks Sean) and the hospitality was second to none – nothing was too much trouble for Andrew and the team.
I can’t wait to go back one day and recommend to anyone who is thinking about doing this ride to book it – you will not regret it!’

The Scottish Borders Ride - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Lydia Kolbas

‘Definitely an exhilarating way to experience the beautiful Scottish countryside and to immerse yourself in the border towns’ history and heritage! The guides were ALL ah-mazing! My horse, Acropolis, was a lovely gelding and well suited to me. The Highland games and high tea were fun and magnificent.’

The Kimberley Ride, Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Chelsey Parish

‘This whole experience was perfect. My sister and I both absolutely loved this ride. From the incredible scenery to the tough little ponies, all in the company of great horsey people. The lovely big Quarter Horse Reilly carried me safely across El Questro Station and he was perfect for me. All the horses were strong, healthy, surefooted, well trained and well behaved. Sleeping under the stars in warm, comfy swags was a highlight. Also, the gluten free catering we received was exceptional. I highly recommend this ride!’

Tim Margetts

‘The BEST adventure – the riding was brilliant, the horses perfect. Our guides, Valeria and Helanna, were fantastic. Sue and I had great horses – forward and a lot of action. We’ve just finished and we’re heading off to drinks with the Globetrotting gang.’

Lisel Avey

‘Mongolia was as remote and untouched by tourism as I had hoped. It was a real adventure. The scenery was breathtaking and the people were the kindest, most hospitable I have ever met. The horses were so fast, so determined and so sweet. Any concerns about their responsiveness, the tack or the terrain melted away with the first canter across the steppe – and there were so many more opportunities to canter and gallop. Our guide, Shureh, and our whole crew made me feel safe and well looked after. They were all a lot of fun. So much positivity! The food was also excellent, and much more varied than I was expecting. There were some long tough days and you’ve got to be prepared to rough it a bit, but it was all so worth it. This ride changed my life!’

Touch of the Highlands Ride, Iceland - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Natalie Allen

‘Iceland, the land of fire and ice, is nothing short of spectacular. I had the best holiday of my life and can’t recommend it highly enough. I have never seen such a group of sad faces at breakfast on the last day of the tour! Everyone says, ‘Oh it’s on my bucket list.’ I say, stop dreaming and just book it. Today.
Icelandic horses are everywhere in Iceland and are a big part of the culture. I thought that I had arrived in Horse Heaven Happyland! Magnus and his team were fabulous. I learned so much about the rockstar Icelandic horses and the culture, history and people of Iceland. At one point, we were all singing a traditional Icelandic song in 4 or 5 languages! We had a small group of 5 guests who were from all around the world and we had the best time. Icelandic horses are such little goers, with amazing energy, spirit, and fun five gaits unique to them, and they are really surefooted. I fell in love with a few and wanted to pack them into my bag to take home with me. If you want an amazing experience filled with amazing horses, amazing people and memories for a lifetime, then just do it. I started planning a return trip before I had even left!’

Scottish Borders Ride - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Mary Ann Giandonato

‘I would highly recommend The Scottish Borders Ride! The horses are all spectacular. Forward moving and fun! The accommodations were beautiful. I loved all the little extras. If you want an exciting ride full of tradition, beautiful landscapes and awesome people, this is the ride for you!’

Scottish Borders Ride - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Theresa Schmid

‘As an avid equestrian who craves new ways of experiencing and working with horses, I left The Scottish Borders Ride as a more confident rider and so inspired by everything that we did. A few days into the trip I was already thinking about how and when I could do it again. I’m so glad that Globetrotting arranged this special holiday, and there’s no one else I would trust more to take me on a horseback adventure!’

Scottish Borders Ride - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Theresa Schmid

‘This was absolutely the trip of a lifetime! There wasn’t a single part that wasn’t amazing. Our hosts at the equestrian centre were extraordinarily friendly and skilled, able to pick out the perfect horse for each rider and confidently guide us through the countryside. The horses know their job inside out and were a joy to ride, handling challenging situations with ease.

The Common Rides are easily the most incredible horseback experience I have ever had. Riding through town among 200 or so horses, led by a pipe band and being cheered on by hundreds of people on the sidewalks was unlike anything I’ve been a part of. Going on to travel down the roads and gallop through the fields for hours, stopping for refreshments along the way at castles and picturesque villages, was truly thrilling – everything you dream of and more. The rest of the trip was balanced out by relaxing rides through stunning scenery, fun cultural activities, and delicious meals.

As an avid equestrian who craves new ways of experiencing and working with horses, I left Scotland as a more confident rider and so inspired by everything that we did. A few days into the trip I was already thinking about how and when I could do it again!’

Montana, USA - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Jess Holckner

‘I had a fantastic week riding Baron in Montana. We worked with cattle and rode through large fields, forests and mountains with our lovely group, who all had their own horses at home. We rode over beautiful wildflowers all day long and looked at the amazing views from many different positions. The food was fabulous, with an inventive menu. Baron was calm and experienced in all situations with cattle, surefooted through the mountains and always up for a good long canter. Our two guides, Taylor and Jeff, were great. We were able to ride where and how we wanted within the group and everything was very relaxed.’

Jen Granger

‘Six days horse riding in the Kimberley. Wow, what a great adventure it was. Up to six hours’ riding each day through grass as high as the horse, along dusty red rocky roads in 35 degree heat, through scrub, across rivers and creek beds. We had surefooted, well trained and kind horses and amazing hosts, who were so well organised with a surprise around every corner. Beautiful swimming holes, sleeping under the super clear stars in a swag, amazing food, campfires, great stories and lots of laughs. This adventure challenged me every day and I also had lots of time to think about nothing, to just soak up the ride and enjoy our vast and incredible country, and the company of a great group of new friends.’

Debbie Squires

Thank you Laura and Christian for a fabulous, eye opening adventure. I loved every day of the ride and feel I have left a part of my heart in the Kimberley. Everything was carefully thought out – it was perfect. Sleeping under the stars was totally breathtaking and the meals were all 5 star restaurant quality. Again, thank you for the kind horses, wonderful food, many laughs, and for showing me that I am tougher than I thought.’

Khovsgol Ride, Mongolia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Petra Westergaard

‘This was a trip of a lifetime and I loved every second of it! Mongolia is more beautiful than I ever expected. Mongolian horses don’t have names – I gave mine the nickname Boobob, as he looked like one of my horses but behaved like another of my horses. He was a 15 year old grey gelding who was just perfect for me! He was forward and surefooted and we just clicked – he responded to the slightest rein aids and didn’t need any leg. The guides, in fact everyone – cooks, wranglers, drivers – were just brilliant. Nothing was too much for them, they were all just the most kind, wonderful, accommodating, knowledgeable people. And OMG – the food! I had prepared myself for mutton, mutton and more mutton, but our cook was absolutely incredible and the food she prepared – 3 hot meals a day – was spectacular. If you love adventure and have a flexible attitude, then this trip is for you!’

David Moffatt

‘What a fabulous holiday! The location, quality support from the equestrian centre, supper service at Cringletie, fun off-the-horse activities (hiking, mountain biking, highland games, local sightseeing, Moffatt family history) and wonderful other globetrotters made this a memorable, enjoyable and fun experience. Our guide, Susie, was professional, attentive and super supportive. She has many great horses, great tack and an exceptional team. Helen, Mark and Jess were fabulous. I rode Amadeus on both common rides, as well as Oatley, Andronikos and Jaccamo. Amadeus, at 17 hands, was my favourite. Big, strong, fast, but very surefooted and steady. Thanks for a great experience!’

Donna Wilson

‘Hands down the best horse riding experience I’ve had. Do yourself a favour and sign up for this ride, you won’t be disappointed! The knowledge of horsemanship, the area and environment Andrew shared with us was amazing and I learnt a lot. I rode Wombat and immediately fell in love with her. My only problem was not being able to fit her in my suitcase to bring her home, not to mention Andrew ‘s reluctance to part with her! Andrew is an amazing person and an all round great guy who really helped to build my riding confidence during the ride. Rod Cotter and his staff at Cots Camp were exceptional. Wonderful people, very warm and welcoming, and encouraging us so positively that it’s sparked us to continue to take a keen interest in campdrafting. The hospitality, accommodation and food was outstanding. Every effort was made to ensure our needs were accommodated. Big thanks to ‘Shaun the Chef’, every meal was delicious. We learnt a lot, laughed a lot, and made memories to last a lifetime.’

Glenorchy Back Country Ride - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Kate Cadet

‘The Glenorchy Back Country Ride was a special horse riding trip I will always remember. Being my first international ride, I was in awe of the beautiful countryside we rode through each day. Having 5 Kates and 2 Sheryls in the group meant there was loads of laughter and fun along the way. The group all bonded so well and new friendships for life have been made too.

Thank you Globetrotting!! Your fine selection of rides and outfitters is just awesome!’

Michael Barker

‘The Maasai Mara safari was a lifetime highlight for me. The feeling of cantering along vast open plains amidst a myriad of wildlife with like-minded riders and phenomenally impressive guides  is out of this world. Simon and Megan were fantastic. Their knowledge was seemingly endless and they communicated it in a warm style. Everything food and accommodation wise was taken care of and I felt truly spoilt on this trip. The horses were fit, healthy and fun to ride. You can see they love to get out in the open spaces on safari. The scenery was spectacular and straight from Out of Africa! I am lucky to have been able to go on such an exhilarating experience. I cannot recommend this trip highly enough. The pictures don’t do it justice – but my memories do.’

The Kimberley Ride, Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Kelli Clark

‘Hot days and cool nights under a canopy of stars. Rugged country, spectacular scenery and some mesmerising hidden gems. The whole team was so accommodating, nothing was too much trouble. They are a well-oiled machine and very knowledgeable about the area. The food was amazing and there was an abundance of it. My favourite experience was just being in that beautiful country. At times I just didn’t know where to look to take it all in. I loved going to Emma Gorge, and I was chuffed with the experience of cantering the length of the air strip heading into El Questro Station, just to be able to say that I did it! I rode a little paint mare called Tilly. She was a gem to ride and made me feel safe. I would have happily taken her home! This was an unforgettable riding holiday.’

Catalonia, Spain - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Robyn Smale

‘I loved this ride! The scenery was varied and interesting. I loved the tiny villages and the small historic hotels and pensions we stayed at, where we were hosted by locals. Just lovely. Our hosts were all so friendly and welcoming. The food and wine was locally grown and we were never hungry. We loved having Carlos meet us at lunchtime, set up a long table under the trees, make our salad and pour the cava and wine. I was fortunate to ride with such a great group. We laughed constantly and it was so much fun. Riding through villages was great – everyone waved and greeted us. We never felt like tourists and I felt we experienced the real Catalonia.’

Costa Azul, Portugal - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Dorinda Dorsett

‘I have been on lots of riding holidays and always enjoyed them, but they didn’t always match the description. However, with the Costa Azul Ride, the question is if words can even describe it. This a forward ride and the terrain is ever changing. Miguel and Dennis are awesome! My sweet gelding, Adonis, will be in my heart forever. All the horses are trained well and know their job. One horse actually followed at liberty and just took his place in line when we would trot, canter or gallop.’

Glenorchy Back Country Ride - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Sally Dunn

‘This was such a good experience! Everything was outstanding. Our guides were amazing hosts and horse people. Jess and Bijmin were outstanding! They knew everything, or would find out anything they didn’t know already. They really complimented each other, too.

I rode Kale. He was wonderful – very responsive, young and quite forward, which is exactly the kind of horse I’d suggested I’d like to ride. Absolutely no complaints. We were treated like royalty and allowed to have a holiday. There was so much good food, too! I’m recommending this ride to anyone who will listen!’

Kobuchizawa, Japan - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Kyle Wightman

‘Terry and I had a great time in Japan in late April/early May, prime cherry blossom time. Our hosts, Tanaka-san and Mayumi Tsukamoto Suzuki, were fabulous, as were the horses, horse riding, food, and places to visit and enjoy.’

Madeleine Haussegger


The Kimberley Ride, Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Cathy Jones

‘The Kimberley Ride was an amazing experience. Christian, Laura and the crew are so helpful and friendly. I would definitely ride with them again. Every aspect from the horses to the food, gear and bedding was spot on. I rode Bonnie, and we were a perfect match. She was very similar to my own horse. I loved Christian’s chicken and mushroom risotto, and Laura’s panna cotta. I thought someone was getting married when we rode in and saw the white tablecloth and white chairs set up at the campsite! I loved every minute of this ride.’

Shell, Wyoming - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Amy Van Court

‘There aren’t sufficient words to describe how special this place is. Every box was checked for my vacation, from the quality of the horses and horsemanship, to the excellent staff, the wonderful, clean, appropriate accommodations, the delicious food and oh my god, the once-in-a-lifetime territory. I’ve lived and vacationed in many beautiful places, but I have never seen land like this. No two views are alike. You can be on the top of a mesa and see four completely different landscapes, depending on which way you face! The scenery literally changes every few minutes as you ride along. The colours, the scope, the grandeur of it all — there isn’t a photo that can do this land justice.

The horses are well cared-for, high quality, trustworthy and sensible. If you are inspired by and committed to great horsemanship, you will find no place equal.

I would never have found this place were it not for Globetrotting. I’m grateful beyond words for Kate, her brilliant staff and her excellent sourcing of perhaps the best Western riding experience in North America. I booked a stay for next year while still at the ranch and can’t wait to have this experience for many years to come.’

Terri Rutter

‘The Goomboorian Campdraft Ride was the adventure of a lifetime. Waking up on top of a mountain to the sounds of horses, the smells of the campfire and a good meal being cooked was a dream come true. This was a camp-out with a bit of luxury, with our chef, and staff to care for and tack up our horses each day. Even the fire-heated shower felt decadent! The horses were extremely well trained and a joy to ride. The staff were careful to coach us on the proper cues to make sure that both the horses and guests were happy. This was a trip of a lifetime that I will never forget.’

David Grounds

‘I was very happy with my ride in Montana, USA. My horse, Banjo, was responsive to aids, neck reining, etc and was under control all the time. Every day was good – the first day trying out our mounts and learning Western riding aids, then the subsequent days of team penning, cattle mustering and trail riding. Both guides were capable and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend this ride.’

Dressage Ride in Spain - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Theresa Gonzalez

‘We had a wonderful time on our Train and Trail Ride in Andalusia, Spain. Our trail riding guide was wonderful, as was our dressage instructor, who gave me a lot of individual attention. Hornito was the Andalusian stallion I rode for my dressage lessons; he was excellent and I got to do the Spanish Walk and Piaffe on him! It made my vacation. I also liked trail riding through the olive groves on Bari, who was very forward moving. The lunches were delicious. The hacienda was beautiful. The accomodations were great. The Jerez School was amazing, as was the Flamenco show. My husband is a beginner rider and the instructors were very patient with him, and as a result he did well and learned a lot.’

Castle & Estate Ride, Ireland - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

‘The horse riding – wow! The equestrian team were fun and professional, and so supportive. I had an absolute ball. Miss Bumble was my favourite horse. Big, confident and free moving, we often led the group rides on the estate. On one ride we galloped leading the group for a mile, and it felt like the two of us were one body, one mind. I’ll never forget the freedom of those moments.

The activities organised for my husband Keith, a non-rider, were excellent, and run by professionals doing their jobs so well. You could not wipe the smile from Keith’s face after the clay pigeon shooting, so I decided I’d join in for the falconry, and just wow! Brian the bird handler’s level of expertise love for his birds was inspiring.

All the staff were interactive and fun. We both had the best time. For me, when Keith said he wished we could stay longer when I was supposedly the reason we were there… well, that just made it even more special. I’d encourage riders with non-riding partners to put this experience at the top of their list.’

Glenorchy Back Country Ride, New Zealand - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Janet Smith

‘This ride is very well organised, with a different schedule every day. I had plenty of time to relax and enjoy every moment – and there were a lot of them. We had lots of time for great photos and our wonderful guides helped us find the best spots to do it. Bijmin and Jess were so kind, happy and accommodating. I loved how the scenery changes throughout the day, making for a very interesting and fun ride. We cantered fast, cantered slow, trotted, walked through fairytale forests, crossed rivers and gazed at one beautiful scene after another. Swimming with the horses in beautiful turquoise glacier water was breathtaking. All of the food was delicious, with plenty of it. Our accommodations were clean and tidy with great views.
I’ve ridden many miles in many countries and found the three things that make a great ride: good food, beautiful scenery, and good, fun people. This ride had it all to the highest degree. LOVED IT!’

The Grape Horse Adventure, Barossa Valley - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Mel Fairbanks

‘I absolutely loved my ride in the Barossa Valley. Jen and Jeremy were such wonderful hosts and their well behaved string of horses are an absolute credit to them. The accommodation was very clean and cosy, and all the meals were fantastic, and the wine too! Jeremy and Jen cooked delicious food, and the pizza night at Ros and Peter’s was great too. My favourite day was definitely riding along the mountain ranges to lunch at Grant Burge Winery. My dear horse, Jabberwocky, was a dream to ride. I loved every bit of it!’

The Kimberley Ride, Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Cushla Donnelly

‘The Kimberley Ride was really good value. I would definitely recommend it! I spent most of my time getting to know Rod and Gwen. Both were really knowledgeable, friendly, professional and helpful. They knew heaps about the areas we were riding in, and the bush tucker. Couldn’t fault them. Both Gwen and Rod clearly rode their horses with a view to looking after the rest of us – impressive! I rode a wonderful small mare called Millie. She had lovely manners and was beautiful to ride – we enjoyed some good canters. It was a great idea to stop at the quarry for a cold beer!’

Castle & Estate Ride, Ireland - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Carolyn Finch

‘This was a fabulous adventure. I loved Ireland and the Castle. My room was beautiful, and best of all it overlooked the stables! I loved looking out and seeing horses morning and evening. I rode a range of horses and was very happy with the variety. I loved riding out on the trails and discovering little bits of castle history along the way. I would definitely recommend this ride. It’s completely tailored to your needs.’

Glenorchy Back Country Ride - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Rebecca Proctor

‘If you want a holiday of a lifetime, this is it. You can’t get better scenery, guides, and experiences than this! I rode Gizzy and within five minutes of riding him I was absolutely in love. He was the best horse for me. He built my confidence up, and when we got to gallop he went as fast as I wanted him to go. I felt so connected to him. He was amazing! I absolutely loved swimming the horses through the river, and also the big run up the grassy hill. My mom, sisters, cousin, aunt and I all got to run our horses up the hill at the same time and it was so fun!!

Our guides were outstanding! They just don’t come better than Bijmin and Jess! They work well together and they were so personable to everyone in the group. The accommodations were awesome – rustic and nice. The day we reached Paradise it had rained most of the ride, and when we got to the cottage there was a fire going and snacks out for us. I thought we had died and gone to heaven!’

Tricia Huerta

‘Riding through the Bordeaux region with the Globetrotting crew, every day is a surprise. You’ll think ‘It can’t get better,’ and then it does. This ride will have you looking for real estate in the south of France before the week is out.’

Bordeaux Wine Trail, France - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Debbie Tate

We loved meeting Kate and the Globetrotting family. I’m so glad we had that opportunity to see first hand how passionate they are about ensuring we have the best trip possible.’


Christine Kerr

‘What a wonderful five days we had with Jen, Jeremy and Roz. We were so spoiled to have a whole ride to ourselves, as we were eight riders, all friends. We chose this ride to celebrate our wonderful friend Jude’s 85th birthday. We had the most fantastic time, travelling through the amazing forest, vineyards, steep hilly country and fire trails through the bush areas. Jeremy and Roz were our guides while on horseback and nothing was ever a problem. The horses were wonderful, all endurance trained, so responsive and forward. Everyone was suited well to their horse. I rode the beautiful, grey mare, Moonlight (Moo), a sensitive little lady. Off the horse, Jen looked after us so well. Our horses were all ready for us every morning, lunch brought out to us on the days we didn’t stop near civilisation, and then at the end of every day, Jen was there to greet us and help put the horses to bed.’

The Sahara Ride, Morocco - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Jacqueline Hogan

‘How privileged I was as a solo traveller to join the Globetrotting team on The Sahara Ride (best decision I have ever made)! From the moment we met in Morocco, I knew this was going to be a fun and fabulous adventure, and we all formed an instant family, sharing many laughs, fun moments and great times.

Had I ever sat in a saddle for 6 days averaging 6 hours a day before? NO. Did I hit some big highs? YES! I came home with so much renewed confidence in my riding ability, which I would not have achieved anywhere else. Words can’t describe the exhilaration, fun times, great laughs and memories that I took away from this trip. Globetrotting is now my one and only choice for horse riding holidays. Thank you for the great memories. xx’

The Sahara Ride, Morocco - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Jacqueline Hogan

‘How privileged I was as a solo traveller to join Kate, Steve and Laura in my choice of destinations, Morocco! The Globetrotting team excelled on all levels, and never missed crossing the Ts and dotting the Is. They are all such genuine, honest horse enthusiasts, and so passionate about what they do. Words can’t describe the exhilaration, fun times, great laughs and memories that I took away from that trip and it’s all thanks to an amazing team who are doing what they love and have an innate ability to leave a lasting impression on the hearts of all their globetrotters.’

Bordeaux Wine Trail, France - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Bernadette Kelly

‘Brilliant horses, stunning surroundings and delicious, melt in your mouth French food and wine. This holiday ticked all the boxes. Ancient French villages, castles and moats and a new winery tour each day. The French are passionate about their country and their wine. Now I know why!’

Tricia Huerta

‘Miles and miles of grapevines, incredible light filtering through the trees, and amazing wine by the barrel – probably what you’re expecting when you hear the word ‘Bordeaux’ – but now imagine you’re on a horse. TEN MILLION TIMES BETTER. Riding through the Bordeaux region with the Globetrotting crew, every day is a surprise. You’ll think ‘It can’t get better,’ and then it does. This ride will have you looking for real estate in the south of France before the week is out.’

Niki Zubrzycki

‘The Scottish Borders Ride was amazing. Our horses were so honest and solid and looked after us all so well. It has been the most liberating thing I have ever done. Huge thanks to Kate for creating such a magical experience and for being there with us for all the fun. And to my Globetrotting companions on this mad adventure, who made it so incredible and full of joy!’

The Kimberley Ride, Western Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Leah Cheetham

‘I thoroughly enjoyed The Kimberley Ride and the people who ran it. They really made the trip with their excellent service, banter and knowledge of the area and horses. It was a dream to ride in the outback and they certainly delivered with plenty of extras. A safe and fun trip able to be enjoyed by anyone who’s keen. I definitely recommend it!’

Tanya Argow

‘I’ve just finished the Castle and Estate Ride. What a beautiful spot. The Castle and family have so much history! It’s fascinating. This is a perfect ride for beginners, those who are just getting back in the saddle and those who have lost a little confidence. The coaches are just lovely. The horses are absolute gems. They are gentle giants – a lot of easy fun and they certainly look after you. The staff are lovely, the food is delicious, and the accommodation magnificent – the best sleep I’ve had in a long time.’

Glenorchy Back Country Ride, New Zealand - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Julie Jeppsen

‘The Glenorchy Back Country Ride was worth every penny spent. If you do this ride, you will not regret it. It was all so wonderful!! The scenery was outstanding! The guides were wonderful and really knew what they were doing. They knew how to handle the horses and take us through the best places at the rivers. They were a joy to talk to and really were a huge part of why this ride was so wonderful. I loved the changes in scenery and all the different places we stayed. The cottage at Paradise was so wonderful and fitting after riding in some rainy weather. I was so impressed with how well the horses were cared for, too. I rode Star and he was wonderful. I especially enjoyed running him up the big grassy hill. I would recommend this to my friends and anyone else who loves to ride.’

The Sahara Ride, Mocorro - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Bernadette Kelly

‘From the tranquil luxury of the riads to the hustle of the souks, the palm shaded gardens, the mouth-watering tagines, salads and meals to die for… nothing compares to this immersion in colour and culture. And the magnificent Barb horses! Spirited, fast, and tough as nails, these incredible horses carried us through the desert with energy to burn. So much to see and appreciate. From the dazzling night sky to the dunes and date palms, I had to keep pinching myself. We could easily have been on a movie set, and I kept expecting a director to yell ‘Cut!’

The Sahara is a diamond, and the horses are rare and precious jewels. This ride is an Aladdin’s Cave of rich experiences.’

the Bordeaux Wine Trail, France - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Carrie St Clair

‘The Bordeaux Wine Trail was fantastic. It is a great way to see the vineyards and experience horse travel as it should be. The accommodations were beautiful, the food was top notch and the hosts were fabulous. Or guides did an amazing job, from setting the pace and making sure all of us were happy to guiding us around obstacles and traffic. My mare Penelope was awesome. Lots of go, but under control. Valerie did a great job matching up horses with riders. Everyone was pleased with their horse. It’s a top notch operation and you won’t be disappointed. Just do it!’

the Hay Triangle ride, Wales - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Emily Orive

‘A fabulous ride over the Black Mountains in Wales. I loved every minute! The beautiful scenery was made even better by the great horses and fabulous company.  My horse, Echo, was excellent – a perfect fit for an experienced rider like myself. I wanted to take him home with me! It was great value for money, too, especially considering the fantastic accommodation.’

Ashleigh Holden

‘I was so happy with the Sierras Chicas ride. I would definitely recommend it! The food, service, horses and terrain far exceeded my expectations. We cooked in the kitchen with the chefs, which was a lovely surprise. The guides were absolutely amazing, and I’m glad that I got to ride with people who were at the same level as me!’

Cindy Kunkel

‘It was a wonderful trip and a great experience. The accommodations were wonderful and I was very happy with my horses, Adonis and Aramis. The Common Ride was exciting and the rides through the forest and countryside were awesome. The Scottish people were warm and welcoming. Their pride in their towns and the Borders area is a pleasure to experience.’

Nancy Seaman

‘The Scottish Borders Ride was an amazing introduction to Globetrotting. I had the privilege of sharing my Globetrotting adventure with lovely women from around the world who truly became fast friends. We rode alongside wonderful people on Kailzie’s outstanding horses through beautiful parts of the countryside that few tourists would have the opportunity to see. Our group was embraced by the Scottish people, who seemed genuinely happy to have us participate in their traditional Common Ride; one of the highlights of the trip. Truly a memorable week!’

Jill Gibson

‘Riding through the grape vines of the Barossa Valley, up and down the many hills, and enjoying the spectacular views was just amazing. I thought it was the best way to see the Barossa Valley. You see so much more. I love the old eucalyptus trees, and even better the view between Ruby’s ears when she pricks them and looks around at the sights. Jen and Jeremy are great guides and hosts this why I wanted to do the Grape Horse Adventure. I was going to do Jen and Jeremy’s Tassie Tiger Trail again but decided to give this ride a try instead, and sure enough it was everything that I imagined. I’ve said goodbye to Ruby twice before, not sure if I would see her again, and I am so blessed that I did. She’s a trooper.’

Niki Zubrzycki

‘The highlights of my Scottish Borders Ride were the two Common Rides. It was non-stop adrenaline, heart-pounding riding. We galloped down hills, up hills, over ditches, through gates and across bogs. I faced so many of my fears that day: riding in a large group, cantering downhill, and riding fast.

Our horses were so honest and solid and looked after us all so well. It has been the most liberating thing I have ever done. It was such a privilege to be welcomed so wholeheartedly by the Hawick community. Huge thanks to Kate for creating such a magical experience and for being there with us for all the fun. And to my Globetrotting companions on this mad adventure, who made it so incredible and full of joy!’

Glenorchy Back Country Ride, New Zealand - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Lisa Murnane

‘What an awesome time in Glenorchy. The scenery was mind blowing, words just doesn’t do this part of the world justice. The horse I was matched to, JT, was awesome and suited me perfectly – he was forward-moving but very relaxed when in the group. The food was wholesome and yummy, the accommodation was comfortable, and what a bonus on the last night to stay at the aptly named ‘Paradise’. Our guides were great – enthusiastic and with so much local knowledge to share. Jess and Bijmin are true horse people, it was definitely great to have met them both.’

Max & Pam Goldsmith

‘We loved this ride – the absolutely superb horses, the great company of guests, the outstanding gourmet food and wine and the constant care and support from Jeremy and Jen. The countryside we rode through was incredible and those amazing horses showed they can take us anywhere. We will definitely ride with them again! …and did we mention the stunning wines!’

The Sahara Ride, Morocco - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Summer Smyth

‘I loved the variety of every day and every camp on the Sahara Ride. The dunes were amazing, as was seeing and going through the mountain ranges. The different villages and camps were great to ride through. My mare was really sweet natured to both people and other horses, and the guides were lovely and helpful. The meals were great, too – vegetarian food I’ve had in Morocco previously has been rather boring, so I was very pleasantly surprised!’

Globetrotting Castle & Estate Ride, Ireland - horse riding holiday

Tricia Huerta

‘The Castle & Estate Ride was any horse rider’s paradise: riding twice a day (you’re in riding clothes from breakfast to dinner) – it’s the riding boot camp you always wanted to go to as a kid but can now afford as an adult! From fundamental indoor jumping and flat lessons to joyful canters through the forest, over logs and through ponds, riders at every level from beginner to advanced will be challenged and delighted with every ride, every day. Extra bonus: the accommodation and food are INCREDIBLE! Ride all day, laugh, drink and eat all evening, then do it all again tomorrow. I miss it already! I cannot recommend Globetrotting more highly!’

Louise Brosnan

‘Great food, divine hotel, beautiful gardens and horse riding – the Castle & Estate Ride was my absolute dream holiday. Three hours a day of riding with plenty of time to relax and enjoy the Irish countryside. Ireland is known for its storytelling and the best stories were those shared with my fellow globetrotters. How wonderful to meet so many new horse loving friends to explore, learn and laugh with!’

Globetrotting Castle & Estate Ride, Ireland - horse riding holidays

Rebecca Foltz

‘The Castle & Estate Ride was a fairytale wonderland from the castle to the spectacular grounds, the amazing horses, the delicious food and the helpful staff. I am so happy I booked this trip! I would do it again and again. Thank you so much, Globetrotting.’

Bernadette Kelly

‘The Castle & Estate Ride is an equestrian oasis combining luxury and relaxation with sensational food and amazing riding all tied up together in one delightfully satisfying package. Every day presented a new delight and a new reason to smile and be glad I was there. All the horses I rode were well educated and enjoyable to ride. Whether in flat work or jumping, they were safe, willing mounts. I fell in love with each of them. The instructors and guides were friendly and knowledgeable. The careful attention to detail when it came to looking after the horses and people was wonderful to see.’

Globetrotting horse riding holiday Kobuchizawa, Japan

Judith Morrison

‘The Kobuchizawa ride in Japan is not to be missed! A surreal, dreamy experience – exquisite landscapes with cherry blossom trees everywhere, distant snow covered mountains, misty conifer forests, beautiful streams with mossy rocks, wonderful horses, hosts and friends riding together. A must for anyone who loves horses and beautiful landscapes.’

Globetrotting horse riding holiday Shell, Wyoming, USA

Zac Houston

‘I cannot express how great this experience was – it exceeded every last expectation I had!
From the minute I was picked up from the motel I was met with friendly smiling faces. Once you drive through the front gates, the realization sets in: you are somewhere very special in the world!
Every day was different and filled with exciting experiences. The diversity of the rides was amazing, including but not limited to creek crossings, mountain climbs and loping though open fields. No two days the same! There was even the opportunity to move cows and calves and ride with wild mustangs.
Every rider was treated as an individual and given extensive options when it came to what sort of riding they would like to do. Every horse was relaxed, happy to work and extremely well looked after. Tom does an amazing job of matching people with the right horse. The staff were all kind, respectful, and went out of their way to ensure their guests had the best time possible. The worst part of this ride was having to leave!’

Susanna Brown

‘This ride was so much more than I’d hoped it would be. I came on my own, but felt completely part of the group – all friendly, inspiring and interesting women. Jen and Jeremy took care of us like we were family, and have created a diverse and awesome itinerary not just of great riding, but of local food and wine experiences and meeting local people. And Jabberwocky was my beautiful, willing, four-legged partner every day!’

Jennifer Joiner

‘Ahhhhh… trail riding in southern Spain.
This was my fourth Globetrotting ride and it was amazing!
I could talk forever about the Spanish food and wine, the gorgeous views, the charming, thoughtful and generous hosts BUT it was all about the horses… beautifully responsive to leg, wonderful temperament – forward moving when asked and yet responsive to the slightest touch on the bit.
Giles and Miranda have assembled and trained an outstanding group of horses who are much loved and much respected, and it shows. I couldn’t have enjoyed myself more.’

Anna King

‘What a wonderful week we had in Coin with Giles and Miranda! Such a beautiful place to explore on wonderfully schooled horses and a gorgeous place to relax and unwind. I would happily return for the food and ambience alone!’

Glenorchy Back Country Ride Globetrotting horse riding holidays New Zealand

Sherrilyn Roth

‘This was an amazing ride. I loved seeing such beautiful country that not everyone has the opportunity to see. The other riders were all great and we enjoyed each other’s company. The horses, the guides, the mountains – all of it was amazing, awe inspiring and great, great fun. I feel like I am a better rider from my five days on a horse in Glenorchy. I am not afraid to gallop, or ford a river, or ride up and down steep hills. I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend this ride.’

Globetrotting horse riding holiday in Costa Azul, Portugal

Anna King

‘Portugal and the Costa Azul will win your heart effortlessly. The friendliness of the Portuguese people, stunning scenery, beautiful food, and of course the gorgeous horses are a winning combination. I loved the peace and serenity of riding through the beautiful cork trees, along the beach with the waves from the Atlantic crashing on the shore or just meandering along the hills, enjoying the vista beyond. The Costa Azul ride in Portugal was a balm to my soul after the frenetic pace of Europe.’

Globetrotting horse riding holiday Maasai Mara, Kenya

Tracie Wilson

‘The Maasai Mara ride was beyond my wildest dreams. It’s impossible to describe how incredible the experience was, and I’ll never forget cantering alongside a herd of giraffe, feeling one with the group.
At times an adrenaline rush and at others simply joyous, and often achingly hilarious. My horse, the beautiful Pauline, was a true gem – so fit, surefooted, gentle-natured, responsive and calm amidst the chance of a charging elephant or buffalo. Our host, Imogen Voorspuy, and guide, Simon Kenyon, were outstanding. Nothing was too much trouble and every single thing imaginable was covered: hot water bottles, drinks and nibbles before an amazing two-course dinner, endless kindness and generosity, and laughs and thrills too. They worked non-stop and we all adored them.
Thank you so much, Globetrotting, for making this trip possible. Everything went smoothly, for which I’m very grateful.’

Globetrotting horse riding holiday The Camargue Ride, France

Janna Lewis

‘The Camargue Ride was AMAZING!! The hotel was on site – built in 1994 and much nicer than the pictures – our room was split level, cozy yet modern, and immaculate! The food was amazing and great care was taken to address my dietary requirements. Most importantly, the white horses of Camargue were AWESOME – sure footed no matter the weather, fearless and willing. We galloped through fields and on beaches and even helped herd some young bulls. Thank you so much, Kate and Laura! My sister and I cannot wait to do another one of these trips!’

Globetrotting horse riding holidays The Camargue Ride, France

Bernadette Kelly

‘The Camargue Ride surpassed every one of my expectations. For me, it was the unique, wild quality of the environment, the amazing Camargue horses and the superb accommodation that made this ride an absolute standout. My measure is always, ‘Would I go back?’ and my answer to this one is, ‘In a heartbeat’.’

Globetrotting horse riding holiday in The Camargue, France

Anna King

‘The Camargue Ride was one of the best Globetrotting rides I have ever been on!!! Whilst it may have partly been our lovely hosts, the delicious food, the stunning location and the luxurious 5 star accommodation, the Camargue horses are legendary for a reason. Phenomenal agility, speed and cattle sense combined with brave and intelligent personalities make these horses the true stars of the ride. Be it racing along the beach or chasing after the famous black bulls, the armchair-like Camargue saddles and trusty Camargue horses will give you an experience you will never forget. My little pocket rocket, Trés, and the Camargue will hold a special place in my heart forever.’

Globetrotting horse riding holiday in the Camargue, France

Renee Lewis

‘The Camargue ride was a wonderful sisters’ holiday for us! It was our first horseback holiday, and we can’t wait for our next. The horses were wonderful – surefooted, willing and responsive, and experiencing the Camargue horse culture was a treasure. The riding was varied and exciting, from beach rides to helping to work the cattle. The beach ride on the second day was especially beautiful with flamingo, heron, breaking waves, beach gallops and that lovely picnic in the pine woods. And oh… the food! It was so fun to experience it with the Camargue crew. We are hooked!
Reliving the memories until the next adventure. Thank you, Globetrotting family!’

The Sahara Ride, Morocco - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Jo Seery

‘What a fantastic experience to ride the sand dunes in Morocco with other Globetrotters. Galloping across the sand dunes in the early morning and again across the plains was WOW. Haven’t gone that fast for years! And walking the mountain pass and coming to that spectacular view was truly epic, as was the descent. So many magnificent views to take in and a great insight into local life in the villages as we rode through, stopping for water for the horses or local mandarins.
My little mare, Ayisha, was a star. The meals were awesome and I enjoyed them hugely. Riding the sand dunes was my favorite part – something I have never experienced.’


Desert Brumby Safari - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Becky Trilsbach

‘This experience would need to be explained by a poem, or a song. Or an interpretive dance (my fellow globetrotters will know what I’m talking about).
This is unlike anything you’ll ever do.
Something you’ll be proud of forever.
It will resonate in many other aspects of your life and you won’t forget it.
I’ve made bonds on this trip that I’ll have for life – to the people, the horses and most strongly, The Country.
Motivating, inspiring, enlightening.
An immersive journey.
Anyone serious about brumbies should find a way to be there!’

Globetrotting horse riding holiday British Columbia, Canada

Naomi Dolmatoff

‘Being my first Globetrotting experience, I had no real expectations and the ride in British Columbia blew my mind! The whole experience was just amazing. The accommodation was definitely better than I expected – very cosy and warm and great furnishings, which I really appreciate when travelling. The meals were impeccable and the staff were extremely warm and happy to help/keep us entertained. It was a wonderful experience and I will definitely be back.’

Joyleen McNulty

‘Don’t miss the Grape Horse Adventure! The most beautifully trained horses well matched to your riding skills, and a chance to learn more about these beautiful endurance horses. The food and wine experience was exceptional and you’ll have the two most hospitable hosts. You will feel very much at home in this wonderful country setting. Thank you, Jen and Jeremy, for a memorable week!’

Nicole de Garis

‘I’ve never ridden Quarter Horses before and was so excited to ride Western. And boy, what pocket rockets these horses were! The first two days I rode Cody, who was really responsive, easy to ride and loved to work. The last three days I rode Chester. What I loved the most about riding him was that when we were riding with the wild mustangs, his ears pricked in the direction where they were. He knew his kind were calling him. Magic!
As for the wranglers, they were amazing. We were actually talking the other night about how they made you feel so at home, and how lovely they all were. The accommodation was absolutely incredible, too – it far exceeded my expectations. And the food was fantastic, as well. I would definitely recommend this ride!’

horse riding holiday Grape Horse Adventure Globetrotting Barossa Valley South Australia

Janelle Coleman

‘My first Globetrotting experience has made me hungry for more. As a person who has owned horses most of my life I have finally found the next best thing to riding my own horses. I won’t risk any of the standard horse riding tour companies as I have been disappointed in the past. I trust Globetrotting to ensure that all their rides provide the highest standard of horses in terms of fitness and temperament and hosts who are professional, experienced, and treat both horses and clients as a priority. I’m so glad I finally did it!!’

Globetrotting horse riding holiday Glenorchy Back Country Ride, New Zealand

Desiree Charlesworth

‘The Glenorchy Back Country ride is a MUST DO ride.  Each day just got better – every scenic vision was amazing. The guides were up there with the best and went above and beyond for their clients. This ride is now equal favourite with my all-time high of the Namib Desert Ride… I didn’t think that would ever be possible. But this ride has everything, so it deserves it.’

Heather Wallach

‘I came to riding later in life. This ride introduced me to experiences I have never been exposed to previously. Partaking in activities such as barrel and flag racing and polocrosse increased my riding confidence. Fiona, Paul, Sally, Keith and all the team where so hospitable and friendly, making this a truly memorable experience.’

Annie Kilgour

‘A truly amazing ride! Our hosts, Jen and Jeremy, were fabulous, their horses were amazing, the scenery was breathtaking, the food and wine were oh so good, what more could you ask for! This ride has it all. Enjoyed every minute and would go again tomorrow!’

Annie Kilgour

‘Your website is easy to use, you are available to speak to whenever we feel the need, and you follow up, which is fantastic.
Also, you are all so passionate about each and every one of your holidays, and that enthusiasm passes onto your customers. I had been looking for a long time for a company like this and to find you here in Australia is fantastic! You guys are great and I love these holidays! Keep up the great work!

Sherri Hazzard

‘Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Jen and Jeremy and the Globetrotting team for hosting such a wonderful holiday on The Grape Horse Adventure in the Barossa Valley. It simply was amazing! It was a privilege to ride such beautiful horses. The scenery was spectacular, as was the food and wine. We had a fabulous group of people and I learnt so much about natural horsemanship. I hope to join the team on the Tassie Tiger Trail in the future.’

Globetrotting horse riding holiday dressage in Andalusia, Spain

Laurel Hosking

‘OMG this ride was so good! I had a brilliant time and met so many new faces, all with a common passion for riding. My ride was half dressage and half trail riding – which was a huge step for me as I’ve done very little dressage, but I learnt heaps, had lots of fun, and at no stage felt left out.

I was so nervous about travelling on my own but there was no need to be, everything was taken care of. The accommodation and food were brilliant and we were looked after so well.

Advice to others considering this ride: firstly, try to be riding fit – I was and it paid dividends; pack light and pack your sense of humour; and be prepared to have the best time possible.’


Globetroting horse riding holiday Catalonia

Merrita Coombe

‘So lucky we got to go on the exploratory ride in Catalonia, Spain with the Globetrotting team. I absolutely loved my horse, the guides were fantastic in every way, and the food was fabulous! So good to have local produce and wine at every meal. The picnics were particularly memorable! Such a dedicated, professional and fun group of people. I am definitely recommending Globetrotting to all of my friends and can’t wait for my next ride.’

Jane McDowell

‘A group of US career women, ranging from 30 to 60, from nervous beginners to old pros, from never left the country to seasoned travellers, most of whom had never met, decided on a whim to take the trip of a lifetime together – with Globetrotting. And WHAT A TRIP. Globetrotting listened, selected the ideal trip, held our hands, answered all our questions calmly and patiently, recommended outstanding guides, helped with extra curricular activities and followed up at each point of the trip. We enjoyed every second of our ride – and travelled home feeling as if we had conquered the world. THANK YOU, Globetrotting, for a simply incomparable CUSTOM experience. We will all be back.’

Margaret Poulter

‘I followed Globetrotting for 2 years before committing to my first ride, which was absolutely amazing! Horse care is number one priority for me, as well as pairing riders to horses. I have been so happy to find all the horses so well trained and so well cared for. I have now completed 2 Australian rides and this year will complete 2 overseas rides. I am feeling confident and excited, as I know these rides have been tested by the GT team, and I have every confidence I will have the time of my life and make amazing friends and memories.’

Lisa Harris

‘Globetrotting does the work and takes the guess factor out of choosing superlative rides all over the world. The quality of the hosting companies, the horses, the terrain, the safety, and the overall ‘wow’ experience is all checked out by this fantastic team, so all you have to do is choose one for yourself and relax. Having done two rides with GT and booked a third, I can’t see any reason to look further for our riding adventures.’

Ariane Pickering

‘For me, it’s all about trust. Trust that it is a reputable outfit you are riding with. Trust that the horses are well trained, well cared for and both mentally and physically fit. Trust that the accommodation will be as described and the food will be good. And trust that the guides will be fun, safety conscious and willing to help in any situation. I have done riding holidays arranged by 3 different organisations and Globetrotting is the only one I trust to ensure the perfect ride.’

Rebecca Clemmey

‘I refer people to you because you have personally ‘curated’ and test-ridden an amazing range of rides all over the world and there is something for everyone. I also like that where possible, an attempt has been made to accommodate non-riding partners. I love the helpful, enthusiastic people on the end of the phone or email – you know you’re in good hands when someone else is that excited for you!’

Sheryl Germany

‘Excellent customer service on every level. Horses and trips that you have personally been on and thus know they are great quality.
Unique trips that are not offered anywhere else. A genuine desire to provide the best of everything  giving all the info needed, offering options, taking our requests seriously.
The booking process and payment options make it easy.
What’s not to like!’

Allison Howard

‘I liked the abundance of information about the area of each ride, climate info, trek operators, gear lists. It makes the whole experience more enjoyable. You are so approachable and happily answer questions. You’ve done the treks so you can give a personal recommendation.’

Mary-Jane Pell

‘The GT difference is everything… from sending our info to the ride outfitters ahead of time so we get a perfectly matched horse, to packing lists, videos, the works. You engender trust. It would be easy to book a ride anywhere in the world and know we would be getting the best!’

Anastasia Miros

‘High quality service and authentic experiences for horse lovers. The service is timely, responsive and personable (i.e. building trust, ‘no request too big or small’, building community before, during and after the ride, and regular customer engagement). The experiences are authentic: the ride write-ups are believable and we know they have been road-tested, and there is a level of trust that it isn’t ‘over-exaggerated’ or a nose-to-tail ride.’

Claire Dennerley

‘It’s being able to trust that you’ll provide a quality experience that is true to your word – when you say ‘You’ll see glaciers’ – man… there were glaciers! Attention to detail (I can’t think of anything that hasn’t been considered!) and excellent service – essential to keep people happy!’

Jacqui Shannon

‘I enjoyed the information leading up to the ride, the emails, the group messages and the private Facebook group. No question is a silly question.
There is so much risk to take when booking a ride, especially as first timers, but once you get connected to the group, you get a sense of relief and the excitement kicks in. Everything is so well organised and surpasses your expectations. And the pairing of your horse is incredibly well done!
It’s definitely unique and very trustworthy to book a ride, as well as to continue your GT dreams and book future rides with friends made for life.’

Wendy Cobb

‘I loved your hands-on and personal approach to every detail. From experiencing the rides yourself, to the great detail provided for every trip, that not only includes the horses and country for each ride, but also information about the staff and the overall experience. The personal contact from the GT staff always made me feel extremely well looked after, with any question answered comprehensively. I’ve been on two GT trips and hope to do more, and most of all I love the way your love of each individual ride and experience shines through.’

Madison Allen

‘I especially loved the personal treatment that the company gives. The messages before the ride to see if we had any questions, the quick replies and just the general helpfulness and cheerfulness of you all.’

Globetrotting Sahara horse riding holiday in Morocco

Lee Powrie

‘Amazing, challenging, extraordinary. In every way. So many highlights: the view from the top of the pass when we walked our horses, the beauty of the sand dunes, the goats on the hill running up to us at the camp, the way my horse Zeina turned her head to me when she heard my voice as I walked up to her. So many times I felt I was in a time warp – back in old testament days, horses, desert, stones, sun, and not much else – a beauty so stark it was other worldly.’

Julie Aitken

‘I had the most amazing ride to Craig’s Hut in the Victorian High Country. The scenery and views were absolutely spectacular and our hosts Christian and Laura were fantastic. A huge thanks to all the staff Gwen, Lou, Sarah, Ray and Dean – they were the ones who made it happen for us every day, so thank you all very much, you did a fantastic job. And a huge thank you to all the guests on the ride – you were all lovely and made the trip most memorable and enjoyable.’

Michelle Klocek

‘My first Globetrotting experience, and I chose to do it in my home country. It was truly amazing. Jess and Bijmin are the most amazing young people, their horsemanship, care and local knowledge is exceptional – I just loved the two of them to bits. They are funny, clever, and were so patient and professional with everybody. They command respect without being overbearing, always happy. For me they came equal to our beautiful back yard. And they fed us to bursting every day!!! The weather gods didn’t exactly play fair, but that’s not unusual in our mountains, and when the rains stopped and the rivers dropped sufficiently to do safe crossings (river flow records were broken), Jess, Bijmin and Natalie guided us through some of the most stunning scenery in New Zealand. Put this ride on your to do list – you won’t regret it.’

Globetrotting horse riding holiday Margaret River

Roger Meulan

‘A big thanks to Paul and Fiona, Keith and Sally, the wonderful girls, Jack the dog and Rosie the kangaroo, who arrived most mornings for a snack. A truly wonderful experience.’

Globetrotting horse riding holiday Howqua River Ride, Victoria, Australia

Robyn Smith

‘I highly recommend this ride for people looking for a relatively easy ride with creature comforts and good food. The scenery was great and the horses worked well in a group. Michael did a good job with everyone – he was friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and safety was never compromised.’

meet a globetrotter

Elaine Herlihy

‘Trying polo was great fun and the full moon ride was very special. The guides and gauchos were lovely and great to ride out with. They were very good at looking after the group and the horses. It’s quite something to see the gauchos with their horses, and the bond between them. The pacey and varied rides were fantastic, and the horses were superb, beautifully trained and well cared for. I rode a different one every time, and all were great. My favourites were Chilenita, Rubia and Picante. If a week of total peace and quiet, clean air and excellent food and accommodation is your thing, with riding on superb horses thrown in, Sierras Chicas is the place to go.’

horse riding holiday Craig's Hut & High Country ride Victoria, Australia

Sharene & Russell Duncan

‘Every day on our ride was amazing and it is hard to think that any one day was better than another. Our hosts Christian and Laura are exceptional operators and we felt really comfortable with our guides. Their knowledge of the country and history was great and we loved listening to their stories of the High Country. All of our guides were attentive and always looking out for the riders’ safety and comfort. Their sense of fun and humour was second to none. There was heaps of banter, songs around the campfire and just plain good fun.
This was the first holiday that my husband and I have had alone together ever. It is hard to get him off our farm and away doing something we both enjoy. This ride was perfect. He is still showing people photos whether they want to see them or not. We are still struggling to get back to our ‘normal life’, and are most definitely planning to join the Kimberley Ride next year and are also looking at more rides the year after.’

horse riding holiday Glenorchy Back Country Ride New Zealand

Emily Perkins

‘The Glenorchy Back Country Ride was beyond all my expectations! The scenery was absolutely spectacular, photos and videos just don’t do it any justice. Upon meeting my horse, Slim Shady, I could tell my ride was going to be even more memorable.We clicked instantly and he was one of the best horses I’ve ever ridden. This was a very organized ride with Jess and Bijmin as our guides and cooks, they did a fantastic job and I cannot thank them enough! My favorite day was when we got to swim the horses in the lake. I’d never been swimming with a horse before, and experiencing this for the first time with amazing scenery was something I will never forget! I made some amazing friends along the way as well, and cannot wait to book my next ride! Rated 10/10.’

horse riding holiday in Sierras Chicas, Argentina

Claire Pollock

‘My ride in the Sierras Chicas, Argentina was fabulous. It was all amazing, however the polo days were a standout! The hosts, Lou and Kevin, went out of their way to ensure that I had a fantastic experience on the polo field. All the horses were fabulous, especially the Peruvian Pasos – so much fun. I wanted to bring a gaucho saddle home with me, they were amazingly comfortable, and the food and accommodation was amazing! You are certainly never going to go hungry whilst on this trip.’

horse riding holiday Margaret River

Jo Clemens

‘Every day of the Margaret River Ride was perfect. It was a special mother daughter bonding holiday. To be able to have one-on-one with my 13 year old daughter is extremely rare, so we both loved every second together, sharing our love of everything horsey.

We loved Jesters Flat glamping and the dining room. Paul and Fiona and Sally and Keith were lovely. We learnt so much about the bush, the area, history, culture, polocrosse, horses. Sally and Keith did an amazing job with feeding us all.

The horses were educated and fantastic. My daughter rode George, who was an absolute gentleman, and she fell in love with him after day 1. I rode Poppy. We had very similar personalities, so we got along perfectly and both loved the polocrosse!

Those 5 days with my daughter will be cherished forever. It is the start of many more special mini-breaks together.’

Sue Nittyaho

‘It has to be the trust factor. We know that all of the rides have been tested by you. Therefore we can book with confidence in the knowledge that we will have the best outfitters and guides, sure footed and cared for horses that are matched to our abilities and we can trust them. We don’t have to do the research… you already have.’

Roz Beinke

‘Every possible base is covered with lots of information so you can feel confident you are being looked after in every way. The rides are interestingly and often passionately explained in detail so anybody can feel confident that whatever is chosen, is as spot on as possible in this ever changing world.’

Jo Booth

‘I have made some friends for life (whether they want that I am not sure) and travel buddies whenever I need any. I am single no more in the travel sense. My bucket list is now endless and the planet has opened up in the most beautiful way. I get to see it from between a pair of horse’s ears.’

Sarah Mostyn

“The comprehensive communication in the lead up – extensive packing guides, details about what to expect on the ride and all the helpful tips from gear recommendations etc to the Facebook page as a way of communicating and sharing the experience with others.”

Rosemary Batty

‘The Victorian High Country on horseback has been on my bucket list for as long as I have lived in Australia (30 years). It was everything that I had hoped it would be and more. I am so pleased that I got to do this with such a professional outfit and I’m already planning my next trip with Christian, Laura and their team because I know I can trust and depend on them. They really care. Not just about the horses, but our experience too – they are very genuine and authentic and that makes the whole time you’re with them even more special. There were times when the sheer joy and beauty of the trip brought a lump to my throat – I didn’t want my 7 days to end.’

Tricia Huerta

‘Miles and miles of grapevines, incredible light filtering through the trees, and amazing wine by the barrel – probably what you’re expecting when you hear the word ‘Bordeaux’ – but now imagine you’re on a horse. TEN MILLION TIMES BETTER. Riding through the Bordeaux region with the Globetrotting crew and the local guides, every day is a surprise. You’ll think ‘It can’t get better,’ and then it does. From riding through centuries-old fortresses to galloping through a dense forest and picking grapes straight from the vineyards as you ride by, this ride will have you looking for real estate in the south of France before the week is out. Our hosts were beyond accommodating, and ran the program like a well-oiled machine. The horses were extremely well cared for and had plenty of personality to keep the ride interesting, with amazing boldness in the face of whatever was thrown at them – they didn’t put a hoof wrong. I recommend this trip not just for its delightful scenery and divine food and wine, but mostly for its hosts, as they have incredible stories to tell, care about their human and animal team, and clearly love what they do.’

Rebecca Clemmey

‘I really loved building a connection and understanding with my horse over the trip, starting with the obstacle course and daily groundwork, and culminating with flying down the beach.’

Jenny Horner

‘The Hidden Trails team work so incredibly hard for their guests. They never ceased to support the multitude of requests from sunrise (billy tea or coffee) to sunset (hot showers!).’

Julia Rietz

‘You will see things few have seen, experience things few will experience, and leave changed and inspired to see more of the world from the back of a horse.’

Meet a Globetrotter: Judy Calder - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Judy Calder

‘It was the most wonderful experience and one I will never forget. The group I travelled with were a lot of fun and looked after me, as I was the grandma of the group!’

Mary Clare Glasser

‘Great horses, breathtaking scenery, two amazing guides – Jess and Bijmin, good food, drink, and accommodation and perfect weather. The most memorable trip of a lifetime!’

Alanna Hughes

‘This holiday had everything you could ever want! Trail riding, cattle mustering, campdrafting, hanging by the fire with good people, eating like royalty.’

Madison Allen

‘This was my first time travelling solo on any holiday and I’m sure happy that I went for it. The people, the horses and the scenery were just amazing.’

Margie Baldock

‘This ride was endless fun. We were blessed to encounter a lively group riders who were all happy to enjoy a laugh. The scenery on was sublime and jaw-dropping, and having the ability to trot, canter and occasionally gallop through the French countryside was a real privilege. The wine tasting was lovely – we learned a lot and were introduced to delicious wines that we were able to enjoy over generous and yummy meals. The accommodation was varied and gave us the chance to interact with locals and experience a slice of their lives. Most remarkable of all were the horses. My horse, Qasino, was the most gentle-natured, willing Thoroughbred you could hope to meet. He did not put a hoof wrong and I felt he really enjoyed the journey as much as I did. He also liked to lead the pack when given the chance and was bulletproof to dogs and other noises we’d encounter on the road. Qasino stole my heart… he’s really a kind hearted horse and if you have the pleasure of riding him you will have a brilliant week.’

Claire Brown

‘What an amazing place to take a ride! The scenery is spectacular and varied. Our guides had amazing knowledge of horses, riding, Maori culture and New Zealand.

Monica Foster

‘Warm days. Rocky roads. Open flats. Beautiful horses. Amazing staff. Plenty of new friends. Amazing food. A few sneaky surprises. It’s impossible to sum up a trip like this.’

Lisa Dasko

‘Our vacation in Montana was absolutely fantastic. The food was gourmet special, the cabins were clean, comfortable and private, the horses were fit and well trained. Overall a 10/10 experience.’

Cynthia Maclaine

‘I have just ridden the Kimberly Ride and I’m missing it all so much. The scenery was beautiful. Our guides were so knowledgeable about the flora and fauna, and the history of the land. Just do it!’

Sharon Taylor

‘I learned a lot and gained a lot of confidence on this trip. It’s reignited my passion for riding, dusted off a few cobwebs and allowed me to overcome some personal challenges.’

Lara Peake

‘The Kimberley Ride was top shelf. Laura and Christian were delightful hosts and brilliantly supported by the ponies and backup crew, who were all most kind and willing.’

Beth Geraldene

‘From riding through beautiful fields of wild flowers to sitting among a herd of reindeer to watching traditional wrestling ring-side to sleeping in gurs, I found my happy place in Mongolia.’

Alyssa Brugman

‘This was the trip of a lifetime. The scenery was stunning, the horses were spectacular, the cattle work was challenging and exciting, but what made it really special was the people. They were the most gracious and patient hosts full of stories and jokes. Everyone was made to feel welcome and valued. This was a special place on the planet and one of the best experiences in my life. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.’

Alana Dyer

‘The best holiday I have ever had! Who would ever dream that they could sit on a horse having a drink in a bar – and have a photo to prove it!’

Kathie Eastway

‘What an experience! From swimming in pristine waterholes to camping under ancient boab trees, the Kimberley Ride was an amazing adventure.’

Bernie Irwin

‘My ride in Mongolia was a chance to have my childhood dream come true. I loved being able to ride like a 16 year old, standing up with your arms out, going for miles.’

Jen Yule

‘Everything about the Dressage Ride was great. Our hosts, the horses, dressage lessons, authentic home-cooked lunches, tapas in the old town of Carmona, our historic hotel, the flamenco show, and the countryside treks were fantastic. Every day was different, with a trip to the ride on the beach, a visit to Jerez’s Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art, a flamenco show in Seville, and much more. I can highly recommend this destination because it caters for all levels of riders, with such well trained Andalusian horses on which to experience dressage lessons and excellent Spanish crossbred horses for trail rides. Thank you, Globetrotting, for working with the very welcoming Garcia family.’

Natalie Threlfall

‘The Glenorchy Back Country Ride was AMAZING!! A wonderful experience I’ll never forget. Would recommend to anyone – 10/10.’

Jenny Somerset

‘I’m happy I chose this ride as the gentle trails were a lovely contrast to the fantastic lessons. I am a much better dressage rider now and my excellent schoolmaster horse made it all so simple. Fernando made us feel so welcome and the extra activities that were arranged made it really special. The staff were all so friendly and accomodating, they always tried their best to make us happy. I certainly chose the best ride for me. It was amazing.’

Glenda Johnston

‘This ride has to be one of the most wonderful and enjoyable weeks you could have with horses. Everything is 10/10. The estate is so beautiful and old, with amazing history. The Lodge is warm, comfortable, and has great service. The food is all top quality. The horses are all well trained and safe. It has everything that a jumping enthusiast could want. It doesn’t matter whether you are experienced or nervous, they cater for everyone. It really is an amazing ride.’

Dave and Alison Sandy

‘The Catalonia ride was exceptionally well organised. All the information we needed beforehand was provided and very useful. The horses were exceptionally well cared for and good to ride. The food was amazing and the accomodation was charming and comfortable. We rode though amazing scenery and beautiful countryside and had the opportunity to swim in fabulous mountain pools. I would have no hesitation in recommending this ride.’

Roz Beinke

‘I loved this ride! We had a ball on sturdy, strong and responsive grey Camargue horses who galloped over all terrain – along wild and remote beaches, over muddy saltbushes, with rain in our faces and feeling oh so alive! The bulls were small and black but also fast, so watching the Gardians at work with them was great. The accommodation, food, service, and fellow riders just made this a fabulous cultural and historical experience. One of those rides I will remember forever.’

Bordeaux Wine Trail, France - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Debbie Tate

‘From the first minute to the last the trip was an absolute joy. The horses were much loved and very well cared for. They had lovely manners and were forward-going and responsive to the lightest of aids. The pace was varied, with some lovely canters, a few gallops and plenty of walking to take in the beautiful rolling countryside views. The saddles were very comfortable for the long hours we spent in them, with suede covered gel seat savers.

The food was delicious and each night’s accommodation was great. The guides were fabulous and couldn’t have done more for us. Each vineyard we visited was different and the tours were excellent. A fascinating insight into wine making in the Bordeaux region.’

Kat Spencer

‘Since I’ve come back from Iceland, whenever anyone asks me anything about it, all I can say is ‘amazing’. I find it so hard to put my feelings into words. Every single part of the holiday was incredible. The horses were beautiful little beings with such character, who gave everything they had for you – they taught me to trust again. The landscape is awesome, so enormous it makes you feel very small and insignificant. The people were so friendly, knowledgeable and passionate about their country. I absolutely loved Iceland – amazing.’

Jenna Dombroski

”Sumba is the perfect balance of wild and luxury. No words can describe how beautiful this place is – the vibe is amazing.’

Kat Spencer

‘All I can say is ‘amazing’. I find it so hard to put my feelings into words. Every single part of this holiday was incredible.’

Rhana Burgess

‘This was my first Globetrotting experience. It was totally exhilarating – and I will be sure to book another ride!!!’

Sally Boardman

‘What a trip! Completely immersed in Mongolian culture, incredible landscapes, beautiful, friendly people and magnificent horses.’

horse riding safari in the Maasai Mara, Kenya

Emma Heath

‘Words just don’t do this trip justice. AT ALL! It feels like a cliche, but I am still pinching myself that this trip actually happened.’

Kimberly Santsche

‘The ride of a lifetime, the best experience I could ask for. Would love to go again next week!!’

Kate Joiner

‘The Grape Horse Adventure was excellent. Jeremy and Jen have created a well thought-through itinerary which provides great entertainment and experiences.’

Kathy Edgell

‘Everyone in Iceland was friendly, helpful and wonderful. Each horse has his/her own personality and I enjoyed changing horses to experience so many.’

Dianne Cordin

‘The Montana ride was one of those lifetime experiences where the views were endless, the food was outstanding, the staff were friendly and the horses were well tended.’

Angela Gazey

‘The Mongolia ride was amazing! Every second was incredible!’

Julie Glynn

‘There are some places in the world that are best experienced on a horse and with like minded friends, but knowing how and where to go in the world can prevent you from fulfilling that experience. Globetrotting took out all the homework involved. My ride through the Pyrenees mountains and rural villages of Catalonia was such a unique experience and everything was taken care of for me. The trip even included like minded friends – I just hadn’t met them until I got there!’

Michelle Geddes

‘Our Montana ride was everything we had hoped for and more. The wranglers were so helpful, the horses were wonderful and the food was superb.’

Sarah Leonard

‘The land felt so ancient and untouched and I feel like the luckiest girl alive to be able to have explored such an extraordinary place on a very special horse.’

Diane Atwood

‘The special beauty of Wyoming and the Big Horn Mountains are showcased in an unforgettable way on this ride. You will be challenged to the max with long days in the saddle, and learn a lot about the American West. The Kerns family is very hospitable and does a great job of weaving in storytelling about the history of the area. The campsites showcase some of the most beautiful spots in Wyoming, as well as some of the most historic. The other riders and professional wranglers make the trip a real bonding experience – and the sturdy horses really earn your trust in the mountains.’

Penny Richards

‘I had the most amazing journey with the Desert Brumby Safari. I learned so much about horsemanship, horse behavior and a lot about myself along the way.’

Katrina Rosier

‘Wonderful experience, beautiful setting, the meals and the accommodation were outstanding. Every little detail or item needed was available to us.’

Leticia Brown

‘From the food to my swag to my horse, every bit of this experience was amazing. The whole trip was coordinated perfectly and the horses were absolutely amazing.’

Anastasia Miros

‘I am unable to leave a testimonial which sufficiently (or even remotely) describes the beauty and wonder of Iceland. It leaves me speechless. Photos do reality an injustice! I still experience goosebumps upon reflection of tölting alongside a 70+ strong herd of Icelandic horses through black-stone moonscapes, whimsical green fields and relentless glacial rivers. Since returning home, I feel like an abstaining addict who thinks/talks/blurts chronically of the people, places and horses (not ponies) of this awe-inspiring and mesmerising experience, itching to return. Here’s hoping – I just might!’

Jessica Malcom

‘My highlights would have to be galloping through the magic pine forests and enjoying some amazing views, food and wine with a great bunch of people!’

Wendy Macken

‘This would have to be the best riding adventure in the world. It has been the most exciting experience of my life. The balance of physical challenges and luxury living makes this ride a standout and is without doubt a ‘must do’ trip for the experienced rider. The accommodation and food was first class. The permanent tents could feature in ‘Home Beautiful’ and were set in idyllic locations. The wildlife in the delta ensures excitement around every bend, but the guides are always there to help and assist… I never felt unsafe. Images of Jurassic Park kept coming to mind as we quietly backed away from a herd of buffalo or a bull elephant, but it was this thrilling experience that made this ride so unforgettable. Africa is truly a magical place and I suspect Botswana is the jewel in the crown.’

Ainslie Maher

‘This ride was absolutely AMAZEBALLS! Starting with the awesome crew, home cooked meals, and mountain huts. The crew was super efficient, very friendly and ran a tight ship. The Icelandic horses were the best horses I’ve ever ridden. So tough, intelligent and extremely well behaved. I always felt safe. I am totally in love with them and devastated I couldn’t pack several of them in my suitcase to bring home. The scenery was AH-MAAAZ-ING! One minute it’s grassy plains for days, the next it’s totally volcanic, then a giant glacier, then mountains and rivers. Every day was something totally different and exciting. I never got bored. 20 out of 10!’

Grace Pitts

“Had a blast on the British Columbia ride, I cannot recommend it highly enough! The hosts and staff were all amazing, the horses were adorable, well looked after and confident on the local terrain!”

Marnie Philips & Antony Spielvogel

‘Be it climbing a mountain to 10,000 feet and seeing the last snow of the season, or rounding up cattle for a day on our gorgeous horses, this was an unforgettable adventure.’

Jennifer Joiner

“The perfect ride… beautiful scenery, great horses, wonderful food and copious amounts of wine.”

Catherine Garrard

‘I don’t even know where to begin, what an absolutely amazing adventure! Words or photos don’t even do it justice – just breathtaking. I’m 100% booking in again for next year. The food is absolutely amazing, and your hosts Dana and Alice and their family are just beautiful. I honestly had the time of my life.
Things I’ll take next year: my own Drizabone, two thermal water bottles as it’s quite hot, chaps, riding gloves, and three back-up battery phone chargers because I love taking photos!’

Heath & Shannon Hartwell

‘The best thing was having great horses and comfortable tack. It felt like we got to experience the real Kimberley, not just a blur as we would in a car.’

Chloe Hayward

‘Bucket list, ticked. It not only lived up to all my expectations but exceeded them.’

Clare Dingle

“The Barossa Grape Horse Adventure was magnificent! A perfect horsey indulgence.”

Nena Hicks

‘This is a unique experience and excellent value for money. You will learn a lot about a special part of Australia and a lot about yourself.’

Lisa Anderson

‘What a great trip, really felt like I got away from it all! Would do it again in a heartbeat.’

Lisa Hughes

‘Camping out under the stars, breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, swimming in thermal springs and billabongs, great food, horses, hosts and company… 10/10.’

Jo Fitzpatrick

“Thank you everyone who was a part of this week, I will remember it fondly forever.”

Debbie Bailey

“New friends, amazing experiences living on top of a mountain, then there’s the horses. AMAZING!”

Millie Brown

“I can highly recommend this ride to anyone who loves horses, camping and the Australian outback.”

Lisa Murnane

“The best trip yet! I cannot recommend this ride highly enough.”

Lyndal Mellefont

“Every day of The Kimberley Ride was great! I am seriously asking myself why I didn’t do this sooner.”

Jennifer Joiner

“An absolutely brilliant combination of wonderful riding against the background of stunning scenery and an immersion into Japanese culture.”

Anne Cowell

“Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation that I had this opportunity. I would return in a heartbeat.”

Jo Booth

“Wowsers! I loved, loved, LOVED this ride. Is 6 stars out of 5 ok?”

Rachel and Robert Bridger

“An amazing way to see an amazing place… it doesn’t get much more stunning than the Kimberley.”

Susie Davison

“The ride with Jen and Jeremy has given me a life long memory to be privileged to experience such beautiful, well trained horses whilst seeing magnificent parts of Australia.”

Fiona Bennett

“We came away from the ride feeling that the whole week was a bit of a life changer! We are going back next year.”

Emma Stein

“A wonderful cocktail of beautiful horses, stunning scenery, great company and laughter, lovely meals and time spent out of the saddle in the wineries. “

Penny Wilson

“Stunning scenery, great camaraderie, AMAZING food, unforgettable sunsets and unique experiences.”

Sandy Marshall

“The ride itself, wow. Swimming in billabongs, hot streams, showering ‘out bush’ and sleeping under the stars were some experiences that won’t be repeated for a long time.”

Dana Quah-Smith

“The changing scenery, surefooted horses and friendly guides, as well as great camping spots and delicious food made for a fantastic first riding holiday!”

Gemma McAuley

“This was my first visit to Queensland and I couldn’t have chosen a better holiday than this outback ride of a lifetime!”

Lisa Laing

“I loved every minute of this experience!”

Kelli Clark

“I honestly can’t say enough positive things about Jen and Jeremy. They were both knowledgeable and supportive. How lucky are they to be able to live their passion!”

Laura Reid

“I cannot think of better way to experience Japan and I’d go back in a heartbeat!”

Lisel Avey

“This was a truly unique experience!”

Alana Winsor

“The scenery was just gorgeous in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast!”

Katie Quarles

“The Goomboorian Campdraft ride truly was a special trip!”

Kaye Bracken

“Riding in Japan was a unique experience!”

Jane Walker & family

“An experience our family will never forget. From our trusty, well matched horses, Toby, Sandy, Kin Kin and Scout, to the “best guide ever”, Alex Watson, we couldn’t have wished for a better trip.”

Kim Bourke

“If you love riding soft, well mannered horses, enjoy good food and wine and plenty of it, and also some of South Australia’s history I highly recommend this tour.”

Kaye Bracken

“Riding through the vineyards, the forest, cantering up hills, trotting – everything was really great!”

Bridget Holdar

“Excellent service, food, horses, guides, and the scenery was amazing!”

Lieu Chi Nguyen

“The Goomboorian Campdraft Ride was wonderful from the horses to the trail rides to the campdraft clinic at the end of the trip!”

Anna Blackley

“The quality of horses, accommodation & meals are second to none!”

Mel Fairbanks

“Amazing experience, horses were fabulous, as were our wonderful hosts Paul, Fiona and the whole team!”

Sue Leitner

“The Patagonian Trail exceeded all expectations, we were so well looked after, it was a true holiday!”

Jessica Macchio


Mazz Webb

“Riding the Glenorchy back country is exhilarating!”

Louise Spencer

“Paul and Fiona were absolutely lovely hosts as well as the staff. Nothing was ever a problem and they were all really happy to have a chat!”

Claire Dennerley

“I knew this trek would be special, but there was no way of imagining how phenomenal it would be!”

Merete Bjerring

“The ride itself was well planned through beautiful mountainous areas with plenty of river crossings, and trot and cantering opportunities!”

Belinda West

“Such an adventure! Everything was 100% top notch!”

Maureen Rolls

“Best value for money holiday we’ve ever had!”

Georgia Holmes

“Every day was magical; the scenery was spectacular, the weather held out for us, I couldn’t have asked for anything more!”

Margaret Mooney

“If there was just one word to sum up this experience it would be EXHILARATING!”

John and Carla Codispoti

“The crew on our ride were fantastic and always available to assist when needed!”

Wendy Cobb

“If you want to ride into a simply magical part of New Zealand on the back of a strong, willing horse – then this ride is for you!”

Katrina Lee

“I loved it! It was just amazing! Beautiful scenery all day, every day. Being and feeling like you were on the edge of the earth was just amazing!”

Vicki Smith

“Every day was amazing and the visual memories will stay forever!”

Jo Booth

“What an amazing way to see beautiful Tasmania; through a pair of beautiful Arab ears!”

Regina Kimpton

“This is an incredible experience and a wonderful way to see such a pristine part of our world!”

Karen Casey

“WOW – what an amazing adventure!”

Melissa Baker

“Our guides Jess, Shaun and Mel were WONDERFUL!!! Friendly, knowledgeable, and they went above and beyond to make it a spectacular experience. They are an absolute asset to Glenorchy High Country.”

Bradley and Kerryn Piggott

“The seven days we spent with our six new riding friends, the amazing guides and all the base and fly camp team was not just a riding holiday but a life-changing experience that will remain with us forever!”

Rachel Meek

“Loved every minute!”

Kathleen Barker

“Riding the sweet and sure-footed ‘Twinkle’ along bush trails, beaches and in forests full of ferns and purple thistles were highlights!”

Kym Joseph

” Guides (Jess, Bjimin and Ruth) were amazing and perfect for the job!”

Dawn Luscombe

“Do not hesitate to book this ride ASAP!”

Christine Kerr

“The accommodation was perfect and we ate and drank extremely well!”

Lynda Barnes

“The meals were outstanding, we had everything we needed and more!”

Annie Livermore

“Andrew McCarthy our host was perfect! The food totally exceeded my expectations and the campsites were amazing and comfortable!”


Celia Campbell

“This trip was non-stop fun and adventure from the beginning to end. I highly recommend it to anyone who’s thinking about it!”

Beth Forbes

“If you are looking for an experience to learn about horsemanship, cattle work and the sport of campdrafting then this trip is a must. I highly recommend it!”

Anne-Marie Stewart

“Every day was absolutely unreal!”

Maria Thygesen

“It was fabulous: location, hosts, accommodation and food and lucked out with an amazing group of riders, all women!”

Katja Gordon

“Jenny and Jeremy are lovely and extremely knowledgeable!”

David Moffat

“Each day added to the whole experience. The lessons on horse handling were the highlight!”

Vanessa Corry

“The guides were amazing, so knowledgeable, hardworking and made the ride the best experience ever!”

Jo Burke

“The best experience ever that I will never forget!”

Sophie Parkhill

“The whole trip was spectacular!”

Angela Gazey

“Jen and Jeremy were amazing guides!”

Allison Howard

“Deana, Casey and Gilly all helped make sure our trek was memorable!”

Margie Baldock

“This ride is sensational!”

Christine Coates

“The Glenorchy ride was my first Globetrotting adventure and one of the best experiences of my life!”

Cathryn Connors

“I was able to get back to nature and enjoy the simple things in life!”

Megan Lloyd

“The trails were amazing and the support staff were a very high-quality of service level.”

Irina Lerner

“The Tassie Tiger Trail was the most amazing holiday I’ve been on!”

Kelly Daniels

“The meals were SUPERB! Who knew camp food could be so good.”

Emily Alexander

“New Zealand has to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. The sights were breathtaking, and what better way to experience it than on a reliable steed!”

Mary-Jane Pell

“Do it!”

Clarissa Smith

“What an amazing experience! This would have to go down as one of the best holidays ever!”

Casey Holton

“Every day was different and each day was amazing!”

Julie Horner

“Target and Donna were both in excellent condition and well built and trained for the High Country experience!”

Renee Thompson

“I had an absolute blast on the Craig’s Hut and High Country Ride!”

Julie Clark

“Amazing horse riding country to traverse, willing horses, fabulous guides – great cooks too! Cozy accommodation and OMG scenery.”

Nicole Melhem

“The 6 day Craig’s Hut and High Country Ride was amazing!”

Charlotte Shields

“Moonlight is the best horse I have ever ridden – like a butterfly to ride!”

Erin Mclachlan

“The Tassie Tiger Trail was the highlight of our year!”

Jasmine Foxlee

“The ride has reignited my love of horses!”

Julie Debono

“Every day had its own “wow” moment!!”

Virginia Tropeano

“The countryside we rode through was absolutely breathtaking and there was an amazing photo in every direction you looked!”

Stacey Waters

“The Glenorchy ride was all kinds of spectacular. The countryside was amazing – just when you thought it couldn’t get better, it did!”

Helinka Kelly

“Riding through Paradise was heaven!”

Erin Harriott

“This riding trek was an experience like no other!”

Mel and Darren Pugh

“We really looked forward to this holiday and it lived up to all expectations!”

Leighaire and Glenn Casboult

“Best horse riding we have ever done!”

Debby Sharbaugh

“Everything was stand-out excellent!”

Bernadette Kelly

“The Tassie Tiger Trail was a truly first class experience!”

Lauren Calleja

“It was a terrific ride and a great way to explore Tassie!”

Angie Philips

“The Glenorchy ride was spectacular!”

Fiona Hainsespettet

“Graeme and I loved the Glenorchy Back Country Ride! The most beautiful scenery, great horses and excellent food!”

Lucy Dyball

“If you are looking for a ride with scenery that will leave you lost for words then this is the ride for you!”

Kristen Edge

“Riding across glacial-fed rivers, weaving our way through valleys surrounded by towering mountains and breathtaking scenery at every turn made me proud to be a Kiwi!”

Carmel Perrott

“The whole ride was a stand-out experience – the amazing scenery, the guides and the horses!”

Beverley Ballinger

“Our horses on the Glenorchy Back Country Ride were sure-footed, reliable and knew their job well. I loved the long canters but there was never any pressure on riders to move at the same pace!”

Therese Quinn

“This was a dream come true for me as it has been on my bucket list for years!”

David Wallace

“The scenery took our collective breath away at every turn but that was only a part of the Glenorchy experience. This has to be the best-run tour I’ve ever done!”

Kerry Humble

“I couldn’t have asked for a better organised and more spectacular setting to ride through with like-minded people on such willing and beautiful animals.”

Meredith White

“Riding the horses to the river and swimming in our riding gear! So beautiful!”

Laura White

“Many laughs, beautiful food and fantastic knowledgeable guides. Cantering through across the Howqua River was definitely a highlight.”

Sherril Ball

“I would highly recommend this ride; great horses, fabulous food and lovely people!”

Helen Adams

“Every day was a stand-out!”

Jacqui Blake

“We’d highly recommend this to anyone who likes horses and adventure!”

Jenn de Carvalho

“This was the ride of a lifetime!”

Holly Butcher

“The location, food, company and wine was all just perfect!”

Jennifer West

“I would highly recommend this trip to anyone looking for a fun ride with some good fast-paced intervals.”

Pam and Max Goldsmith

“As we expected the riding, horses, hospitality and the clinic were all superb.”

Liz Elliott

“Every day was great with all the incredible views!”

Lieu Chi Nguyen

“Paul and his staff were always there and I loved especially that there was always a member of staff at the back to assist.”

Susie Edwards

“This ride was one – if not ‘the’ – highlight of my life. I am hooked!”

Sylvia Olney

“If you’ve been thinking about doing this ride, I would say just do it, you won’t regret it!”

Judy Gannon

“If you are a horse trekking enthusiast the Glenorchy Back Country Ride in New Zealand is not to be missed!”

Sally Westren

“If I could sum up the Glenorchy Back Country Ride in one word it would be EPIC!”

Ashley Marr

“In just 5 days I had the holiday of a lifetime, which was spent exploring endless breathtaking scenery with trusty steeds and new horsey friends.”

Jill Gibson

“Couldn’t have asked for better guides, their knowledge and our safety was tops.”

Lisa Murnane

“Loved my Margaret River Ride Globetrotting holiday. Definitely a ‘must do’ ride with beautifully cared for horses and property.”

Marta Bonzanini

“This is the best holiday I’ve had in years. I truly enjoyed every minute of it!”

Kyle & Terry Wightman

‘Everything was simply perfect! The accommodation was amazing in the superb log cabins, the food was extremely varied, delicious and plentiful, and what amazing wines. The horses were well educated, could canter with ease on a loose rein, and were very fit, with wonderful temperaments. The guides were very experienced, helpful at all times and made our stay very memorable. I learnt so much from them about the horses, the environment and the country in general. A world class experience that globetrotters should seriously consider doing.’

Frank Sanderson & Alison Wood

“We had a wonderful time in Canada. The people, the horses, the accommodation, the food and the stunning scenery were awesome. We would recommend this ride to anyone.”

Jennifer Wray

“Beach day was great – the freedom of a smaller group really added to it, but all the days were good.”

Niccola Phillips

“This trip changed me. My mare Peso taught me that there was nothing to be afraid of.”

Miranda McCarthy

“The entire Golden Eagle Festival was a spectacle to behold.”

Anne Smerdon

“A life changing experience. Our guides and Globetrotting had thought of every possible thing that could make the trip more comfortable, more enjoyable and relaxing.”

Monica Foster

“There are not enough words in the thesaurus to describe how amazing the Margaret River Ride is!

Lee Powrie

“All in all a WONDERFUL, wonderful time!”

Margaret Poulter

“The whole experience was unique and unforgettable!”

Celia Campbell

“The Tassie Tiger Trail has got to be the best ride out there! Jen and Jeremy and their team of horses were an absolute pleasure to spend time with.”

Olivia Benefield

“Paul and Fiona were fantastic, as were all their staff. I’ve never found a horse riding operation where the staff were so happy and had such good rapport with one another.”

Leanne Ricardo

“I highly recommend the Margaret River Ride, you will not be disappointed.”

Deborah Pruden

“Our hosts and guide were fabulous. Accommodation and meals were all top notch. Alex and Bec are lovely people with a wealth of knowledge about the area, its wildlife and vegetation.”

Beany Panya

“What a truly breathtaking trip this was. Such an amazing, uninterrupted, panoramic and picture-postcard place to remember for life.”

Leanne Pitcher

“Loved all the uphill and open field canters, the incredible scenery and the wonderful food. Can’t recommend this ride highly enough.”

Tash O'Mara

“Nothing short of incredible. A truly memorable experience, with wonderful friends made along the way. Don’t pass up the opportunity!”

Madeline Knight

“We loved it all and loved the welcoming feel that everyone gave.”

Big Horn Cattle Drive - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Greg & Jane Teakle

This ride is every thing you imagine it to be. Starting at about 9,000 feet up in the mountains, we were tasked with gathering the cows and calves from their summer pastures and moving them back down off the mountain so they could be better tended to over the winter. We teamed up with keen riders from Israel, Austria, Norway, and the U.S. Our horses were tough and surefooted, well adapted to the altitude and terrain. The level of service from our hosts was first class. The wranglers were friendly and knew their trade, and a warm and friendly atmosphere pervaded for the entire week. The evenings were always full of shenanigans and merriment and, on our trip, a colourful exchange of accents. For me, the highlights were the full days of riding along pine tree ridge lines, across lush valley floors and flowing streams, filling our water bottles up from icy cold springs, descending steep mountain trails and enjoying the novelty of riding in the snow.
This has been our first Globetrotting adventure and I can guarantee it won’t be our last.’

Margaret Mooney

“Amazing and breathtakingly beautiful scenery! Horses who were responsive and knew their job. Fantastic accomodation and lots of really good food!”

Belinda Grimes

“Take me back! We didn’t want to leave – seriously… and immediately after leaving, we were having withdrawals… I couldn’t recommend it more, and can’t wait to go back.”

Ian Underhill

“Incredible scenery, amazing accommodation, fabulous food and salt of the earth locals whose hospitality genuinely made this experience the best time away on horseback. Totally awesome!”

Karena Smith

“I had every confidence this trip was going to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It certainly was! Absolutely worth every penny.”

Lisa Matthews

“I thought it was good value for money as Karen has ensured that her team has provided what felt like a once in a life time experience.”

Tracy Malone

“The food is excellent, the wine is even better and the setting is to die for! Paul and Fiona were so accommodating to each of our needs.”

Pauline Crawford

“We arrived as clients and left as friends – and we will all be back!”

Vanessa Peltier

“Best hosts ever! Fiona is so gorgeous and kind, Paul so friendly and funny.”

Meegan Bartell

“From the moment we got off the plane to the sad farewell on our last day, everything about this trip was perfect.”

Anne-Laure Laine

“The quality of this trip is above all expectations.”

Susan Nastasi

“Being part of a small group and riding all day was ideal for this holiday.”

Jenny Grimshaw

“The joy was the entire journey, everything was amazing. I liked to think it was the perfect triple ‘P’ – the People, the Places and the Ponies.”

Lisa Simons

“The horses where beautifully natured, gentle, and with a spark when we got to canter.”

Maryanne Zarth

“All the horses were amazing… well educated, well mannered, well fed, well cared for.”

Joanna Rathbone

“From never having been on a plane before to travelling overseas, I’m so glad I did thanks to Globetrotting and our fantastic guide Alex.”

Sandy Marshall

“The Noosa Bush and Beach Ride is a great way to start your Globetrotting experience.”

Louise Hunt

“Even in American Dollars this ride was extremely good value for money.”

Rachel & Bob Bridger

‘Get up close and personal with wildlife on horseback, with the opportunity to track herds to places where jeeps can’t go and plenty of time to sit and appreciate the sights. The mix of guides was perfect and the support team were fantastic. And for all those magical photo opportunities, there are plenty of chances to view game by jeep, boat, horse and on foot. A real sense of being in the animals’ world rather than on the edge of it. Just magical!’

Judith Kilby

“A wonderful cultural experience.”

Monique Galluzzo

“This ride exceeded all expectations, I don’t think anything will come close to comparing.”

Jo & Chloe McFarlane

“We loved Mongolia, beautiful people, wonderful hospitality, incredible scenery and amazing memories.”

Sue Petherbridge

“Everything was first class…very professional and lived up to my expectations. Thank you!”

Jan Little

“Globetrotting were great and kept us in the loop all the time with caring instructions. Will certainly sign up for another horse riding tour with Globetrotting.”

Julie Kerr

“This has been an amazing ride in spectacular country. It felt like all we did was eat and ride, eat and ride, which made for happy and exhausted riders.”

Rebecca Howell

“An amazing journey across the steppe where I just was totally relaxed and stress free. I would go back in a heartbeat.”

Sophie Kearney

“Loved every minute of the trip… can’t wait to go back!”

Katie Bradford

“Our epic Mongolian adventure lived up to all my dreams and then some.”

Irene Wynne

“Truly a remarkable journey and one I will be forever grateful to have had the opportunity to experience.”

Lisa Harris

“Do not pass up the opportunity if it presents itself – you won’t be disappointed!”

Meredith White

“Worth every cent!”

Jo Booth

“The food was exceptional, the staff funny and knowledgeable and my swag the warm retreat at the end of the day.”

Pam & Max Goldsmith

“A great ride with a great team and fine horses, we did not want it to end!”

Laura White

“Would do it again in a heartbeat!”

Sophie Peterson

“Loved my horse, Captain. Very well-trained and super responsive.”

Jennifer and Mark Joiner

“Catering by Lou was exceptional. Great food, lots of choice for picky eaters and beautifully presented.”

Cherraine Allison

“So many laughs, great memories and new friendships.”

Angie Burgess

“I cannot say enough good things about the whole experience.”

Samantha Philp

“Shazam (my horse) was fabulous. It was really kind of Laura to partner my friend Sophie and I with horses that got along well.”

Claire Brown

“To be able to have had the privilege of seeing this spectacular country on horseback is a dream come true.”

Kim Jenkins

‘The Noosa Bush and Beach Ride with Alex Watson was above and beyond my expectations! Don’t ponder about doing this ride – just book it!’

Vanessa Sykes

“The staff go above and beyond to deliver an experience that you will never forget.”

Neatie Malcolm

“All the horses were well educated and so surefooted and willing over such rough country, I was amazed.”

Danae Mansour

“This is the best way to see the Queensland hinterland. Just the ideal amount of riding every day. The food and accommodation are exceptional.”

Tara Bedwell

“The guides on our trip were incredible, and made sure our stay was the best it possibly could be.”

Marilyn Hayes

“This whole experience was truly amazing and if it weren’t for all the other tempting rides left to do, I’d want to do this one again.”

Kim Hildebrand

“This was the best guided ride I’ve been on – so much so that I’ve already booked in for the Craig’s Hut ride with Christian and Laura next January in Victoria.”

Jane Pink

“This was definitely worth the money for the location and what was offered to you, great value-for-money.”

Ally Duff

“The Montana ranch was just awe inspiring! The horses, the views, the people – an experience worth having for sure.”

Shenae Tilbee

“This experience exceeded all of my expectations!! The hospitality from Christian and Laura and their guides made you feel like part of the family!”

Robyn Strang

“It was sensational! I look forward to galloping off into the sunset on another Globetrotting ride!”

Mikaela Sherlock

“It was an absolutely amazing experience. Wonderful horses and wonderful people made the trip even better than one could imagine.”

Suzy Werry

“I was extremely impressed with the food, was absolutely awesome, very tasty and fit for any good restaurant.”

Helene Manger

“It was like travelling in a magic bubble, everything just flowed.”

Diane Jeffries

“Christian and Laura are a sensational team. They had our best interests at heart the whole time and did everything in their power to ensure our experience was fun, full and interesting.”

Sandy Hamilton

“There’s no better way to experience the real Kimberley outback than on the back of one of these purpose-bred hardy horses and under the guidance of people who live and breathe this part of our incredible country.”

Emma Whalan

“Everything about it was value for money.”

Terena Solomons

“Five fun days on fantastic horses with friendly hosts exploring the Margaret River forests, farms and vineyards. Fabulous local food and wine.”

Marnie Phillips

“The Kobuchizawa ride in Japan is absolutely wonderful – brilliant horses, amazing riding, terrific food, incredible and very flexible hosts, cultural experiences and jaw dropping scenery each and every day.”

Wendy Macken

“A fabulous way to see the heart and soul of the Kimberley. The hosts were fabulous and all the staff so helpful. I loved this trip and will never forget it.”

Deanne Terry

“Loved it and can’t wait to do another one.”

Gail Swadling

“The whole team was fantastic. Absolutely amazing.”

Glenda Johnston

“This is a great ride in a special part of remote Australia that not many people get to see.”

Terri Yang

“Every day was a holiday. So worth the money.”

Jill Severn

“Sally was amazing!!! Christian and Laura were so friendly and knowledgeable too.”

Emma Stein

“The atmosphere at Margaret River is special and addictive. I had a truly lovely time.”

Jo Mitchell

“Beautifully trained horses, knowledgeable and good humoured guides, and amazing scenery.”

Janine Hanks

“The Margaret River Ride crew were just fantastic. You won’t find better hosts in Australia.”

Bree Smithson

“Without a doubt the most soul enriching experience I’ve ever encountered.”

Helen Smyth

“A relaxed, fun, adventurous, fulfilling experience I most highly recommend.”

Michelle Huber

“Our ride in Botswana was amazing and the accommodation was top notch. The riding was intense from the get go, with long hours in the saddle but plenty of time left to enjoy non-riding activities. Cantering through the water was fantastic!”

Celia Campbell

“Horse riding in Japan during cherry blossom season was more incredible than I could have imagined.”

Jill Humphreys

“The kindness, communication and knowledge of the staff about the horses and the environment was first class.”

Dawn Luscombe

“It was a fabulous experience, making life-long memories and worth every cent!”

Anna Blackley

“Jen and Jeremy were fabulous. They take immaculate care of their animals.”

Cathrina Read

“It was such a pleasure to ride with Jeremy and Jen’s horses.”

Sasha Webb Ware

“The horses were a privilege to ride & really made the trip a success on every level.”

Michelle Davis

“The scenery and landscapes we traversed were amazing and I look forward to planning another adventure soon.”

Gay Leske

“It surpassed all expectations and as a single traveller this is definitely the way to see Australia and the world for that matter.”

Rosie Stroud

“A fantastic week exploring Tasmania on beautiful endurance horses. The scenery was beautiful, and Jen and Jeremy were wonderful guides.”

Elizabeth Palermo

“It’s the little things that make this holiday unique in every way and an experience of a lifetime!”

Keira Mott

“It was the best last minute booking I have ever made!”

Mel Scott

“This ride was absolutely fabulous in every way!”

Lisa Hewitt

“I can’t give enough praise for the staff – they were all fantastic and looked after you. Nothing was a problem!”

Linda Beales

“Everything was just as it should be – perfection!”

Belinda Burns

“The staff were lovely and I miss their smiling faces and general chit chat.”

Rachel & Tim Bock

“Thank you Globetrotting and Christian and Laura for making this trip into an unforgettable experience.”

Tracey Thompson

“What a great bunch of friendly, hospitable people. Would love to do another ride with them all!”

Jane Rae

“The whole crew looked after us well and made it an unforgettable holiday.”

Susana Zabaleta

“The experience simply cannot be put into words.”

Greg & Emma Lawson

“Lou’s food was amazing and the campfire and entertainment by Swampy topped the nights off!”

Lisa Pritt-Gordon

“I feel it was exceptional value for money.”

Veronica Smith

“A brilliant way to experience the wonderful high country of the South Island, New Zealand.”

Sue Leitner

“What an epic adventure and what an awesome lot of women. Friendships made and memories we will always treasure.”

Karen Sawyer

“Fantastic experience – got to be one of the best holidays ever!”

Jeanette Buchanan

“The staff… well just imagine everything wonderful and that is what they are – so helpful, caring, knowledgeable, they are worth their weight in gold!”

Penny Keeley

“Best. Holiday. Ever!!!”

Tracey Charles

“The whole experience was amazing. Good people, great horses and fantastic food.”

Tiffany Gale

“You fall in love with the horses, gain trust quickly, see stunning untouched Australian scenery and are looked after the moment you arrive.”

Jenny Bright

“We thoroughly enjoyed our spur of the moment adventure and I’m still dreaming of this magical place.”

Stacy Etheridge

“Jen and Jeremy were so welcoming, friendly and helpful. We were all made to feel like part of the family.”

Kim Bourke

“Having the chance to experience natural horsemanship and to experience a soft, responsive horse, no bit involved, was amazing.”

Sharon Rowles

“My recent Glenorchy Back Country Ride was nothing short of magical.”

Steven Johnson

“Patagonia is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Combine that with good food, good horses and great people, you couldn’t ask for more!”

Shaunna Kelly

“I fell in love with ‘my’ horse, Gamble! I told Duane and Deana that Gamble needed to come home with me to Australia.”

Vicki Anderson

“A fabulous ride and adventure thanks to Michael, the fabulous horses and the wrangler team.”

Oi Yee Adams

“The price of the ride is well worth the quality of the horses, the top-notch meals and accommodations. The camaraderie, the belly-wrenching laughs, and the memories gained are all priceless.”

Audrey Tan

“The Glenorchy Back Country Ride was INCREDIBLE! Beautiful horses, delicious food, terrific guides and priceless views! This is a ‘must do’ if you want to experience New Zealand on horseback.”

Carolyn Francis

“From our first ride at sunset on day 1, I knew this was going to be special. Jakob has set the bar high in regards to an experience of a lifetime.”

Sharon Watts

“Nothing short of amazing!”

Laura White

“Best holiday ever!”

Liz Crawshaw

“The food was fantastic. It was wholesome, hearty and varied.”

Margie Baldock

“All I can say is… GO FOR IT!!! You won’t regret it!”

Meredith White

“An uplifting adventure on great horses with delicious food, fun guides and breathtaking scenery.”

Jenny Caldwell

“My second Globetrotting ride in a year and I loved it once again!”

Margaret Mooney

“Each day had its own highlights but riding to the top of Fainters was pretty bloody good!”

Kay Bracken

“Everything about it was just really so wonderful – Jen and Jeremy were such wonderful hosts.”

Justin Edmunds

“Worth every cent!”

Jenna Wade

“The Glenorchy ride is a once in a lifetime experience. I loved every minute of it!”

Kate Fox

“The beach day was the best experience of my life. It was beautiful and was the best memory I will carry with me forever.”

Kate Lattey

“One of the best rides of my life! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this ride to anyone who wants to see what the NZ high country has to offer!”

Kody-Leigh Brechney

“The team was amazing and really made us feel like part of their family.”

Rebecca Clemmey

“An incredible week in an incredible country!”

Megan Warwick

“I loved everything from start to finish! I didn’t want to go home!”

Deb Snaith

“A stack of golden memories to freeze frame into lifelong memories.”

Tina Stafford

“The horses are made for trekking, the facilities are good and the guides are very knowledgeable and helpful.”

Stacey West

“Valleys, rivers, glaciers, glow worms, marshmallows – the Glenorchy Back Country Ride is the perfect holiday for the avid adventurer who also likes some home comforts.”

Julie Rodgers

“The Globetrotting experience was awesome. Kate has done an awesome job at picking great operators.”

Kim Brewer

“I would love to go again one day!”

Lanis Henriks

“Lou’s camp oven roast pork is to die for!!!”

Michelle Topper

“Simply outstanding. We loved every minute of our trip!”

Deb Sims

“From the time we enquired about the ride through to the very end it was a pleasurable experience.”

Mikayla Wilson

“It was an experience I will never forget and am missing already!”

Lauren Cromb

“Highlight of my life, no question!”

Meredith Bull

“I rode Old Man Diesel. He was a terrific steady fella so I enjoyed riding him. And I had the softest saddle in the world.”

Maddy Wilson

“The horses were in pristine condition when we arrived and when we left. I think that says a lot about a person who serves their horses before themselves, and that’s what the team did every day.”

Anne Sevior

“Worth every cent!”

Heather McNair

“Of the five Globetrotting rides I have done, this was by far my favourite. Worth every cent!”

Debbie McKenzie

“The test of a good ride can often be gauged by the withdrawal symptoms afterwards – and I want to go back!”

Anthony Tietze

“The food was good, varied and plentiful. The team was highly organised. On reflection I think it would be hard to improve upon.”

Kristen Sagar

“Christian, Swampy, Gwen-ann, Micko, Libby and Murray were amazing hosts and guides in every way.”

Theresa Tanzer

“My favourite part was riding to the top of Mt Stirling with the tendrils of fog rapidly overtaking us and the snow gums glowing eerily white on either side of the track.”

Christine Kerr

“I was over the moon with my little horse. Her name was Prancer. She was a beautiful bay Stock Horse mare. She lived up to her name, very willing and so dainty. Beautiful soft mouth and very responsive to seat and legs. We enjoyed each other, I think.”

Susan Wettenhall

“Christian and Laura have absolutely hit the nail on the head with this ride and their hospitality. My congratulations to you and your hard working team for providing this experience of a lifetime!”

Erica Neuman

“I wish to thank Christian and Laura, Micko, Gwenanne, Swampy, Libby and Murray for the best experience I have ever had on a horse ride.  You are an amazing crew, your eye for detail was terrific, customer service exceptional, caring and funny.  I cannot fault any of the last week, thank you, I will be back.”

Cindie Hughes

“This experience suits all types of riders, so if you have never ridden before, don’t worry – you will feel safe.”

Greer Taylor

“I absolutely loved my first Globetrotting experience and can’t wait to go on more like this one!”

Petra Yan

“The guides made the experience all the better with their positive attitudes, willingness to help, always happy, nothing was too much.”

Brenda Morgan

“The ride was beyond my expectations. I could do that ride again and again!”

David Brett

“All the days were great: fantastic views, good riding, excellent horses – exactly what we were after!”

Emma Roberson

“Jen and Jeremy were incredible. They know their horses and land and are very passionate about both.”

Fanny Michaud

‘I enjoyed every second of it, couldn’t stop smiling nor stop being mesmerised by the spectacular views. Be ready for 5 magical days!!’

Aini Tedesco

“Riding in Japan is a wonderful combination of lovely horses, friendly locals, spectacular scenery and delicious food.”

Georgie White

“I LOVED my first experience with Globetrotting and can’t wait to book the next one! Thanks so much to Kate and her team for making this such a wonderful experience.”

Annie McQualter

“I treasure the memories I have of the beautiful areas of Australia I got to ride through and the experiences I was able to have, as well as the friends I made on the ride.”


Julie Kerr

“This ride has it all: great hosts, horses, trails, accommodation and plenty of food. A great Australian outback experience and beach ride.”


Sarah Seah

“Loved every minute of the ride! Excellent horses and could not wish for more!”


Melissa Morrissey

“Laughter, great horses, fun people and nature – it doesn’t get any better! Globetrotting’s Noosa Bush and Beach Ride was all this and more.”

Kim Connor

“We would highly recommend this ride – it was fast and slow and everything we had hoped for… we saw all the wildlife we hoped to see and our guides were amazing.”

Lucy White

“It was wonderful to get away from everyday life and technology and just enjoy your surroundings on horseback. I would definitely look into doing some of the other Globetrotting adventures.”


Penny Ward

“Weather was beautiful, hosts knowledgeable and forthcoming, their staff friendly and helpful, accommodation and meals very good.”


Elaine Barbeler

This was an amazing ride in the Kimberley East region of WA, challenging but safe for those seeking an outback adventure.”

Jon Simmons

Very well organised, with accommodating and knowledgeable staff always willing to help.”

Siuyi Chia

“I think I left a piece of myself back in the Kimberley! This has been an experience of a lifetime.”


Michelle Gyde

“Well organised, well set up and the food was fantastic! Every day was something different, a real adventure.”


Phillip Coish

“Alex Watson was an excellent guide and host, and his organisational skills were extraordinary.”


Vicki Watt

“Our guides were fantastic and gave us the feeling of being part of the Mongolian families we met along the way.”


Jane Scarborough

“Adventure, dust, amazing horses, cantering through creeks and chilling in my own oasis… a must do!”



Robyn Woodbridge

“Big tick to level of service, knowledge of the environment and hospitality.”

Clinton Alcock

“A once in a lifetime experience. Great food. Guides were awesome.”

Linda Moore

“Mongolia is certainly the destination of the future. We both loved the culture, horses, landscape and the very friendly beautiful people.”

Georgia Vavasour

“Mongolia completely blew me away…the experiences, the people and the landscapes are indelibly etched on my memory.”

Caitlin Bourchier

“The horse I rode was amazing. If I could have fitted him into my suitcase I would have brought him home!”

Stacey West

“My favourite experience of the trip was the camaraderie between all the people in our crew – travellers and outfitter employees alike.”

Zoe Nicholls

“The accommodation, staff, food, horses, rides etc were truly amazing and surpassed all of my expectations.”

globetrotting client

Shubho Sengupta

“It was a really fun trip. Christian and Laura and everybody in the Hidden Trails team were nothing short of amazing!”

Kyle Wightman

“Christian and Laura Hayes run a superb riding experience over five days and nights in the Kimberley, one of the remotest, most rugged and harsh but beautiful parts of Australia. Christian is a superb and hard working horseman, chef, farrier, organiser and host. We had a wonderful riding and accommodation experience with Christian and Laura, and their friendly and competent team. The horses are also excellent. I was lucky to have had the opportunity to ride the excellent Rob Roy for the duration. He was forward moving and a great experience to ride.’

Karen Roberts

“This ride was a fantastic way to see country very few others get to see, with rugged landscapes, great food, comfy beds under the stars, tough and willing horses and great entertainment.”

Roger Goosey

“I went with my daughter and everybody said I was too old at 72 but I handled it really well. So don’t ever think you are too old if you would like to go!”

Kim Bourke

“The Noosa Bush & Beach Ride is a great break from the cold Victorian winter. Just the dose of sun, great company, excellent food and brave, sure footed horses that I needed.”

Cathy Fowler

“My favourite day was the beach ride… we could have kept going for hours!”

Peter Hewett

“It was a fantastic and fun trip. The McLeans were lovely, the staff were excellent and we had a ball.”

Monique Hewett

“The food was amazing! The guides were amazing! Kate from Globetrotting made the organisation a breeze!”

globetrotting client anne winning

Anne Winning

“The cherry blossom ride in Japan is a beautiful way to experience the superb hospitality of the Japanese people. The food, the scenery, the temples and the safe, kind and willing horses all contribute to a wonderful experience of this beautiful country and the friendly, helpful people.”

globetrotting client belinda moore

Belinda Moore

“The ride was AMAZING. So beautiful. Paulo was excellent, I’m so happy we chose this ride. Loved learning about the culture and the horses. I wanted to take a horse home with me, thought they would be great for mustering out here.”

Helen Xue

“The Tassie Tiger Trail was an absolute treat. You will be blown away by the hosts’ impeccable hospitality, the gourmet meals and the stunning landscape of the Apple Isle.”

globetrotting client

Lucinda Murray

“The Tassie trip was FANTASTIC!! I had such a great time. The horse I rode was Derby – he was such a great horse, he really took care of me and all the horses were really well taken care of.”

Rachel Bridger

“A fabulous few days: delightful hosts, beautiful horses, interesting rides, gorgeous scenery and yummy food. Even the weather was kind. All over too soon.”

Bruce Elliott

“It really was more than we expected. The scenery and overall experience in the Snowy Mountains was second to none. I hope to be back one day with my children.”

globetrotting feedback

Paul Boles

“I can’t speak highly enough about Michael and his team on this trip. Fantastic. What we thought was going to be a rough, rustic experience was far from that and the food was above our expectations.”

horse riding guest

Stacy Etheridge

“OMG the ride was amazing, I loved it and wish I was still there. I could easily have kept going for another five days.”

horse riding holiday guest

Megan & Josie Laver

“We had a wonderful time. The horses were great, the scenery amazing and each day different than the last. Just when we thought what could possibly top that, there was another incredible vista.”

Desiree Charlesworth

“The ride was fantastic, exactly what I needed to finish 2014 and start 2015. All of the horses were brilliant, and I bonded instantly with my lovely Thoroughbred mare Chillea. The weather, the countryside, the company, the accomodation and the food were all exceptional.”

Ali Barlow

“Everything was perfect – the food, horses and accommodation!  The horses were beautiful, well behaved, keen and perfectly suited to their respective riders. Thank you for organising such an amazing event.”

Lucy Dyball

“I had a lovely mare called Nellie who carried me around the countryside for the 5 days. Great temperament and well suited to my riding ability.  Would definitely recommend this ride to anyone interested in horses, picturesque landscapes, great food and meeting friendly people.  Ready to book my next Globetrotting trip!”

Katie Kube

“The trip was amazing. I rode a horse named Charlie who I loved. The group were so much fun and the scenery was beautiful.”

Michelle Hancock

“I had an absolute blast! That was by far the most memorable trip I have ever done, certainly my favourite holiday to date. I don’t have a single complaint, the horses were beautiful and well looked after, Michael and his team were amazing and the accommodation and food was spot on.”

Jennifer Birch

“This was a truly magical experience.  I absolutely loved the landscape, the wide open vistas and the snow-covered Andes on the horizon.  I rode the same horse the whole week, the beautiful Leticia.”

Sarina Stretton

“This would have to be one of the best holidays and riding experiences I’ve ever had in my life. I honestly have no complaints at all! I will certainly be recommending this ride to all my friends!”

Rachel Lewis

“I loved this ride. The game and riding exceeded all expectations. As a solo traveller I cannot thank Kate enough for all her kind support, advice and for helping make this happen.”

Sarah Coleman

“It really was an amazing holiday/challenge! For me, a little bit life changing I would say! Jen and Jeremy were just the loveliest people. So I got a chance to re-live a childhood dream in a way, and I couldn’t have chosen a better place to do it.”

Janet Lehmann

“Sal and I had a wonderful holiday. Jen and Jeremy are great hosts and the horses were a pleasure to ride. Riding in the cool of Tassie was very different from our hills and spinifex.”

Bonnie Clark

“A huge thank you to you too Kate, you’ve been incredibly helpful and informative right from my very first enquiry. I can’t wait to get  my savings in order and book my next ride with Globetrotting, I am hooked!!”

Julie Kerr

“We experienced on our Tassie ride everything from blue sky beach riding to
snow blizzards at the top of the mountain ranges. Jen, Jeremy and their
amazing horses made sure our adventure was more than we could ever have

Ian & Allanah Powell

“Jenny and Jeremy were the perfect hosts and welcomed us at Gem Farm like family.  They were so intuitive and had our trusty steeds matched to us perfectly.”

Lisa Murnane

“My ride was fabulous. My horse Ruby was matched perfectly to me. Jen and Jeremy were fabulous hosts. I found the natural horsemanship method particularly interesting.”

Michelle Morphett

“I really enjoyed the ride – the staff were great, very obliging and always service with a smile.”

Mick and Inga Connolly

“We just loved Mongolia, the country is just amazing and the people are beautiful. Mick and I had excellent horses, I wanted to bring mine home!”

Don Dummer

“It was a fantastic trip. I loved my horse, I called him Red Socks, tough and a good mover. All in all it was a great ride.”

Margot Alston & John Riordan

‘What a beautiful place the Okavanga Delta is!  We loved our time there, and as usual wished we could have stayed much longer. The lushness, the water, the plentiful animals, the beautiful natured, happy horses, terrific guides – they were really outstanding – accommodation, food… so glad we made the trip. We loved cantering through all that water, getting totally drenched, then drying out within minutes!  The weather was perfect and we are missing the sounds of the lions, hyenas and hippos at night – and the visits by the elephants walking right past our tent almost every night night, seeing their huge footprints near our steps as we came out in the morning to go to breakfast!’

Nathalie Wolfert

“We hit the jackpot with galloping with the wildebeest migration as that rarely happens apparently, but standing/walking so close to lions I would have never thought was possible. It was like a dream.”

Margaret Mooney

“The trip was wonderful! I’ve absolutely no complaints about the food or the wrangler, Davaa, who was terrific fun and very engaging, nor the horses, which were well cared for, willing and well behaved.”

Jill Gibson

“Jen and Jeremy are great people – they made me feel very welcome, the food was to die for and plentiful. I love their house and property, the horses are great and I’ve ridden many horses on different adventure rides.”

Helen Pecanek

The camaraderie among the riders and guides was exceptional, which made the whole trip a truly wonderful experience.”

Sally Lambell

“Globetrotting made booking my riding trip in Mongolia an easy and stress free experience. Kate kept in touch every step of the way to ensure that everything went smoothly.”

Donald Dummer

“If you love horses and love horse riding, put Mongolia on your list. It’s the best place to explore from the back of a horse.”

Suzy Werry

‘The Okavango horse safari experience was just amazing. The organisation was perfect, the team very friendly and knowledgeable and the horses lovely. It was the adventure of a lifetime and I will do it again – this lifetime!!’

Noel Walker

“An unforgettable African experience which surpassed all my expectations. To not only see so much wildlife but to be able to travel amongst them and experience their daily activity whilst glamping is going to be hard to beat.”

Lara Peake

“Join if you are prepared to sleep on the ground with frost on the swag and a howling wind then get up before dawn and ride on – I truly loved it.”

Monika Heim

“Jenny and Jeremy are very passionate about their horses and are equally passionate about ensuring everyone has a great time. No issue was too small to attend too.”

Melanie MacDonald

“Best horse riding experience ever. Fantastic hosts, smooth organisation, such a variety of riding environments and I learned so much from two truly talented horsemen/women!”

Hilary and Peter Ford

“We just had such fun, we were very lucky with a) the weather, b) Kris our guide, who was an absolute delight, c) some fab experiences with condors and the gaucho grabbing an armadillo and d) great company, lots of laughs and vino tinto!”

Pauline Cushing

‘The Gauchos were brilliant and Kris our guide was wonderful – so knowledgeable of the area, and he really looked after all of us.”

Mark Muller

“Great horses, great people, beautiful food and an amazing environment. Time spent on The Tassie Tiger Trail is time well spent.”

Helen Pecanek

“The camaraderie among the riders and guides was exceptional, which made the whole trip a truly wonderful experience. I will definitely plan for another Globetrotting adventure in the future.”

Toni Adams

“The backdrop for this ride is amazing and the animals even more so. We were lucky enough to canter alongside a herd of giraffe and to stand alongside a lioness and her cubs on a rock overlooking a gorge.”

Franziska Pilger

“The Tassie Tiger Trail was just beautiful! Friendly and knowledgeable guides. Healthy, well-trained and reliable horses. I will be back.”

Diane Baxendine

“Whether you have been riding all your life or whether you’ve hardly ridden before, this five day luxury riding experience is a ‘must do!’ This is the best riding holiday I have been on by far!”

Desiree Charlesworth

“The Namibia Desert Ride was the most ‘AWESOME’ and memorable thing I have ever done in my life.”

Debbie Walker

“I could not recommend Globetrotting more highly, from the pre trip preparation to the post trip customer service. I had an unbelievably wonderful, magical, awe-inspiring experience.”

Colin & Anne Baldock

“Anne and I enjoyed every moment of our adventure (and I do mean adventure) with Globetrotting. Our experience in Kenya was exceptional from arrival to exit.”

Bronwyn Hill

“The Namibia ride was a great experience. The company was great and Andrew, Sara-Jane and Tahlani were just terrific hosts and the horses were very well suited to all the riders.”

Annie Hicks

“The ride was absolutely amazing, as was Mongolia itself.  My horse, Bob, was a treasure, very responsive and so tough – makes our horses look a little precious I have to admit.”

Andy Eberle

“The holiday has been the best one of all my holidays so far. I like the type of horses, they were in very good condition. Everybody was friendly and helpful.”

Judy Blackwell

“Had a great time.  Jenny and Jeremy are perfect hosts.  Lovely horses, trails, wine and food plus our excursions with Jenny on the foodie trail.  Definitely keen to do another.”