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Feedback for 'Andalusia, Spain' Ride

The Andalusia ride, Spain, Globetrotting horse riding holidays.

Diane Boone

‘WOW is the word I use to describe my first Globetrotting experience. I have dreamt of visiting the Andalusia area for years, and riding with Globetrotting is the way to go. I adored the horses, the accommodation, and the hosts, Giles and Miranda; they are such beautiful people. Every detail was attended to, you only needed to ask, and it was so. We had the most wonderful visits to the towns of Malaga and Coin and hiked El Caminito del Rey. The private performance of horsemanship by the owners of Picadero El Rocio was magnificent, as were the beautiful Flamenco dancers, Hola! I made the most wonderful new friends on this trip of a lifetime. And again, I have to say, WOW’.

The Andalusia Ride, Spain, Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Nancy Parello

‘Our Andalusia Ride was spectacular. Our hosts, Miranda and Giles, were beyond accommodating – so helpful, responsive and a lot of fun to be around. The horses were fabulous and the trails were unlike any I have ever ridden before. The rides were just the right length for me, and different each day, but always with spectacular views, great trails and a good amount of trotting and cantering. Best of all, after the rides we returned to the ‘hacienda’: a lush tropical property complete with a pool and comfy chaise lounges. Perfect for relaxing after a long day. The accommodations far exceeded our expectations – very clean, comfortable and spacious, with all the modern conveniences. The extra-curricular activities were also wonderful, especially the private Flamenco performance on the last night. I highly recommend this total experience!’

The Andalusia Ride, Spain, Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Erin Creed

‘This was my first Globetrotting experience. I was excited and had high expectations, but this ride was beyond anything I could have imagined. Miranda and Giles are gems – they’re diamonds: warm, authentic, funny, kind and helpful. The small group of 6 guests was great, and I have made new horse friends for life. I came with two of my friends, and we are definitely closer now because of this experience. The horses are delightful, surefooted, well trained, and have lovely unique personalities. I opted to book a dressage lesson and the “lesson horse” was this big, beautiful, award-winning PRE stallion who was unlike any horse I have ridden before. I hadn’t done dressage in 25 years and by the end we had lovely long trots, flying changes, half passes, a Spanish walk and a piaffe. It felt SO cool! An experience I will never forget.’

Andalusia, Spain - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Amy Krone

‘This trip was terrific. The scenery was stunning, the hosts were incredibly kind, knowledgeable and accommodating, the meals were all beautiful, healthy and delicious and our accommodations were lovely. Then there were the horses…. I’m in love with Spanish horses! Surefooted and peppy, they were wonderful partners to carry us through the amazing hills, fields and olive groves. I rode Bandolero, and I wish I could take him home with me! He was everything I’ve always liked in my favorite horses, all rolled into one. I can’t imagine how this adventure could have been any better.’

Belinda Strickland

‘My daughter and I hadn’t had the opportunity to spend time together alone for over 10 years, and we had never been so very far away from home. I could never have imagined how greatly my expectations would be fulfilled, from the moment we were greeted by Miranda’s warm, smiling face, to the welcoming taxi drivers and tour guides who shared their extensive knowledge, to the most beautiful rides across Andalusia guided by Giles. We fell in love with our horses, who were extremely well-trained, honest, forgiving and understanding. Our canters across the fields and our walks through the creeks and riverbeds brought laughter and exhilaration to my soul. We felt so at home in Coín thanks to the incredible hospitality and loving personalities of everyone there. I have tears in my eyes writing this review because everyone involved touched my heart deeply and made us feel like family. Be prepared for an adventure of a lifetime that will grab hold of your heart and never let go.’

The Andalusia Ride, Spain - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Cassandra Miller

‘As a first-time Globetrotter, I booked this trip on a whim and was blown away by the horses, the countryside, the culture and of course the incredible hosts, Miranda and Giles. This couple are fantastic at what they do and have really built an oasis for mind, body and soul. Every member of their team is a pleasure to speak to and I felt at home as soon as I arrived. Catalina, our chef, is an angel and the quality of the vegetarian food was next level. The horses are all so well taken care of and so are the guests. I rode Amadeus and Tia Pepe, two very responsive gentlemen with just enough attitude to keep me laughing. Giles led our rides and his good humour and knowledge about the area really connected me to the beautiful Andalusian culture. The cultural experiences were enriching, high quality and worth every cent. I cannot recommend this ride enough!’

Andalusia ride in Spain - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Joy Roberts

‘This trip was a dream come true. From the wonderful horses, to the exquisite Spanish cuisine, to the fields of wildflowers and orange blossoms, to the traditional flamenco and working equitation performances, to the luxurious accommodation and fabulous company, we felt as if we’d stepped into a magical “other world”. There is no better way to experience the breathtaking Andalucian province than by horseback on a true-bred Spanish horse! Every ride was a magical journey with breathtaking views, gorgeous fragrances, great company, and responsively willing horses. We were thrilled with how capable and surefooted our horses were, and it’s clear that they’re well-trained, well-handled, and extremely well-taken care of. The entire experience was enriching and delightful!’

Kathy Nekton

‘What an amazing time we had with Giles and Miranda in Andalusia. Our hosts have to be the most competent, caring and lovely couple on the planet. They attended to so many extra things outside of the ride itself – nothing seemed too big or small. Our meals were exceptional and Kati, the newly minted chef, was delightful too. The horses were impressive and all of us felt safe and well mounted. Our group of six ranged in age and experience, but we meshed in the best of ways. It’s hard to think any combination of individuals could be any better.
For me, one of the most memorable parts of the trip was our chance to see and experience the culture of the area. This was not just a case of ‘get on and ride’, but see, feel, smell and taste what this region has to offer.
So, despite the considerable travel issues I encountered due to Covid, I am SO glad you all convinced me to go. Thank you so much for all you have done to keep this form of travel going in very difficult times!’

Jennifer Joiner

‘Ahhhhh… trail riding in southern Spain.
This was my fourth Globetrotting ride and it was amazing!
I could talk forever about the Spanish food and wine, the gorgeous views, the charming, thoughtful and generous hosts BUT it was all about the horses… beautifully responsive to leg, wonderful temperament – forward moving when asked and yet responsive to the slightest touch on the bit.
Giles and Miranda have assembled and trained an outstanding group of horses who are much loved and much respected, and it shows. I couldn’t have enjoyed myself more.’

Anna King

‘What a wonderful week we had in Coin with Giles and Miranda! Such a beautiful place to explore on wonderfully schooled horses and a gorgeous place to relax and unwind. I would happily return for the food and ambience alone!’