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Feedback for 'Chilko Lake Ride, BC Canada' Ride

The Chilko Lake Ride, Canada - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Anne Sheen

‘Sublime scenery, outstanding riding and incredible hospitality! The Chilko Lake Ride is absolutely spectacular. I had no idea just how incredible it would be! I rode a stunning paint gelding through the pristine glacier-fed landscapes around Lake Chilko, and was lucky enough to witness the area’s wonderful wildlife. The Chinook salmon had returned to their birthplace to spawn, and the bears were making the most of it. Don’t even get me started on the long, sweeping canters along the mountain ridges! To top it off, every evening we came home to a hearty home-cooked meal, a warm fireplace and a cozy bed. I cannot believe I had the good fortune to see and experience all the incredible things this wonderful place has to offer.’

Chilko Lake Ride, British Columbia, Canada - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Emma Tomlin

‘Canada has been on my bucket list for years; I had such high expectations and yet it absolutely blew my mind. It was some of the best horse riding of my life, with a natural backdrop that took my breath away. The lodge was so welcoming and friendly – you felt like part of the family right away with Lauren, Gary in the kitchen making wholesome, hearty foods to give you energy for each day. Anna is one of the best horse guides I have ridden with. She was so kind and caring and really looked after us. The horses were fab – Sky was my favourite. The riding each day was so diverse and exciting! We rode hills overlooking the beautiful river Chilko, we scaled a 1000-metre mountain on horseback and we rode on the ‘Rollercoaster’, cantering up, down and around beautiful forest paths and ridge edge drops. Each day felt so different, from the scenery to the type of riding and where we went. It was such an incredible experience – my pictures don’t do it justice. Just wow.’

British Columbia, Canada - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Kyrsten Olson

‘I was describing this trip once I got home as feeling like I was on a family vacation, but better, since my family doesn’t have a five star chef, or provide maid service! Karen and her team have created something truly special, with an incredible herd of horses (although surely some of them are part mountain goat, they are so surefooted!). The riding was exquisite, the food was unbelievable, the accommodations were smashing, the grizzly viewing was phenomenal. I would give this ride an off-the-charts rating, with my only point deduction being that I had to leave. It blew me away, every moment. Run don’t walk to this ride, folks!’

British Columbia, Canada - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Vicki Norman

‘What can I say? The best two weeks!
Great horses, great guides, great food, great company, views to die for and wildflowers everywhere. I had the best horse and I must thank Dave, our guide, for letting me ride his trusty Levi.
The campsites were fantastic and I loved watching the sunrise over the mountain.
Everyone should add this to their riding wish list.
I will be back to do it again!’

British Columbia, Canada - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Francie Wilson

‘If you’re interested in spectacular scenery and the chance to see some amazing wildlife, the British Columbia ride is perfect. The climb up to the top of the mountain overlooking Chilko Lake is especially spectacular. Though this is mountainous terrain and much of the ride involves negotiating narrow trails at a walk, there are some fast canters that are not for the faint hearted!
The horses were great, fit and healthy. My horse, Koda, was delightful, very perky and forward-moving. I’d have to say, this is the friendliest herd of horses I’ve ever seen!
Our guide, Tasch, was a very knowledgeable horsewoman. Our cabin was great, with beautiful views of the river, and the lodge is also fantastic, with an awesome porch where you can relax before breakfast and at the end of the day. The food was plentiful and delicious, and I especially loved the snacks served during the cocktail hour – and the hot chocolate! One unique thing about this lodge, which we ended up really enjoying, was the opportunity to meet some fly fishermen… those guys were great! We met some really fun and fascinating people on this trip. Looking at our pictures, we’re missing it already!’

British Columbia, Canada - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Ashley Marr

‘From cantering through snow covered fields, to seeing grizzly bears roaming, to eating the most amazing food and wandering through the one of the most beautiful parts of the world… this holiday was breathtaking!
I was blown away with all the horses – I have never seen trail horses so calm and responsive. I rode Austin and I absolutely loved him. On the long cantering stretches, it was amazing to see that the horses weren’t even interested in racing; it was easy to keep in a single file line and they didn’t get at all funny or fizzy. Our guide Louise certainly knew her stuff and she was amazing with horses.
The food!! OMG! Gary was amazing and made the most delicious meals. I was shocked that we could eat so well in the middle of nowhere.
My favourite experience of all was the rollercoaster track. Words cannot describe!’

British Columbia, Canada - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Julie Setzkorn-Brown

‘This ride was my BEST VACATION EVER!
The staff, the horses, the scenery, the trails, the wildlife, the food, the accommodations, the camaraderie. I rode Levi, who was always willing and so very surefooted! Our guides were wonderful, patient, kind, and very knowledgeable.
The entire week was amazing.’

Grace Pitts

“Had a blast on the British Columbia ride, I cannot recommend it highly enough! The hosts and staff were all amazing, the horses were adorable, well looked after and confident on the local terrain!”

Kyle & Terry Wightman

‘Everything was simply perfect! The accommodation was amazing in the superb log cabins, the food was extremely varied, delicious and plentiful, and what amazing wines. The horses were well educated, could canter with ease on a loose rein, and were very fit, with wonderful temperaments. The guides were very experienced, helpful at all times and made our stay very memorable. I learnt so much from them about the horses, the environment and the country in general. A world class experience that globetrotters should seriously consider doing.’

Frank Sanderson & Alison Wood

“We had a wonderful time in Canada. The people, the horses, the accommodation, the food and the stunning scenery were awesome. We would recommend this ride to anyone.”

British Columbia, Canada - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Beany Panya

‘What a truly breathtaking trip this was. Such an amazing, uninterrupted, panoramic and picture-perfect place to remember for life. The staff at the lodge were overwhelmingly welcoming and happy to change anything to suit us. Louise was awesome, patient and laid back. She was a great guide and gave us plenty of opportunities to capture footage. I rode Blue, who was very surefooted and keen to run. I especially enjoyed the roller-coaster ride, which had plenty of cantering and variety. It was great when we got the rare opportunity to see a few moose!’

Tash O’Mara

‘This ride was nothing short of incredible. Karen and her staff are wonderful, with a friendly, warm charm. If you want to see authentic Canadian countryside you’ve only ever dreamed of, with forests, glacial peaks and rivers full of Sockeye Salmon, to stay in a beautiful cosy log cabin and neck rein a horse along a wooded trail, then this trip is for you. Not to mention the wonderful dinners each night, with fantastic conversation around the large wooden tables. A truly memorable experience, with wonderful friends made along the way. Don’t pass up the opportunity!’


Madeline Knight

‘We loved this trip and the welcoming feel that everyone gave. We felt so comfortable straight away. I loved the “homey” feeling in the lodge and cabin. The meals were always filling and healthy, with plenty of variety. I was paired with Levi because I asked for a responsive horse, and he was definitely that. I loved his neck reining and he listened to my legs and body really well, which allowed me to capture great filming while riding (bending down, facing backwards). He always felt safe and surefooted.’

British Columbia, Canada - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Margaret Mooney

‘Amazing and breathtakingly beautiful scenery! Each day was great in its own way. The guides were very friendly and the horses were responsive, forward moving and knew their job. The accommodation was fantastic and we had lots of really good food!’

Lisa Matthews

“I thought it was good value for money as Karen has ensured that her team has provided what felt like a once in a life time experience.”

Meegan Bartell

‘I knew BC would be beautiful, but nothing prepared me for the breathtaking scenery. From the moment we got off the plane to the sad farewell on our last day, everything about this trip was perfect. The hospitality shown to us was outstanding, the food so good I often had seconds, the lodges warm and inviting and the horses…. they were simply amazing. My beautiful boy Digger did his very best every single day. He was so sure footed, flexible and a real gentleman! No words can truly describe this holiday – it was just mind blowing!’

Anne-Laure Laine

“The quality of this trip is above all expectations.”

Lisa Simons

‘I was going over to Canada for work and added in some self-time. I couldn’t be happier to have chosen this as my FIRST Globetrotting experience. It meet my expectations as well as exceeded them.
The team were amazing, making you feel welcome and comfortable, which was great because I was traveling by myself. The horses where beautifully natured, gentle, and had a spark when we got to canter.
I couldn’t be happier with these seven days. Now all I have to do is choose my next Globetrotting experience.’

Zoe Nicholls

“The accommodation, staff, food, horses, rides etc were truly amazing and surpassed all of my expectations.”

Peter Hewett

“It was a fantastic and fun trip. The McLeans were lovely, the staff were excellent and we had a ball.”

British Columbia, Canada - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Monique Hewett

‘Kate from Globetrotting made the organization a breeze. Riding in British Columbia was an experience to tick off the bucket list. The horses were in good nick and the guides were amazing! They communicated well, ensured a variety of riding and set the ride terrain and speed to our needs. I rode a beautiful Quarter Horse mare called Belle who was responsive, agile, forward moving and sweet. There was a spa at the lodge, a fully stocked bar, open fire and wonderful food and company. The scenery is postcard-perfect lakes, mountains and forests with the added bonus of black bears, grizzly bears and mule deer. I will definitely use Globetrotting again!’