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Feedback for 'Dressage in Spain' Ride

Dressage in Spain, Globetrotting Horse Riding Holidays

Brooke Kahl

‘This was the best vacation I have ever had! Our hosts were awesome, the horses were great, and the accommodations were fantastic! It was the perfect amount of cultural experience, riding, and downtime/relaxation. I cried when we returned from our last ride, on our last night there, and the day we said goodbye to our hosts!’

Dressage in Spain, Globetrotting Horse Riding Holidays

Gai Wilson

‘I was completely blown away by my week in Spain for the train and trail. Fabulous horses, fabulous instructors, staff, and food. These horses are so happy and well-trained that they made an old thing like me, who has just returned to riding (thanks to a new pair of hips), feel like a dressage rider! I rode lots of movements I’ve never ridden before. I have so much to work on with my riding that I’ll just have to come back!’

Dressage in Spain, Globetrotting Horse Riding Holidays

Jane Heyburn

‘I had an absolutely fantastic riding experience. The horses were beautifully schooled and perfectly matched to the riders. The staff were engaging and knowledgeable. The meals were a highlight of Spanish cuisine. I hadn’t ridden dressage in 15 years, but the training gave me newfound passion and confidence. Riding out through the olive groves and beach rides was a highlight. I would definitely go back!’

Dressage in Spain, Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Kali Gillen

‘I booked the Train and Trail last minute and am so glad I did! With such knowledgeable and generous trainers and guides, incredible horses (I rode Bandalero and Salaito) and a lovely travel group of new friends, it completely exceeded any expectations. This ride caters to everyone and anyone who loves riding. I wholeheartedly recommend doing this trip!’

Dressage Ride in Spain - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Grazia Cordella

‘This experience was absolutely magical. The people I met, the instructors, the horses, the scenery, it couldn’t have gone any better. As someone who didn’t really grow up with horses, I enjoyed every second. The instructors know your strengths and limits better than yourself and provide the right challenges each and every day, somehow squeezing out all of your energy and converting it into personal growth and satisfaction. I enjoyed my lessons with Oscuro and my trail rides with Tambolir – I trusted and loved them both. The environment felt like home: the shared lunches, the chats on the cars and rides, wandering through the stables sneaking treats in… the atmosphere was so warm and welcoming that it was really hard to leave.’

Dressage in Andalusia, Spain - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Mary McKinney

‘If you love dressage or are even just wondering what it is all about, you HAVE to do this ride! The riding centre is a slice of heaven and the horses are a dream. The instruction is superb and geared toward your experience level. I loved every second in the saddle and my riding definitely improved over the week. All of the staff are so very gracious and knowledgeable, which makes the trip so enjoyable. Do not expect to lose weight! The large lunches with typical local dishes were delicious. I met lifelong friends from all over the world and our gatherings at the pool each evening to discuss the day and share wine and tapas were a treasure. Andalusia now has a special place in my heart. I cannot wait to go back again!’

Dressage Ride in Andalusia, Spain - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Susanne Kahler

‘I am 60 years old and if my experience with Covid and travel has taught me anything, it is to not wait any longer and get yourself out there! I had an absolutely wonderful time as a solo traveler on my first experience with Globetrotting, the Train and Trail ride in Spain. Even though most of the other riders were my kids’ ages, the group was inclusive of all our various abilities, as were our wonderful trail guides and instructor. I can’t say enough great things about Michelle Thornton, our dressage instructor, whose words are now my own personal mantra: ‘We ride to the rhythm that we want.’ All of us not only became fitter, but also much better riders. The trail rides were good fun and got a little faster as the week progressed, as did our lessons!’

Dressage Ride in Andalusia, Spain - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Tsveta Todorova

‘This trip was a great experience for me in several aspects: I had my first dream gallop on a wild beach; the instructors introduced me to the elegant and complex world of dressage; I learned a lot more about riding; I met very interesting people among the instructors, hosts and other riders from different parts of the world; I experienced different horses with different tack, which is great for every rider; and I saw, tasted and experienced a little bit of Andalusia, which will make me return and see more!’

Dressage in Andalusia, Spain - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Katherina Brandts

‘I had such a great time on this trip. It was wonderful to be back in the saddle riding some super horses after so many years. Barry, my trail horse, was great. My dressage horse, Alacran, was a beauty and very easy to ride. I’d have taken them both home if I could!
Fernando and Jane’s hospitality was amazing. Sherri, my dressage instructor, was very patient and kind. From the working students to the instructors, the trail guides to the cooks, everyone worked together to make this an overall amazing experience. I would rate this ride as outstanding value. This was my first Globetrotting trip but I’m sure it won’t be my last.’

Dressage Ride in Spain - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Kim Bourke

‘I did the five day intensive training ride, intensive being the operative word. It was testing, challenging and wonderful. The food was home cooked, fresh and authentically Spanish, but the biggest honour was being able to ride the Andalusian horses. They are highly trained and sensitive, and so much can be learnt from them. If you are just starting in dressage like me, I would really recommend doing this ride.’

Dressage in Spain - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Kate Riordan

‘I can not recommend this ride enough. I was blown away by the quality of the horses, landscape, food and experiences. Our buffet breakfast was expansive and provided many delicious options, but the standout were the lunches provided by the in-house cooks – each meal was diverse and followed by free-flowing wine and dessert. The horses were all impeccably cared for and trained; they were fit, healthy and very responsive, which made progressing my dressage skills very easy. The highlight of the trip was the beach ride, which I would recommend to anyone interested in beautiful scenery – the view of the trees and ocean from the cliffs was stunning. Galloping along the beach in Spanish western saddles was an experience I will never forget.
On top of everything, though, the most important aspect of this ride were our hosts: Fernando, Jane and Vivi. Within seconds of meeting them, I felt like I was part of the family. They were relaxed, positive and passionate people who truly cared about our experience and satisfaction. Fernando, in particular, is a worldly, knowledgeable man with a killer sense of humour and talking to him during our lengthy car rides to Jerez and the beach made the trips fun and comfortable. I would, without a doubt, suggest this ride to anyone. I will most definitely be back.’

Dressage Ride in Spain - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Theresa Gonzalez

‘We had a wonderful time on our Train and Trail Ride in Andalusia, Spain. Our trail riding guide was wonderful, as was our dressage instructor, who gave me a lot of individual attention. Hornito was the Andalusian stallion I rode for my dressage lessons; he was excellent and I got to do the Spanish Walk and Piaffe on him! It made my vacation. I also liked trail riding through the olive groves on Bari, who was very forward moving. The lunches were delicious. The hacienda was beautiful. The accomodations were great. The Jerez School was amazing, as was the Flamenco show. My husband is a beginner rider and the instructors were very patient with him, and as a result he did well and learned a lot.’

Globetrotting horse riding holiday dressage in Andalusia, Spain

Laurel Hosking

‘OMG this ride was so good! I had a brilliant time and met so many new faces, all with a common passion for riding. My ride was half dressage and half trail riding – which was a huge step for me as I’ve done very little dressage, but I learnt heaps, had lots of fun, and at no stage felt left out.

I was so nervous about travelling on my own but there was no need to be, everything was taken care of. The accommodation and food were brilliant and we were looked after so well.

Advice to others considering this ride: firstly, try to be riding fit – I was and it paid dividends; pack light and pack your sense of humour; and be prepared to have the best time possible.’


Alyssa Brugman

‘This was the trip of a lifetime. The scenery was stunning, the horses were spectacular, the cattle work was challenging and exciting, but what made it really special was the people. They were the most gracious and patient hosts full of stories and jokes. Everyone was made to feel welcome and valued. This was a special place on the planet and one of the best experiences in my life. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.’

Jen Yule

‘Everything about the Dressage Ride was great. Our hosts, the horses, dressage lessons, authentic home-cooked lunches, tapas in the old town of Carmona, our historic hotel, the flamenco show, and the countryside treks were fantastic. Every day was different, with a trip to the ride on the beach, a visit to Jerez’s Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art, a flamenco show in Seville, and much more. I can highly recommend this destination because it caters for all levels of riders, with such well trained Andalusian horses on which to experience dressage lessons and excellent Spanish crossbred horses for trail rides. Thank you, Globetrotting, for working with the very welcoming Garcia family.’

Jenny Somerset

‘I’m happy I chose this ride as the gentle trails were a lovely contrast to the fantastic lessons. I am a much better dressage rider now and my excellent schoolmaster horse made it all so simple. Fernando made us feel so welcome and the extra activities that were arranged made it really special. The staff were all so friendly and accomodating, they always tried their best to make us happy. I certainly chose the best ride for me. It was amazing.’