Feedback for 'The Rainbow Beach, Bush & Cattle Ride, Australia' Ride

Rainbow Beach, Bush & Cattle Ride, Queensland, Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Azra Alagic

‘This was my fourth Globetrotting ride and was hands down the funnest one I’ve been on. Andrew and the team are great down-to-earth cowboys who couldn’t do enough for us and can teach you to ride like a scene out of Yellowstone! But by far the heroes of the ride were the horses. My mare, Dolly, was beautifully trained with a mouth like butter, and was super responsive to leg aids. She was safe and surefooted while also having plenty of get-up-and-go when we hit the open flats and the beach. I loved riding her so much I just wanted to bring her home with me! There was a great variety of horse riding in a short space of time. Key highlights were learning to campdraft and swimming with the horses in the open surf.’

Rainbow Beach, Bush & Cattle Drive, Queensland, Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

April Morris

‘This was the most amazing experience. I highly recommend that everybody does this ride. Every day was an adventure, from the bush to the beach and everything in between. The horses were so well looked after and well trained, the staff were extremely accommodating and friendly, the glamping tents were amazing, and the food was divine. The view from the mountain was awesome and riding in the bush, beach, and up and down the mountain was so much fun.
I loved it!’

Jenny Hooper

‘The Rainbow Beach, Bush & Cattle Ride was fantastic. I loved every minute. Growing up I always wanted to be a jillaroo, and this trip gave me a little insight into what it would be like. Andrew, Kelly and Dean were exceptional and the knowledge and experience that they shared was amazing… I have learnt so much. I rode George, who was just the confidence booster I needed. I felt safe on every ride. I had so many firsts on this trip, from riding on the beach to droving and cutting cattle. The memories and friendships I have made will be treasured – my cheeks are sore from smiling so much!
Shaun the chef was amazing. His slow-cooked ribs and creamy garlic prawns were some of the best I’ve had. Every meal he gave us was delicious. The glamping tents were fantastic and very spacious. No complaints here. I will definitely be booking another horse adventure with Globetrotting; they made it easy.’

Rainbow Beach, Bush & Cattle Ride, Queensland, Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Debra Whittaker

‘This ride was the perfect mix of trail riding, cattle work and beach riding, with the most spectacular location for our home base. The glamping tents were incredibly cosy and comfy, with nice linen. Each day was different and flowed nicely; I felt I was building skills steadily, without any pressure, as Andrew and his team were so patient. Their cattle work and horse knowledge was amazing, and they were very down to earth. Destiny, my horse, was so clever and quick on his turns – he loved chasing cattle. It was also nice not to be riding nose to tail all the time, as we had freedom to direct our horses.
There were so many highlights, like seeing koalas, a private concert with Tania Kernaghan, pushing cattle through long grass, and sliding down a steep bank that we also rode back up a few days later! The food was amazing and plentiful. Everyone got on so well, and I hope we meet again on a future ride.’

Rainbow Beach, Bush & Cattle Ride, Queensland, Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Jennifer Colditz

‘It couldn’t possibly get any better than this! From beach riding to cattle work, the week was filled with plenty of moments that will be remembered for a lifetime. Andrew, Dean and Kelly’s combined knowledge of horses, cattle, riding and mustering is expansive and, coupled with the jaw-dropping scenery, will forever be cherished.
Shaun the Chef was brilliant! From the mouthwatering prawns on the first night to the best ribs I have ever eaten to the fish ‘n’ chips, there was no meal that wasn’t perfection. A few of us hoped to bring Shaun home with us!
The accommodation was out of this world. Glamping at its finest! I wasn’t sure what to expect and was surprised to find carpets, chairs, beds, etc. There was no problem sharing with another person as the tents were so spacious.
I rode the beautiful, kind and intelligent Dolly. She made me feel so secure and safe. I am still in awe of how much she has taught me about my riding and my confidence.
The experience bonds everyone together and you make Globetrotting friends for life. I’m already planning upcoming rides with them! I can’t wait to get back out to the property to learn more and ride Andrew’s beautiful horses again.’

Rainbow Beach, Bush & Cattle Ride, Queensland, Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Casey Parker

‘This is a really good ride for both experienced and beginner riders. You never stop learning and the instruction is amazing. Mustering and campdrafting were awesome. I left with much to work on, but with much enthusiasm! The value for money was fantastic – we didn’t have to pay for anything on the whole trip and never went without. I rode Mojo and Dynamite and they were both fantastic. The food was amazing, as were the tents, and the guides were lovely people.’

Kristen Sagar

‘I’ve just arrived back from the Goomboorian Campdraft Ride. Andrew and his team were amazing. Each of them are very obviously accomplished riders and this showed in the way they worked with the horses throughout the week, how they matched the horses to their guests, and also in the way they taught us about riding and handing not only the horses, but also the cattle both in the yards and on horseback. I was very lucky to ride Dynamite – he was beautifully responsive, with a lovely can do attitude, comfortable gaits, and he certainly knows how to work a beast! Awesome horse!
At Cots Camp, Rod and Jake were amazing teachers – getting us all out of the camp with a steer and around the pegs in a couple of days! Their passion for the sport is undeniable.
The scenery was beautiful both at Goomboorian and Widgee, and both camps were great. The bell tents at Mount Goomboorian were warm and spacious and the beds were really comfortable, too. I also loved the outdoor shower with its awesome view! The food was delicious (thanks Sean) and the hospitality was second to none – nothing was too much trouble for Andrew and the team.
I can’t wait to go back one day and recommend to anyone who is thinking about doing this ride to book it – you will not regret it!’

Donna Wilson

‘Hands down the best horse riding experience I’ve had. Do yourself a favour and sign up for this ride, you won’t be disappointed! The knowledge of horsemanship, the area and environment Andrew shared with us was amazing and I learnt a lot. I rode Wombat and immediately fell in love with her. My only problem was not being able to fit her in my suitcase to bring her home, not to mention Andrew ‘s reluctance to part with her! Andrew is an amazing person and an all round great guy who really helped to build my riding confidence during the ride. Rod Cotter and his staff at Cots Camp were exceptional. Wonderful people, very warm and welcoming, and encouraging us so positively that it’s sparked us to continue to take a keen interest in campdrafting. The hospitality, accommodation and food was outstanding. Every effort was made to ensure our needs were accommodated. Big thanks to ‘Shaun the Chef’, every meal was delicious. We learnt a lot, laughed a lot, and made memories to last a lifetime.’

Terri Rutter

‘The Goomboorian Campdraft Ride was the adventure of a lifetime. Waking up on top of a mountain to the sounds of horses, the smells of the campfire and a good meal being cooked was a dream come true. This was a camp-out with a bit of luxury, with our chef, and staff to care for and tack up our horses each day. Even the fire-heated shower felt decadent! The horses were extremely well trained and a joy to ride. The staff were careful to coach us on the proper cues to make sure that both the horses and guests were happy. This was a trip of a lifetime that I will never forget.’

Alanna Hughes

‘This holiday had everything you could ever want! Trail riding, cattle mustering, campdrafting, hanging by the fire with good people, eating like royalty, learning so much about horses and farming in a short amount of time. It really makes you appreciate Queensland and all it has to offer.’

Alana Dyer

‘The best holiday I have ever had! There was no expense spared, from the spacious glamping tents to the garlic prawns for dinner to the steadfast, well-bred Quarter Horses we rode. No two days were the same, with a contrast in landscapes and a great variety of terrain. Over the week we navigated river crossings, mountainous slopes and vast open expanses with views that took our breath away. The staff couldn’t have been more friendly or supportive and went out of their way to cater for riders of all abilities. It is a credit to Andrew McCarthy and his team. Who would ever dream that you could sit on a horse having a drink in a bar – and have a photo to prove it!
There are no words to describe the adrenaline rush you get from chasing a beast on horse. All I know is that once you have a go, it’s addictive. Rod Cotter and his team broke down the discipline of campdrafting into small manageable chunks and were ever so encouraging and helpful. I could honestly not recommend this ride more highly! You will have the time of your life.’

Lisa Anderson

‘What a great trip, really felt like I got away from it all! Would do it again in a heartbeat.’

Jo Fitzpatrick

“Thank you everyone who was a part of this week, I will remember it fondly forever.”

Debbie Bailey

“New friends, amazing experiences living on top of a mountain, then there’s the horses. AMAZING!”

Gemma McAuley

“This was my first visit to Queensland and I couldn’t have chosen a better holiday than this outback ride of a lifetime!”

Lisa Laing

“I loved every minute of this experience!”

Katie Quarles

“The Goomboorian Campdraft ride truly was a special trip!”

Lieu Chi Nguyen

“The Goomboorian Campdraft Ride was wonderful from the horses to the trail rides to the campdraft clinic at the end of the trip!”

Annie Livermore

“Andrew McCarthy our host was perfect! The food totally exceeded my expectations and the campsites were amazing and comfortable!”


Celia Campbell

“This trip was non-stop fun and adventure from the beginning to end. I highly recommend it to anyone who’s thinking about it!”

Beth Forbes

“If you are looking for an experience to learn about horsemanship, cattle work and the sport of campdrafting then this trip is a must. I highly recommend it!”