Feedback for 'Howqua River Ride, Australia' Ride

Howqua River Ride - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Ellenor Nixon

‘I booked my next trip before I finished this ride! If you have any hesitation about going solo on one of these trips, don’t. I booked a seat as soon as one became available for the Howqua River Ride and it was amazing, though that doesn’t quite capture how much I enjoyed it. We did everything from winding along high tracks to river crossings to cantering through the bush. My horse, Boo, was willing and careful. He never put a foot wrong and improved my confidence exponentially. Our guides, Michael and Karen, were enthusiastic and happy to chat. The food was to die for – Wendy is a magician with a passion for local produce and amazing flavours. We capped it all off with a ride to the top of the jump from ‘The Man From Snowy River’ before our week was over far too soon.

Globetrotting horse riding holiday Howqua River Ride, Victoria, Australia

Robyn Smith

‘I highly recommend this ride for people looking for a relatively easy ride with creature comforts and good food. The scenery was great and the horses worked well in a group. Michael did a good job with everyone – he was friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and safety was never compromised.’

Madison Allen

‘This was my first time travelling solo on any holiday and I’m sure happy that I went for it. The people, the horses and the scenery were just amazing. One of the best moments was when we were given the opportunity to canter across the river for pictures. The horses were able to navigate the smooth river stones and flowing water with ease. 10/10 would do again.’

Merete Bjerring

‘Having just returned home from this ride, I highly recommend the hospitality and horsemanship demonstrated by Michael Watson and his team, and the quality of the horses provided for a beautiful five days’ ride along Howqua River. Every rider was given a horse according to their preferences and abilities, and they proved in general a good match to each of us. The horses were all happy, well fed, well looked after and well trained for trail riding. Having a dietary requirement, I was impressed with and grateful for the special attention paid to my restrictions by the guides and support team. The ride itself was well planned through beautiful mountainous areas with plenty of river crossings, and opportunities to trot and canter. Thank you for an excellent experience!’

Meredith White

“Riding the horses to the river and swimming in our riding gear! So beautiful!”

Laura White

‘Five fun-filled days riding through the beautiful Victorian High Country on lovely, surefooted, eager horses; each picked expertly to suit their riders. Many laughs, beautiful food and fantastic, knowledgeable guides. Cantering across the Howqua River was definitely a highlight.’

Holly Butcher

‘As a lone traveller, I was slightly nervous about the week ahead. However, this instantly dissolved as soon as I met both our guide and the rest of the group at the airport! During this ride, with my noble Anglo-Arab steed, Skeeta, I saw the most amazing scenery, cantered up mountains and through rivers, ate the most amazing Australian food and met a lovely bunch of other riders. I could not recommend this ride more! I also caught a good tan to take back to the UK!’

Leanne Pitcher

“Loved all the uphill and open field canters, the incredible scenery and the wonderful food. Can’t recommend this ride highly enough.”

Michelle Davis

“The scenery and landscapes we traversed were amazing and I look forward to planning another adventure soon.”

Mel Scott

“This ride was absolutely fabulous in every way!”

Vicki Anderson

“A fabulous ride and adventure thanks to Michael, the fabulous horses and the wrangler team.”

Oi Yee Adams

“The price of the ride is well worth the quality of the horses, the top-notch meals and accommodations. The camaraderie, the belly-wrenching laughs, and the memories gained are all priceless.”

Brenda Morgan

“The ride was beyond my expectations. I could do that ride again and again!”

David Brett

“All the days were great: fantastic views, good riding, excellent horses – exactly what we were after!”

Bruce Elliott

“It really was more than we expected. The scenery and overall experience in the Snowy Mountains was second to none. I hope to be back one day with my children.”

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Paul Boles

“I can’t speak highly enough about Michael and his team on this trip. Fantastic. What we thought was going to be a rough, rustic experience was far from that and the food was above our expectations.”

horse riding guest

Stacy Etheridge

“OMG the ride was amazing, I loved it and wish I was still there. I could easily have kept going for another five days.”

Desiree Charlesworth

“The ride was fantastic, exactly what I needed to finish 2014 and start 2015. All of the horses were brilliant, and I bonded instantly with my lovely Thoroughbred mare Chillea. The weather, the countryside, the company, the accomodation and the food were all exceptional.”

Ali Barlow

“Everything was perfect – the food, horses and accommodation!  The horses were beautiful, well behaved, keen and perfectly suited to their respective riders. Thank you for organising such an amazing event.”

Lucy Dyball

“I had a lovely mare called Nellie who carried me around the countryside for the 5 days. Great temperament and well suited to my riding ability.  Would definitely recommend this ride to anyone interested in horses, picturesque landscapes, great food and meeting friendly people.  Ready to book my next Globetrotting trip!”

Katie Kube

“The trip was amazing. I rode a horse named Charlie who I loved. The group were so much fun and the scenery was beautiful.”

Michelle Hancock

“I had an absolute blast! That was by far the most memorable trip I have ever done, certainly my favourite holiday to date. I don’t have a single complaint, the horses were beautiful and well looked after, Michael and his team were amazing and the accommodation and food was spot on.”

Sarina Stretton

“This would have to be one of the best holidays and riding experiences I’ve ever had in my life. I honestly have no complaints at all! I will certainly be recommending this ride to all my friends!”

Diane Baxendine

“Whether you have been riding all your life or whether you’ve hardly ridden before, this five day luxury riding experience is a ‘must do!’ This is the best riding holiday I have been on by far!”