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Feedback for 'The Maasai Mara Ride, Kenya' Ride

Maasai Mara Horseback Safari, Kenya - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Elliott Sumers

‘This was an outstanding adventure travel experience. The entire trip, from the pick up at our hotel at the start to the drop off at the end, was professionally run. The camps were wonderful and the food was delicious. I rode Alfredo, a wonderful, very willing horse with a smooth canter. He climbed in and out of the many gullies gently, but without hesitation.
The lion and elephant encounters on horseback were extraordinary. We loved the long canters on the open plains, and crossing the Mara just downstream from the crocodiles was amazing. Every day was different and wonderful.
Simon is perhaps the most gifted trip leader I’ve ever met, and I have taken dozens of hiking, cycling and kayaking trips and multiple African safaris. He’s extremely capable and professional and made us feel safe at all times. He’s a great naturalist, a wonderful host and projects an infectious enthusiasm for the adventure. Miranda was also a huge plus on the trip. She is a fabulous rider and a natural hostess, funny, inclusive, kind and helpful.
The whole trip was challenging, entertaining, enlightening and a ton of fun.’

Maasai Mara, Kenya - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Stacy Etheridge

‘The trip of a lifetime. So much more than I imagined. Cantering with giraffes, galloping with wildebeest, camping next to hippos, lying awake at night listening to their grunting and hearing the lions, hyenas and zebras in the distance. The Maasai Mara is one amazing place.
All the horses were in great nick and well cared for. My horse, Mzima, could not have been matched anymore perfectly. Soft mouth, responsive and keen every day.
Simon and Imogen – wow. There was no question about Kenya, the culture, the animals, or the ride itself that these two couldn’t answer. Both obviously love their job, love their country and love sharing it with globetrotters. They were very attentive, and always approachable and happy to help. The staff were all fantastic and catered for us guests so well. We were always looking forward to the yummy food – it was creative, plentiful, and most of all so good!
This trip was absolutely worth every cent. From the moment you’re picked up to go on the plane, life is so well catered for and there’s nothing to worry about. From the amazing meals to the amazing horses, the candlelit dinners, all the staff that put the camp up and take it down, boots being polished, hot water to wash your face each morning, the steaming hot showers, right down to the hot water bottles in your bed at night, everything was covered and it was the best.
You walk away with a lifetime of memories and some lovely friends. 10 outta 10 for this epic ride.’

Maasai Mara, Kenya - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Shelly Barnet

‘We had a fantastic time on the seven day Maasai Mara ride, with great horses, wonderful hosts, amazing wildlife, beautiful scenery and loads of fun. Hugh rode Mars and I rode Posie, and we were both happy with our horses. Megan did an excellent job of matching horses to riders and all the horses were in great condition, well looked after and fed really well.
Both Simon and Megan were exceptional, friendly, easy to chat with and good fun. They also knew about the animals, birds and landscapes. The food was fantastic and the tented accommodation was very comfy.
The wildlife was amazing. We saw a beautiful pride of lions 10 minutes after arriving on the plane. The elephants, giraffe and all the other game were also fantastic. We even saw a leopard and an aardvark, which is quite unusual. Each day brought new sights, animals and landscapes. Although we only rode for a few hours a day, it was enough. We enjoyed being able to go out in the vehicle when we weren’t riding and at night, were very fortunate to witness the lionesses hunting at close range. The afternoon siesta was a treat, too.’

Maasai Mara, Kenya - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Kelley Foster

‘Simon and Megan were truly amazing. Simon is an encyclopaedia of information and seemed to enjoy sharing his knowledge and love of the animals and the land. He never tired of the barrage of voices asking questions, needing assistance or just wanting to chat for a bit. Megan and Simon seem to communicate without words. They are in harmony with the surrounding environment, the horses and each other. They wear a lot of hats: they are perfect hosts, skilled equestrians, conservation enthusiasts, protectors, and they became friends that I did not want to leave.
The food was incredible. Every meal was fresh and delicious. There is nothing like food prepared over an open fire. My horse, Tinga, was amazing. Well trained, honest, brave, forward and seemingly happy to be on safari. I was happy with the accommodation – I especially loved our second camp high up on the escarpment. The views were incredible. I also loved the mid-day riding break on ‘move days’ when we would ride up to our row of chairs and private little areas set up for us to stretch out and relax. I loved that the horses were untacked, washed in the river, fed and given a well deserved rest. The quality of service, level of care of the horses, attention to detail and safari experience gave me priceless memories.’

Maasai Mara ride, Kenya - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Elizabeth Curran

‘I just returned from the Maasai Mara ride and it was over the top. Amazing trip, horses, guests, guides, game, food, scenery… best ever! The safari team was top of the heap. Amazing attention to detail and so much fun to be with. The guides were all so experienced, amazing riders, funny, entertaining, knowledgeable, accommodating. I can’t say enough. A+.
Every day we had to pinch ourselves – just when we thought you couldn’t top what we did or saw, the next ride proved even more exciting. From a hot air balloon ride, to being in the middle of a pride of 22 lions in the dark, to galloping alongside a herd of giraffe, to crossing the Mara river (twice) full of hippos and crocodiles… Evenings spent by the campfire, incredible food and drink as we recounted the day’s events, then falling into to bed in my tent with a hot water bottle between my sheets. Everyone who met me, greeted me, drove me, worked at the hotel, etc was absolutely wonderful; I felt very safe and comfortable being a single woman traveling, and that was a big plus for me.’

Meet a Globetrotter: Allanah Powell

Allanah Powell

‘Words cannot express the satisfaction and happiness we achieved on our Maasai Mara ride. My Husband Ian and I were worried we would not be able to get horse fit for this ride. We expected we would have a day or two in the safari vehicles, but we had not a single one! Our guide, Simon, had our trusty steeds matched perfectly. Bardamat and Trevor (our steeds) where forward moving, steadfast, and had us relaxed throughout our seven days. We never once felt unsafe in the Mara. Each day was jam packed with two or three rides, and a total of 200kms across the Mara. The camp staff catered to our every need with plentiful hot showers at the end of a big day in the saddle and even hot water bottles to easy any aches away. The food was beyond fabulous. Brioche, croissants and pastries from our camp oven, handmade ravioli, fillet of beef, and unbelievable salads to mention only a few. Five star meals again and again. Galloping alongside zebra and giraffe, up close to cheetah and lion, seeing spectacular bird life and camping on the riverbank hearing the hippos at night made this ride exceed all expectations – not to mention the friends made at camp. Thank you, Globetrotting, for a trip full of lifetime memories.’

Michael Barker

‘The Maasai Mara safari was a lifetime highlight for me. The feeling of cantering along vast open plains amidst a myriad of wildlife with like-minded riders and phenomenally impressive guides  is out of this world. Simon and Megan were fantastic. Their knowledge was seemingly endless and they communicated it in a warm style. Everything food and accommodation wise was taken care of and I felt truly spoilt on this trip. The horses were fit, healthy and fun to ride. You can see they love to get out in the open spaces on safari. The scenery was spectacular and straight from Out of Africa! I am lucky to have been able to go on such an exhilarating experience. I cannot recommend this trip highly enough. The pictures don’t do it justice – but my memories do.’

Globetrotting horse riding holiday Maasai Mara, Kenya

Tracie Wilson

‘The Maasai Mara ride was beyond my wildest dreams. It’s impossible to describe how incredible the experience was, and I’ll never forget cantering alongside a herd of giraffe, feeling one with the group.
At times an adrenaline rush and at others simply joyous, and often achingly hilarious. My horse, the beautiful Pauline, was a true gem – so fit, surefooted, gentle-natured, responsive and calm amidst the chance of a charging elephant or buffalo. Our host, Imogen Voorspuy, and guide, Simon Kenyon, were outstanding. Nothing was too much trouble and every single thing imaginable was covered: hot water bottles, drinks and nibbles before an amazing two-course dinner, endless kindness and generosity, and laughs and thrills too. They worked non-stop and we all adored them.
Thank you so much, Globetrotting, for making this trip possible. Everything went smoothly, for which I’m very grateful.’

horse riding safari in the Maasai Mara, Kenya

Emma Heath

‘Words just don’t do the Maasai Mara trip justice. AT ALL! It felt like being in another world for seven days, where we were treated to this wild, incredibly immersive experience – but at the same time, spoiled rotten with all the creature comforts you can imagine. The horses are bred and produced beautifully, and so much fun to ride. The guides manage to be fun and easy-going, yet incredibly professional – their skill is out of this world, with nature, horses and people alike. The animals… where do I even begin? We were surrounded by lions, cheetahs, elephants, giraffes, zebras and so much more – to say that the Mara is ‘teeming’ with wildlife is an understatement. I was also lucky to find myself in the friendliest, most lively group of people and I had more fun than I have had in my life. It feels like a cliché, but I am still pinching myself that this trip actually happened.’

Monique Galluzzo

‘This ride exceeded all expectations, I don’t think anything will come close to comparing. From the moment I arrived I was in complete awe of everything. Every day was a new adventure shared with a fantastic group of like-minded people. The horses were amazing, in great condition and were well matched to everyone’s riding abilities. The camps were very comfortable and I loved the locations. The attention to detail and the food was incredible. Simon and Megan are both extremely gifted, knowledgeable and engaging guides with a fantastic sense of humour. They went above and beyond to make sure everyone was comfortable. There were so many highlights, from up-close encounters with elephants and lions to riding through spectacular scenery alongside herds of zebra and giraffes. I’ll never forget the first time we crossed the Mara River or the adrenaline rush the first time we chased wildebeest! My heart aches to go back!’

Sophie Kearney

“Loved every minute of the trip… can’t wait to go back!”

Kim Connor

“We would highly recommend this ride – it was fast and slow and everything we had hoped for… we saw all the wildlife we hoped to see and our guides were amazing.”

Rachel Lewis

“I loved this ride. The game and riding exceeded all expectations. As a solo traveller I cannot thank Kate enough for all her kind support, advice and for helping make this happen.”

Bonnie Clark

“A huge thank you to you too Kate, you’ve been incredibly helpful and informative right from my very first enquiry. I can’t wait to get  my savings in order and book my next ride with Globetrotting, I am hooked!!”

Natalie Wolfert

“We hit the jackpot with galloping with the wildebeest migration as that rarely happens apparently, but standing/walking so close to lions I would have never thought was possible. It was like a dream.”

Noel Walker

“An unforgettable African experience which surpassed all my expectations. To not only see so much wildlife but to be able to travel amongst them and experience their daily activity whilst glamping is going to be hard to beat.”

Helen Pecanek

“The camaraderie among the riders and guides was exceptional, which made the whole trip a truly wonderful experience. I will definitely plan for another Globetrotting adventure in the future.”

Toni Adams

“The backdrop for this ride is amazing and the animals even more so. We were lucky enough to canter alongside a herd of giraffe and to stand alongside a lioness and her cubs on a rock overlooking a gorge.”

Debbie Walker

“I could not recommend Globetrotting more highly, from the pre trip preparation to the post trip customer service. I had an unbelievably wonderful, magical, awe-inspiring experience.”

Colin & Anne Baldock

“Anne and I enjoyed every moment of our adventure (and I do mean adventure) with Globetrotting. Our experience in Kenya was exceptional from arrival to exit.”