Feedback for 'Montana, USA' Ride

Montana, USA - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Kelly Fleskes

‘I’m from Colorado and I’ve owned horses for decades, so I went in with optimism, but admittedly a bit skeptical, that the trip would surpass personal experiences. I am happy to say I was BLOWN AWAY by the experience. I think about the trip multiple times throughout each day. I’m still getting value for money if you think about it! The grand views and wide open country are breathtaking. The team penning was so much fun, as was the cattle drive. Each day held something different and exciting. June and David are the perfect pair, and they welcome you into their home. I highly recommend this ride. Spectacular!’

Montana, USA - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Denise Kuntz

‘Our Montana adventure was beyond amazing! From the time we arrived until the time we left, we were treated with top-notch hospitality and smiles from June and all her staff. Our cabin was cute, clean and comfortable. The meals prepared by Amber and Deb were incredible!
We all fell in love with our horses during our stay. I had hoped to get matched up with a big horse with some spirit and ‘get-up-and-go’ and the wranglers did not disappoint! I was blessed to ride Rocky, a BIG handsome boy with the sweet disposition of a draft horse but the speed and power of a Quarter Horse. He was simply amazing at navigating the terrain of the Montana mountains and never seemed to tire. We did a total of seven two to three hour rides over our four day stay. Each ride featured different landscapes, breathtaking views and chances to lope for those of us who wanted to do a bit more of that. At the end of every day we were exhausted from all the fresh air and activity, but couldn’t wait to get up and do it all again the next day! If I could give June and her lovely ranch more than a 5-star rating, I would. My smile says it all!’

Montana, USA - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Wendy Richardson

‘Our hosts, June and David, were absolutely wonderful. They made me feel welcome from the moment I arrived. Our wranglers, Jeff and Darian, were both great and paired everyone up with the right horse. My horse, ‘Pocket Rocket’ Remmie, was surefooted, honest and forward moving. He was an awesome cow horse, too, and got stuck into the herd of cows during team penning. The food was excellent and varied every day. The scenery and views were incredible and I loved the long gallops through the meadows. Every day was my favorite, but I especially liked the all-day ride where we rode up into the Crazy Mountains and stopped at the hunting lodge. We had some good long gallops that day and Larry, our guide, was awesome. This ranch is a very special place and I would love to go again!’

Dawn Fredrickson

‘The Montana ride was FABULOUS! My sister and I had an amazing time. It surpassed our expectations, and we are so thrilled (and blessed) to have had the opportunity to experience this ranch and ride through the gorgeous Montana mountains and countryside. The other guests were so fun and we were lucky to get to know each other and hit it off so well. My horse, Salty, was such a sweet, even-tempered boy. He was responsive and he taught me a thing or two about how to manoeuver and push cattle. The wranglers were patient and took us on breathtaking, fun rides. They accommodated those of us who wanted to go at a faster pace. Our hosts, June and David, were both very pleasant and accommodating. I loved that June went out riding with us a couple of days, and took a ton of pictures to send to all the guests. Our cabin was very private and comfortable – perfect for disconnecting from technology and everyday stress. And the food was amazing! Amber and Deb made fresh, delicious meals and I enjoyed every morsel.’

Montana, USA - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Jess Holckner

‘I had a fantastic week riding Baron in Montana. We worked with cattle and rode through large fields, forests and mountains with our lovely group, who all had their own horses at home. We rode over beautiful wildflowers all day long and looked at the amazing views from many different positions. The food was fabulous, with an inventive menu. Baron was calm and experienced in all situations with cattle, surefooted through the mountains and always up for a good long canter. Our two guides, Taylor and Jeff, were great. We were able to ride where and how we wanted within the group and everything was very relaxed.’

David Grounds

‘I was very happy with my ride in Montana, USA. My horse, Banjo, was responsive to aids, neck reining, etc and was under control all the time. Every day was good – the first day trying out our mounts and learning Western riding aids, then the subsequent days of team penning, cattle mustering and trail riding. Both guides were capable and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend this ride.’

Lisa Dasko

‘Our vacation in Montana was absolutely fantastic. The food was gourmet special, the cabins were clean, comfortable and private, the horses were fit and well trained. Overall a 10/10 experience.’

Kimberly Santsche

‘The ride of a lifetime, the best experience I could ask for. Would love to go again next week!! Great people and a great ranch. The animals are happy and well taken care of. The accommodations are great, the food is great, I can’t say enough good things!!’

Dianne Cordin

‘The Montana ride was one of those lifetime experiences where the views were endless, the food was outstanding, the staff were friendly and the horses were well tended.’

Michelle Geddes

‘Our Montana ride was everything we had hoped for and more. The wranglers were so helpful, the horses were wonderful and the food was superb.’

Katrina Rosier

‘Wonderful experience, beautiful setting, the meals and the accommodation were outstanding. Every little detail or item needed was available to us.’

Chloe Hayward

‘Bucket list, ticked. It not only lived up to all my expectations but exceeded them.’

Ian Underhill

“Incredible scenery, amazing accommodation, fabulous food and salt of the earth locals whose hospitality genuinely made this experience the best time away on horseback. Totally awesome!”

Karena Smith

“I had every confidence this trip was going to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It certainly was! Absolutely worth every penny.”

Susan Nastasi

“Being part of a small group and riding all day was ideal for this holiday.”

Louise Hunt

“Even in American Dollars this ride was extremely good value for money.”

Julie Kerr

“This has been an amazing ride in spectacular country. It felt like all we did was eat and ride, eat and ride, which made for happy and exhausted riders.”

Tara Bedwell

“The guides on our trip were incredible, and made sure our stay was the best it possibly could be.”

Ally Duff

“The Montana ranch was just awe inspiring! The horses, the views, the people – an experience worth having for sure.”