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Feedback for 'Shell, Wyoming, USA' Ride

Ranch ride in Shell, Wyoming, USA - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Sharon Rayne

‘This was the perfect ranch riding experience and exceeded all expectations. The scenery was amazing: thousands of acres offering a huge variety of trails, from winding river canyons to high mountain vistas of the Bighorn Mountains and Basin and spectacular red-rock cliffs. Marijin and Peter are fantastic hosts who go the extra mile to make sure all guests are well matched with their horses, and the food and accommodation are first class. They did a fantastic job of splitting riders into groups according to their riding ability so that everyone could ride at the level and pace that suited them. I rode Earnest, a lovely palomino who was willing and responsive with nice paces and my husband Alistair rode Zeus, who was the perfect horse for the greener rider. By the end of the week, he was posting and loping confidently! We made some wonderful friends at the ranch, with many of the guests coming back multiple times. This truly is a special place and the experience of a lifetime.’

Ranch ride in Shell, Wyoming - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Judy Mullins

‘This ride was perfection. Shell, Wyoming and its mountains were like nothing else I have ever experienced. I was joined by two friends and we want to return, and bring other friends.
There were approximately 20 guests: three families and many couples. We made so many new friends. The staff were lovely and very accommodating. Peter and Marjin were charming and informative, the guides were very knowledgeable of the area and kept the group safe, and all our wranglers were amazing! I enjoyed the food very much – every day we had 5 star meals thanks to Rachel, our wonderful chef.
I rode Farah and Ernesto. They were both very well trained and behaved. I especially loved the cattle drive – seeing the border collies in action was amazing and the view at lunch was incredible! I would definitely recommend this ride.’

Shell, Wyoming - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Amy Van Court

‘There aren’t sufficient words to describe how special this place is. Every box was checked for my vacation, from the quality of the horses and horsemanship, to the excellent staff, the wonderful, clean, appropriate accommodations, the delicious food and oh my god, the once-in-a-lifetime territory. I’ve lived and vacationed in many beautiful places, but I have never seen land like this. No two views are alike. You can be on the top of a mesa and see four completely different landscapes, depending on which way you face! The scenery literally changes every few minutes as you ride along. The colours, the scope, the grandeur of it all — there isn’t a photo that can do this land justice.

The horses are well cared-for, high quality, trustworthy and sensible. If you are inspired by and committed to great horsemanship, you will find no place equal.

I would never have found this place were it not for Globetrotting. I’m grateful beyond words for Kate, her brilliant staff and her excellent sourcing of perhaps the best Western riding experience in North America. I booked a stay for next year while still at the ranch and can’t wait to have this experience for many years to come.’

Globetrotting horse riding holiday Shell, Wyoming, USA

Zac Houston

‘I cannot express how great this experience was – it exceeded every last expectation I had!
From the minute I was picked up from the motel I was met with friendly smiling faces. Once you drive through the front gates, the realization sets in: you are somewhere very special in the world!
Every day was different and filled with exciting experiences. The diversity of the rides was amazing, including but not limited to creek crossings, mountain climbs and loping though open fields. No two days the same! There was even the opportunity to move cows and calves and ride with wild mustangs.
Every rider was treated as an individual and given extensive options when it came to what sort of riding they would like to do. Every horse was relaxed, happy to work and extremely well looked after. Tom does an amazing job of matching people with the right horse. The staff were all kind, respectful, and went out of their way to ensure their guests had the best time possible. The worst part of this ride was having to leave!’

Marnie Philips & Antony Spielvogel

‘Be it climbing a mountain to 10,000 feet and seeing the last snow of the season, or rounding up cattle for a day on our gorgeous horses, this was an unforgettable adventure. The full day mountain ride was amazing – diverse stunning scenery, excellent wranglers. Six of us did this ride together and the weather was superb too!’

Anne Cowell

‘I knew I was going to enjoy myself on this riding holiday, but to the extent that I did… well I totally underestimated that. From the moment we were collected at our hotel, to meeting the other guests, the staff, seeing the wonderful accommodation, grounds and setting, my every expectation was exceeded tenfold (or more). And then the action started!
My jaw literally dropped when I saw the barn, tack room, trailers and vehicles. Watching the horses being brought in from the paddocks was heavenly. The riding was exceptional – the horses were amazing, the scenery incredible and the wranglers absolutely fantastic.
Our rooms were super comfortable, the meals mouthwatering, the cocktails delicious, the company exhilarating. We were treated like VIPs, but at the same time as family, with such warmth. The hosts have achieved an impressive balance of professionalism and friendship.
Everything about this holiday was top-notch… the absolute best. Just writing this makes me tearful with wonder. Words cannot adequately express my gratitude and appreciation that I had the opportunity to have such an amazing experience. I would return in a heartbeat.’

Fiona Bennett

‘My husband and I had one of the most amazing weeks of our lives. At 50 years of age (this was our birthday gift to each other – well it was his to me, really) I have ridden on and off for most of my life but not at a high level while he had never ridden, other than sitting on a horse one day for about 5 minutes.
My husband was quite concerned that the week was going to be one of the longest of his life, but after the first day, he was engaged. The wranglers understood his apprehension and they calmly and confidently challenged and guided him throughout the week. By Friday he was cantering across a wide open Wyoming plain!
For me the riding was equally challenging. I had no prior experience riding in a shank bit, so my idea of riding ‘connected’ had to go out the window. By the end of the week I was grasping the the concept of a new ‘connectedness’ with my horse.
We came away from the ride feeling that the whole week was a bit of a life changer! We are going back next year.’

Maryanne Zarth

‘I had the best experience with Globetrotting from the very first conversation with Kate. I was quite specific about what I wanted in my riding adventure. Kate recommended Wyoming and was spot on. It delivered in every way. Globetrotting delivered in every way – from their recommendation through to their service. They thought of everything and were so kind and cheerful.
My favourite experience was riding through Five Fingers: I have never ridden anywhere that high, on ridges that narrow, with such steep descents and with scenery that beautiful. It was the scariest, highest, steepest, narrowest, prettiest ride I’ve ever done. Totally nerve racking and exhilarating at the same time. I did not want it to end!
If I could have taken my big red roan home, I certainly would have. All the horses were amazing… Well educated, well mannered, well fed, well cared for. They are NOT ‘nose to tail’ trail riding horses. You can go anywhere, and do anything on these babies. Walk, jog, lope, gallop… you name it, they’ll do it. Wow, wow, wow.
Everything was a standout. Five star all the way, including the delicious meals we received all day, every day. If you can afford it, do yourself a favour and stay on for 2 weeks. You’ll be glad you did! I cannot wait for my next Globetrotting adventure. Wyoming was my first but certainly won’t be my last.’

Mikaela Sherlock

‘It was an absolutely amazing experience. We wanted to ride somewhere that we couldn’t here at home and that’s exactly what we got. Wonderful horses and wonderful people made the trip even better than one could imagine. Not to mention the wonderful Kate and Laura at Globetrotting, who managed and organised just about every aspect of the trip! It really makes going on holidays so easy! I will definitely be booking my next horsey holiday through them.’

Emma Whalan

‘The beauty of this ride was the fact that everything was paid for, the food was fantastic, the accommodation was nice… everything about it was value for money. Every day was different – there are so many trails to choose from, and we never rode the same one. We also had the option of fishing, shooting and even got to do a horsemanship clinic, where I picked up a few points to bring home to try on my own horse.’

Terri Yang

‘Every day was a holiday. So worth the money. Everyone in our group had a blast. We all became fast friends because of our passion for horses. The size of the group was perfect – we got to know each other at a personal level. I truly think this was a life changing vacation and I will be doing more of this for sure. This is the first time I went out to travel as a solo traveler, and I really felt relaxed and pampered. I didn’t need to worry about a thing, and the whole atmosphere felt like a family.’

Bree Smithson

‘Without a doubt the most soul enriching experience I’ve ever encountered. I’m an experienced rider who has been on many outfitter adventures. The quality of horses was standout. I’ve always been used to getting either a hothead pony or a slow-coach horse and neither was showcased on this trip. Each horse was customised to your ability and the hosts, especially Marijn, were amazingly obliging, personable and respectful. I WILL be back.’