Feedback for "Shell, Wyoming, USA" Ride

Globetrotting horse riding holiday Shell, Wyoming, USA

Zac Houston

‘I cannot express how great this experience was – it exceeded every last expectation I had!
From the minute I was picked up from the motel I was met with friendly smiling faces. Once you drive through the front gates, the realization sets in: you are somewhere very special in the world!
Every day was different and filled with exciting experiences. The diversity of the rides was amazing, including but not limited to creek crossings, mountain climbs and loping though open fields. No two days the same! There was even the opportunity to move cows and calves and ride with wild mustangs.
Every rider was treated as an individual and given extensive options when it came to what sort of riding they would like to do. Every horse was relaxed, happy to work and extremely well looked after. Tom does an amazing job of matching people with the right horse. The staff were all kind, respectful, and went out of their way to ensure their guests had the best time possible. The worst part of this ride was having to leave!’

Nicole de Garis

‘I’ve never ridden Quarter Horses before and was so excited to ride Western. And boy, what pocket rockets these horses were! The first two days I rode Cody, who was really responsive, easy to ride and loved to work. The last three days I rode Chester. What I loved the most about riding him was that when we were riding with the wild mustangs, his ears pricked in the direction where they were. He knew his kind were calling him. Magic!
As for the wranglers, they were amazing. We were actually talking the other night about how they made you feel so at home, and how lovely they all were. The accommodation was absolutely incredible, too – it far exceeded my expectations. And the food was fantastic, as well. I would definitely recommend this ride!’

Marnie Philips & Antony Spielvogel

‘Be it climbing a mountain to 10,000 feet and seeing the last snow of the season, or rounding up cattle for a day on our gorgeous horses, this was an unforgettable adventure.’

Anne Cowell

“Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation that I had this opportunity. I would return in a heartbeat.”

Fiona Bennett

“We came away from the ride feeling that the whole week was a bit of a life changer! We are going back next year.”

Maryanne Zarth

“All the horses were amazing… well educated, well mannered, well fed, well cared for.”

Mikaela Sherlock

“It was an absolutely amazing experience. Wonderful horses and wonderful people made the trip even better than one could imagine.”

Emma Whalan

“Everything about it was value for money.”

Terri Yang

“Every day was a holiday. So worth the money.”

Bree Smithson

“Without a doubt the most soul enriching experience I’ve ever encountered.”