Feedback for "The Margaret River Ride, Australia" Ride

The Margaret River Ride, Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Julie Keane

‘The Margaret River Ride is an amazing mix of bush, beach and fun games! Amazingly well educated horses, great accommodation and fabulous hosts and guides. I was riding Skye, who was fabulous – a perfect temperament. She would wander along with the group during the bush rides and then go hell for leather during our bending races and game of polocrosse! Paul and Fiona were amazing and worked tirelessly to ensure we had a great time. All of our guides were also amazing, ensuring we saw a variety of landscapes, and had a good mix of paces. The cultural heritage element, with Mitch providing excellent insight into the Noongar peoples, added to the experience.’

Sandra Talman

‘My daughter (12) and I are not long back from the most amazing trip to Margaret River. This was our first Globetrotting experience and we loved it. Paul and Fiona are wonderful hosts. The tents are both glamorous and spacious. The food and hospitality was beyond my expectations.
Each day brought something different. There was plenty of time in the saddle followed by an optional activity in the evening.
The rides take you through the forest, on (and in) the beach, along fire trails and over large paddocks. It was fabulous for my daughter to experience such freedom and space as opposed arena riding and structured competitions. The trip had the unintended result of her being so much more confident and calm with her own pony now she is back home. The best part of the entire trip for her was the games afternoon, which was so much fun.
We will return!’

The Margaret River Ride - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Kate Stanbury

‘The Margaret River Ride was truly the best five days of my life! We had the most amazing time riding through the WA bush, seeing blooming wildflowers and mobs of kangaroos, all atop our wonderfully educated horses. I rode George, who was an absolute sweetie. He was kind, gentle, reliable, always willing to go forward when needed, and perfectly suited to me. Paul and Fiona were the most amazing hosts, looking after each and every one us, entertaining us with stories, and making sure everyone was having a great time. We had delicious home-cooked food every day, extra non-horsey activities each evening (chocolate decorating and the cocktail evening were highlights!), and warm, cosy accommodation. The most unforgettable experience was riding George in the crystal clear, blue waters of the Indian Ocean. We got to canter down the beach with the wind at our backs under a perfect blue sky, before untacking and taking the horses swimming, which was an experience I’ll treasure forever. If you want to really experience WA and its stunning southwest, then I would highly recommend this ride – it has something for everyone!’

The Margaret River Ride - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Kate Cadet

‘While riding through the Margaret River this November, the next game-changing chapter in my book of memorable Globetrotting experiences literally wrote itself.
I undertook this trip as a solo rider and every minute was inspiring and totally immersive. I rode hands-down the finest horses of all my horseback adventures to date, sharing each day with 10 other like-minded, genuinely fabulous and accomplished riders. Our hosts Paul and Fiona, together with the entire hard-working crew, delivered a special and thoughtful itinerary that I wholeheartedly recommend for anyone wanting to explore this stunning region. Memories for a lifetime right there!’

The Margaret River Ride, Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Therese Quinn

‘The meals and accommodation were amazing and our lunches in the bush were beautiful – we were very spoilt. Fiona and Paul were fantastic hosts. I rode Nelly, one of Paul’s home bred polo ponies. We got to know each other better each day, and I enjoyed riding her. The whole ride was great, but the highlight was definitely our games day. I hadn’t done bending, flag races or polocrosse since my younger days – we had a ball and lots of laughter! I would definitely recommend this ride.’

Edwina Wills

‘I couldn’t recommend this ride highly enough. The hosts and guides were fabulous, knowledgeable and fun, and the horses were all so well matched to everyone in our group. I rode Chrissy – she was perfect. Very steady and reliable, but happy to go forward as needed. Paul and Fiona were amazing hosts and the food was wholesome and delicious. The tents and beds were super comfy, even in chilly weather. The rides were a great mix of trekking through stunning bushland covered in wildflowers, to wide open spaces and beaches. And the polocrosse afternoon was so much fun! I loved every second and will be talking about this experience for years to come.’

Carmel Perrott

‘The Margaret River Ride, with its little touches of luxury, beautiful bush and beach, and great company was amazingly great. The food was perfect and it was great that Sally and Keith (the cooks) and our hosts, Fiona and Paul, were able to eat with us each day. The glamping tents were great, too. The add-ons made this trip very good value for money: wine, beer, etc available each night; tea coffee, etc always available at the camp; the cocktail night, the Aboriginal experience, the fantastic accommodation, and more. I rode Rob Roy and he suited me perfectly. I had a ball on him – he did everything I asked. On him, I was able to play polocrosse and swim in the ocean for the very first time ever. I would definitely recommend this ride!’

The Margaret River Ride, Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Erica Donnard

‘I was very happy with this ride! All the horses were great. My partner, Roy, rode Patto, who was just perfectly suited to him. I rode three horses, and all were fantastic in their different ways. I especially love the games day, the beach ride and the gallop through the bush. The guides couldn’t have been better. Lovely people, second-to-none hospitality, and lots of local knowledge and experience happily shared. The glamping tents were comfortable, spacious and clean. The food was fantastic – big thanks to Keith!’

Heather Wallach

‘I came to riding later in life. This ride introduced me to experiences I have never been exposed to previously. Partaking in activities such as barrel and flag racing and polocrosse increased my riding confidence. Fiona, Paul, Sally, Keith and all the team where so hospitable and friendly, making this a truly memorable experience.’

Globetrotting horse riding holiday Margaret River

Roger Meulan

‘A big thanks to Paul and Fiona, Keith and Sally, the wonderful girls, Jack the dog and Rosie the kangaroo, who arrived most mornings for a snack. A truly wonderful experience.’

horse riding holiday Margaret River

Jo Clemens

‘Every day of the Margaret River Ride was perfect. It was a special mother daughter bonding holiday. To be able to have one-on-one with my 13 year old daughter is extremely rare, so we both loved every second together, sharing our love of everything horsey.

We loved Jesters Flat glamping and the dining room. Paul and Fiona and Sally and Keith were lovely. We learnt so much about the bush, the area, history, culture, polocrosse, horses. Sally and Keith did an amazing job with feeding us all.

The horses were educated and fantastic. My daughter rode George, who was an absolute gentleman, and she fell in love with him after day 1. I rode Poppy. We had very similar personalities, so we got along perfectly and both loved the polocrosse!

Those 5 days with my daughter will be cherished forever. It is the start of many more special mini-breaks together.’

Mel Fairbanks

“Amazing experience, horses were fabulous, as were our wonderful hosts Paul, Fiona and the whole team!”

Louise Spencer

“Paul and Fiona were absolutely lovely hosts as well as the staff. Nothing was ever a problem and they were all really happy to have a chat!”

Christine Kerr

“The accommodation was perfect and we ate and drank extremely well!”

Jennifer West

“I would highly recommend this trip to anyone looking for a fun ride with some good fast-paced intervals.”

Lieu Chi Nguyen

“Paul and his staff were always there and I loved especially that there was always a member of staff at the back to assist.”

Susie Edwards

“This ride was one – if not ‘the’ – highlight of my life. I am hooked!”

Lisa Murnane

“Loved my Margaret River Ride Globetrotting holiday. Definitely a ‘must do’ ride with beautifully cared for horses and property.”

Monica Foster

“There are not enough words in the thesaurus to describe how amazing the Margaret River Ride is!

Lee Powrie

“All in all a WONDERFUL, wonderful time!”

Margaret Poulter

“The whole experience was unique and unforgettable!”

Olivia Benefield

“Paul and Fiona were fantastic, as were all their staff. I’ve never found a horse riding operation where the staff were so happy and had such good rapport with one another.”

Leanne Ricardo

“I highly recommend the Margaret River Ride, you will not be disappointed.”

Belinda Grimes

“Take me back! We didn’t want to leave – seriously… and immediately after leaving, we were having withdrawals… I couldn’t recommend it more, and can’t wait to go back.”

Tracy Malone

“The food is excellent, the wine is even better and the setting is to die for! Paul and Fiona were so accommodating to each of our needs.”

Pauline Crawford

“We arrived as clients and left as friends – and we will all be back!”

Vanessa Peltier

“Best hosts ever! Fiona is so gorgeous and kind, Paul so friendly and funny.”

Terena Solomons

“Five fun days on fantastic horses with friendly hosts exploring the Margaret River forests, farms and vineyards. Fabulous local food and wine.”

Emma Stein

“The atmosphere at Margaret River is special and addictive. I had a truly lovely time.”

Janine Hanks

“The Margaret River Ride crew were just fantastic. You won’t find better hosts in Australia.”