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Feedback for 'The Margaret River Ride, Australia Starring Amber Marshall' Ride

The Margaret River Ride, WA, Australia, Globetrotting Horse Riding Holidays

Stacey West

‘I’ve been waiting years to do The Margaret River Ride, and I was not disappointed. The variety offered, which included fun activities both on and off the horse, is unique to this ride. The horses are brilliant, fit, and so well cared for by the hosts and team. There was so much opportunity to go at your own pace, both literally and mentally. I love that I could quietly read my book in a treehouse, speed around a forest on a gorgeous Stock Horse, have a few vinos and laughs at a winery, and kick some butt playing polocrosse, all in the same day. Great weather, wonderful ponies, sweet digs, and even better people. Incredible all round!’

The Margaret River Ride, Western Australia, Globetrotting Horse Riding Holidays

Angela Mendoza

‘What an incredible ride. Paul, Fiona and their family are the most warm, welcoming and friendly hosts sharing their knowledge, experience and lives with us. The guides were fun, knowledgeable, supportive and always put the horse’s welfare first. They matched me to my sassy steed perfectly. It didn’t take me long to fall in love with her. The glamping experience was magical, comfortable and cosy! The food and wine were amazing, and the extracurricular activities were a welcome surprise. The variety of riding far exceeded my expectations, with many opportunities for trotting and cantering out on the trails, as well as riding alongside kangaroos, emus, black cockatoos, and parrots. We rode through the lush green forest, long winding sandy tracks, grape vines, wildflowers, a beautiful beach (we spotted a dolphin from horseback), and the pièce de résistance, playing polocrosse for the first time! A truly unique experience with tuition from a world-class player. Thank you, team, for the most magical and memorable escape on horseback!’

The Margaret River Ride, Western Australia, Globetrotting Horse Riding Holidays

Deborah Ansell

‘This was a long-awaited ride after COVID cancellations, but it was so worth the wait; I could not have been happier. The hosts were so generous to open their beautiful home to us, I felt like I had known them my whole life. Each day was different, from the bush to the wineries, playing Polo Cross, and riding on the beach on the last day, each a wonderful experience. The horses were all lovely and willing; I really enjoyed the riding, and being able to swim the horses on the most beautiful beach was just magical. I met some lovely people and felt very comfortable as a single rider. Coming home to the homestead at the end of the day was lovely and welcoming; it’s a fantastic, relaxing place with heaps of character and charm. I felt very spoilt being served lovely meals at the end of each day and sitting around the table with our hosts, chatting and telling stories. We had a visit from an aboriginal local who had a wealth of knowledge and was very interesting. We even got to make some jewellery to take home. I would highly recommend this ride to anyone; you would be hard-pressed not to enjoy yourself and have a magical experience. I would love to do it all again!’

The Margaret River Ride, WA, Australia, Globetrotting Horse Riding Holidays

Kim Davis

‘The Margaret River Ride is a beautiful experience, with such fantastic and caring hosts. Everything from the amazing horses to the gorgeous scenery and delicious food was on point! This was my second Globetrotting ride, and I loved every minute of it. Our guides were all lovely and knowledgeable. Our head guide was brilliant, and it was so much fun to ride with! Her understanding of each horse and rider was spot on. The Polo Cross was so much fun, and a nice Sav Blanc afterwards paired perfectly with the hot W.A. afternoon! Every detail has been thought of to make this a great ride!’

The Margaret River Ride, Western Australia, Globetrotting Horse Riding Holidays

Peggy Quill

‘I absolutely loved my experience on the Margaret River Ride. The horses were exceptional; well-bred and uniformly great. I felt extremely fortunate to ride such lovely horses. The guides were superb – they worked together seamlessly, and were caring and informative. The accommodation was wonderful, along with the food and service. I had a great time getting to know the other riders, the support crew and owners. Riding on the beach was the highlight of the trip for me, it was simply amazing! Overall, it was a fantastic experience, and I made new friendships while exploring the beautiful part of Western Australia.’

The Margaret River Ride, WA, Australia, Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Jenna Kassier

‘The Margaret River ride was an incredible experience that I would highly recommend to everyone. Paul and Fiona, our hosts, were gracious and always made sure we had what we needed. Our trail leader, Emma, was amazing. She was knowledgeable, approachable, and knew every horse so well. Emma had great tips on what works well with each horse. And of course, the horses themselves were incredible. My horse, Molly, was amazing – responsive and happy to go along with anything. The accommodation was homely, and the beds were so comfortable – exactly what we needed after a long day. It all went by too quickly, and I already can’t wait to book another globetrotting ride!’

The Margaret River Ride, Western Australia, Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Molly Hoffman-Bricker

‘The Margaret River ride was my first Globetrotting experience and it could not have been more perfect! My horse, Richie, was a good match for me. We had varied bush rides, with lots of cantering throughout. The polocrosse was a real standout, and I had so much fun that I instantly forgot about being a little saddle-sore. The food was delicious, and I was left stuffed throughout the weekend. Our hosts, Paul and Fiona, were lovely to spend time with, and they sat with us at the dinner table every night. Even though it was my first Globetrotting ride, I am sure it won’t be my last.’

The Margaret River Ride, WA, Australia, Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Alison Venn

‘The Margaret River Ride is a magical 5-day itinerary, with a great variety of activities, beautiful horses, stunning scenery, knowledgeable guides, and delicious food. During my stay, I rode a sweet mare named Emily who knew her job well, and I felt extremely safe throughout the ride. The ride to the vineyard for lunch, the day 4 forest ride, and the beach ride and swim were the highlights of my trip. Even though I’m not good at ball games, I enjoyed playing polo crosse. 10 out of 10!’

The Margaret River Ride, Western Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Ali Lamond

‘I have loved all my Globetrotting rides, but this one stands out the most. All five days in the saddle were fantastic. My horse Delilah was lovely and our guide Paul was very intuitive in matching horses to riders. The guides were outstanding: they loved their work and were very knowledgeable. The fast canter home after lunch in the vineyard and riding through grapevines was a real highlight. A wonderful family-run outfit that I would definitely recommend.’

Margaret River Ride, Western Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Lisa Vanderhorst

‘The Margaret River Ride was amazing – highly recommended. The horses are fabulous and well looked after. We cantered out on great trails, played polocrosse, rode on the beach and swam with the horses. The hosts and crew are experienced, lovely, caring and welcoming. The food was spectacular, and the atmosphere was wonderfully relaxed. There were always smiles and laughter; all the guests were lovely, too. I had the best three days.’

The Margaret River Ride, Western Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Katrina Borg

‘Paul and Fiona have nailed it! What a perfect blend of adventure and leisure… loads of cantering, swimming, wine, and delicious food! The glamping tents were huge and well equipped, with super comfy beds. I twas love at first sight when I was matched with a horse called Wills – very responsive and well-behaved with a little sass, exactly what I asked for. We played polocrosse, which was super addictive, and on the beach ride, two dolphins swam with us – unreal! We also lucked out with a great group of like-minded horse lovers to enjoy the experience with. 10/10!’

The Margaret River Ride, Western Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Tatiany De Paula

‘After one COVID-induced rebooking and more than a year of waiting, I finally had three remarkable days in Margaret River. The package included great hosts and food, awesome new friends, amazing horses, a fair dose of adrenaline with polocrosse and the most incredible experiences (including a beautiful forest, white sand beach and dolphins). I’m already planning my next horse trip.’

The Margaret River Ride, Western Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Tegan LeBrun

‘The Margaret River Ride was everything I’d hoped it would be and more. This was my first riding trip and I enjoyed it so much I’ve already booked my next one! The hosts, Paul and Fiona, were extremely kind and welcoming and our guides were very knowledgeable and encouraging. We had a wide range of riding experience within our group and everyone was really supportive of each other – it was a lovely group of people to spend the trip with. Each day offered a good deal of variety in terms of riding trails and scenery and the extra activities were fun and interesting. Polocrosse was a first for me and a definite highlight. I loved every minute of this experience and I can’t wait until my next trip with Globetrotting!’

The Margaret River Ride, Western Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Diana Sofia

‘I had been wanting to do a Globetrotting holiday for ages but kept putting it off. When one spot became available on the 3-day Margaret River Ride a week before my 50th birthday, I saw it as a sign and jumped on it. And I’m so glad I did! Fiona and Paul were so welcoming and everyone was so supportive and helpful. Our guides kept a constant eye out for us and gave us little tips along the way that really helped improve our riding. I honestly learned more in 3 days than I did in all the years I’ve been going to lessons back home. And the horses! Stunning, fit and beautiful! If I could have taken Frieda home with me, I would have. As for the price, it was worth every cent. The food was delicious, the drinks were free flowing and the accommodation was spacious and comfortable. For anyone who is umming and ahhing about whether or not to book this ride, just do it. You seriously will not regret it.’

The Margaret River Ride, Western Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Jennifer Aldrick

‘This was my first ever Globetrotting experience. I was excited about the weekend ahead and making memories with my daughter, but at the same time I was a little unsure of riding again after 40 years out of the saddle. The whole weekend was way beyond my expectations, right down to the glamping tents and the way Fiona, Paul and the team put my mind at ease. I definitely recommend a Globetrotting experience in Margaret River. You won’t be disappointed! I even learnt how to play polocrosse – that was the best fun ever!’

The Margaret River Ride, Western Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Rachel Macdonald

‘The Globetrotting experience at Margaret River was awesome. The horses were amazing and the friendly, helpful guides and hosts made you feel so welcome. The glamping accommodation was very homely, with everything we needed. The home cooked food was amazing and catered to everyone’s needs. The rides we went on discovering the amazing southwest Margaret River, and the fun we had playing Polocrosse, have got me hooked once again on horse riding. I rode Stacey and she was a real gem, easy to ride and very comfortable. I would highly recommend this ride to anyone who loves the outdoors and experiencing it on horseback. I am sure this will not be my only Globetrotting adventure!’

The Margaret River Ride, Western Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Elise Hardy

‘I loved every day and every experience of this trip. Paul, Fiona, their family and the guides offered exceptional hospitality and their knowledge, experience and encouragement was terrific to be around. Paul and the team did a great job of matching everyone with the right horse. I’m an intermediate rider who has had a bit off time off after having a baby last year, but I’ve also got a bit of attitude and I’m not scared of a bit of get up and go. That’s what I’d put on my wrap sheet and when I sat aboard my little mare Stacey, who pinned her ears back at everything that came close, I laughed and knew I’d got exactly what I asked for! She was a terrific little mare and so well educated. I would’ve trucked her home with me if I could!
Having followed Globetrotting for a number of years, I’m so glad I finally bit the bullet and went on a trip, and I’m thrilled that it was to Margaret River. An amazing experience.’

The Margaret River Ride, Western Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Alex Aldridge

‘What an amazing few days! We had such a wonderful experience, it exceeded our expectations and we can’t rave about it enough. Paul and Fiona were fantastic hosts. We enjoyed their company and their knowledge of horses and the local area. The guides were knowledgeable and supportive. The horses were well cared for and of a high standard. I rode Cassie and I would have brought her home if I could. A fantastic property and facilities, and the tents were beautifully decked out. Our group wants to make this an annual trip. Globetrotting was so helpful in booking our stay and provided us with so much useful information. We can’t thank the team from Globetrotting and Margaret River enough for a memorable trip.’

The Margaret River Ride, Western Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Nikki Clark

‘Every day was a new adventure – the forest rides, beach rides, the game of polocrosse – so much fun. Just fantastic! I rode Delilah, a beautiful horse – calm, gentle and responsive. Paul is one of the best horsemen around, you can learn so much from him. His wife Fiona and daughter Lucy are amazing hosts, and Emma and the rest of the guides were just perfect. I loved the good food and great wine – we were very spoiled. The best guides and excellent well trained horses. You can’t ask for more. It was the best three days, for sure! Thank you!’

The Margaret River Ride, Western Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Alison Hollier

‘Love, love, love this ride! Just magic! Polocrosse was definitely the highlight – Paul’s enthusiasm was infectious and his skill is unparalleled. The horses are so talented and responsive that they made it very easy. The fact that I’m now planning on taking up polocrosse as a sport speaks for itself! I rode Evie, who is possibly the best trained horse I have ever ridden. She was always keen to get going and was magic on the polocrosse field. Our guide Emma really added to our enjoyment of the trail rides. She regularly checked in to see how we were going and was a wealth of knowledge. I felt totally safe in her care. Paul and Fiona were outstanding hosts, going above and beyond to make our time special. Their little extra touches made the accommodation comfortable, inviting and relaxing. I was very happy with the food – the use of freshly picked local produce and the effort that our chef Alex put in to accommodate varying dietary requirements was outstanding. Can’t wait to go again!’

The Margaret River Ride, Western Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Catherine Atkinson

‘Fantastic fun and laughter on The Margaret River Ride! Our hosts Fiona and Paul and the crew were spot on and looked after us all. The horses were awesome – Cassie was spunky and had a great attitude, and Frieda was perfect – I would love to have her at home. The beach ride and the polocrosse were great fun. You all will love this ride, I promise!’

The Margaret River Ride, Western Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Chloe Stam

‘My Globetrotting ride in Margaret River was stress free and full of great food, amazing locations, fun and helpful staff, and well-paired horses. It was a great way to experience Margaret River with the stress of what I was going to eat or do removed. As for the accommodation, the tents were amazing and I loved the rustic aesthetic. It was country glam! There were lots of places to go and relax, whether you wanted company or time alone. You could come and go as you pleased, using the kitchen facilities or the seating, and enjoy the open air. My favourite ride was when we went to the pools/rivers – I loved the long ride through the forest where we could trot, canter and enjoy the time in nature.’

The Margaret River Ride, Western Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Margo van Felius

‘My daughter and I had the best trip ever. Our hosts Paul and Fiona and their support team were lovely. The horses were perfectly matched to us and all were loved and well cared for. We rode two lovely mares called Lily and Cassie, and we found it very hard to say goodbye to them at the end of our tour. The accommodation was in tipis, which were beautifully decorated, roomy, and in a very nice setting. The food was home cooked, all very tasty and plenty of it. From our breakfast spot in the morning, we could watch the horses coming in to start the day. All the rides were wonderful, with plenty of chances to trot and canter through the forest and beach. While riding along the beach we saw dolphins! For me, though, the best experience was the opportunity to try polocrosse.’

The Margaret River Ride, Western Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Sarah Wickham

‘I booked the Margaret River Ride for my 50th birthday, and I’m so glad I did. From the moment I arrived, I was made to feel so welcome. Fiona and Paul are fantastic hosts. Their crew are supportive and helpful. Lucy the cook is fabulous – you will never go hungry on this holiday! Generous portions and totally delicious. The bell tents with their double beds were beautiful. I woke to the sound of birds and opened my tent to see Rosie the kangaroo!
There was a huge range of horses to choose from and they were all so obviously well cared for. I rode Emily, a gentle, well mannered beauty. The trail rides were beautiful and very well run. I could not fault any part of my holiday, apart from having to go home! I will definitely be back!’

The Margaret River Ride, Western Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Emily Kelly

‘Everything was beyond my expectations and great value for money. It was instantly clear how much Paul, Fiona and their fabulous team love their horses, who were all beautiful to ride with natures to match. There was clearly a lot of thought put into pairing each rider with their horse and I couldn’t have asked for a better match! The property was beautiful and the whole team played a part in providing a five star experience. I loved each day, but the polocrosse and forest rides were highlights! I will definitely be back in the near future for another ride!’

The Margaret River Ride, Western Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Rebecca Newing

‘Every day of this ride was different and special in its own way. The forest ride was mesmerisingly relaxing and totally immersive, and our beach run was very special. The polocrosse and novelty races were so much fun and truly brought out our competitive sides! I rode Stacey – a sensitive and responsive little mare who was just lovely. The accommodation was great and the meals were exceptional. Paula and Fiona are the most divine couple who offered authentic hospitality, wonderful company and were such sensational conversationalists. The other guides were great company on the rides and catered for the needs of the group well. They realised we liked a bit of adventure and accommodated! I would definitely recommend this holiday.’

The Margaret River Ride, Western Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Angela Rehbein

‘We came because of our love for horses but we didn’t expect to fall in love with so much more. Paul and Fiona’s beautiful property, their warmth and hospitality, their amazing team of helpers and finally their beautiful horses. Our hearts are full and we’re already longing to return. Thank you, Paul and Fiona, for taking such great care of us. We will be back.’

The Margaret River Ride, Western Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Ashleigh Dowman

‘Where do I begin!? A fabulous five days with Paul and Fiona, who are the hilarious and accommodating hosts of a beautiful tour. I entered the tour solo, but left with friends for life! It was a birthday present trip for myself and when I was welcomed with a birthday cake from the crew, I knew I was gonna have a great time. The location and accommodation were incredible, the food was amazing, the horses were lovely, the trails were never dull and the tack was super comfy! The polocrosse afternoon and the beach day were total highlights. I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun!’

The Margaret River Ride, Western Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Kim Knight

‘The whole Globetrotting experience from start to finish was amazing. I rode Freda, who was perfectly suited to my ability and such a pleasure to ride. Paul and Fiona were amazing and the girls who took us out on the rides were just delightful – super friendly and looked after us very well. Paul and Fiona’s property is set up so well, with the fireplace, fire pit and the cute barn house where we gathered at the end of the day for a nice glass of wine. The accommodation was amazing – the tents were beautifully presented and the beds were comfy. The food was all very yummy, especially the lasagna and the chicken curry! I will definitely be booking my next ride very soon. Thank you to everyone for making the experience a memorable one. You are all so wonderful!’

The Margaret River Ride, Western Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Donna McLoughlin

‘If you enjoy great food, great accommodation, capable horses and quality riding locations, then this would definitely be a fantastic ride for you. I joined my globetrotting mates whom I had met on The Kimberley Ride, which made for a fabulous reunion, and as always we were joined by a great group of horse lovers. My non-riding husband came along for the weekend as well, to enjoy the wonderful food, wine, hospitality, accommodation, and the fabulous attractions available nearby. I rode Patterson, Clancy and Tinker, and they were all beautiful!
Thank you to the team at Margaret River and Globetrotting for another fabulous experience!’

Lisa Daniel

‘This was my first ride with Globetrotting and what an unforgettably amazing experience it was! We had a packed three-day itinerary which was amazing right from the word go: beach swims, forest treks and stunning scenery. Cantering through the stunning national park was definitely a huge highlight for me, and getting to try polocrosse was also great. Paul was an amazing guide who was attentive in matching the right horse to each rider – I found my match with Frieda, who was a lovely responsive horse with tons of personality. Paul, Fiona and Vicki were so hospitable and I would not hesitate to do it all over again if given the chance!’

The Margaret River Ride, Western Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Ryan Bernhardt

‘The team at Margaret River are amazing. Their passion and knowledge are unmatched. Paul is a guru of all things equine. If I could spend longer just learning from his wisdom and experience, I would. Fiona was super friendly and welcoming. She made sure every rider was comfortable and set up with whatever we needed for the day. Vicki’s cooking was phenomenal. Seriously, she needs a Masterchef medal or something.
The horses are next level. I rode Richie, the big bulking black beauty. He was the perfect blend of strength, rugged good looks and character. He was happy to walk/trot/canter when asked, and happy to plod along when I needed a break. Boranup Forest was gorgeous, and probably my favourite trail. Polocrosse was an amazing activity, and definitely a new one for me.
This is a ride that you will never forget.’

The Margaret River Ride, Western Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Rachael Coffey

‘From the moment I arrived and was warmly welcomed by Fiona, the experience was wonderful. The company, the accommodation, the food and of course the rides were incredible! All of the guides were engaging, informative and accommodating; they made me feel very safe. My mare Cas was a beautiful soul and perfectly matched to me. All the horses were clearly well cared for and loved. We enjoyed trail rides to the berry farm and through the forest, played polocrosse and went on a beach ride. We also got to enjoy a chocolate tempering demonstration and a yoga class!
The beach ride was a dream come true for me. I’ve never ridden on the beach before, let alone swum a horse, and it was just perfect. I will never forget the experience. I couldn’t recommend this ride enough. Thanks again, Fiona and Paul – I’d go back in a heartbeat!’

The Margaret River Ride, Western Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Maelani Mills

‘The Margaret River Ride will always be a cherished memory and one of the best experiences of my life. It was a magical few days of adventure, exhilaration, connection, and complete escape from the world – much needed after months of lockdowns. I was paired with Nova, a kind and forward moving mare who loved her job. What a thrill to be cantering through the forest, swimming in the ocean and playing polocrosse with her! I was amazed at how much we did in the three days. They were so full of experiences, without feeling like too much. The food was hearty and delicious, but even more so in the company of our hosts and fellow guests. How lovely and connecting it felt to gather around a beautiful long table at the end of the day. Paul and Fiona have created a horse lover’s dream and their authentic warmth and hospitality is second to none. From the fellow riders to the incredible horses and the lush landscapes, this was a dream trip for me!’

The Margaret River Ride, Western Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Marion Ashworth

‘I booked The Margaret River Ride for May 2020, but due to COVID it was postponed until May 2021. This gave me the chance to get in some extra practice, as I don’t own a horse of my own. I am 71 years old, so I guess I could be classified as senior. I was never made to feel old compared to the others in the group, who were more in the 30-55 age group.
The operation of Globetrotting is a very professional one and their partnership with the team at Margaret River is very successful. Prior to the ride, Globetrotting’s Kate and Laura provided me with all the information I needed to be prepared for the five day adventure. On the ride, the Margaret River team and their beautiful horses did everything they could to make the group happy.
As a result, my newly-made friends and I have promised to meet up again on another Globetrotting ride somewhere else in Australia in the future. Well done, Globetrotting!’

The Margaret River Ride, Western Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Melinda Scott

‘If you’re thinking of doing a Globetrotting ride, you can’t go past The Margaret River Ride. The hosts, Fiona and Paul, run their business to a high standard and are very accommodating – you’ll want for nothing. The horses are exceptional and Paul selects the horse that is best suited to your riding ability and style. I rode Patterson, who was suited to me perfectly. The crew are just amazing – they kept us all safe and made sure that we all got the riding experience we were looking for.’

The Margaret River Ride, Western Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Claire Henderson

‘Having not ridden for over two years I needed a good, reliable horse to help build my confidence. Patterson was great – he went at his own pace for the first couple of days while I got my confidence back and figured him out. I always felt safe on him, and he didn’t put a foot wrong. I really enjoyed the ride to the brewery and the afternoon playing games and polocrosse.
The glamping tents were great – even though the nights were cool, I was nice and snug overnight. I loved all the different areas where you could sit and relax around the place, from the very fancy shed to the tree house. The meals were fantastic, with good variety and portion sizes. The long table lunch in the vineyard was amazing, and it was great to sample the local produce. I’d highly recommend this ride!’

The Margaret River Ride, Western Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Fiona Casey

‘The Margaret River Ride with Paul, Fiona, their team of gorgeous girls and our beautiful group of Globetrotters was so, so wonderful! The rides were amazing, the polocrosse was so much fun and the buzz of riding in the flag and bend race took me back to my gymkhana days! I just had to ‘press the buttons’ and my superstar mare Stacy did the rest. It was priceless! Paul and Fiona are to be commended on the high standard to which all of their horses are trained, including their care and well-being. All the meals were fabulous, particularly the vegetarian options for Charlotte and I. Fiona’s ‘Jimi Hendrix’ Cocktails were superb – I’m still dreaming about them! The tents were beautifully made up and so welcoming, with extra blankets and a lantern in each – just perfect. Swimming with our horses was the icing on a very sweet cake – my daughter Charlotte and I are still talking about it!’

The Margaret River Ride, Western Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Shannon Liebenberg

‘Everyone needs to experience this. I am a beginner, but at all times felt safe. My horse Patterson was matched to my level and he was perfect – I am missing him! The guides were all excellent and very helpful. This is probably one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life (and I’m in my 50s). I am so glad to have experienced this and can’t wait to book another Globetrotting journey. Age is no barrier!’

The Margaret River Ride, Western Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Michelle Hawkins

‘This truly unique country experience is for all horse lovers. I absolutely loved every minute of my Globetrotting experience in Margaret River. I have so many wonderful memories, but riding at a canter to a neighbouring farm and having a magnificent lunch under a beautiful shady tree is one of the best. My first horse, Tom, was a beautiful, tall gelding who was very quiet and careful with me. Tom helped me to relax back into riding. My second horse was Clancy, a beautiful chestnut with a very smooth canter, who also looked after me very well. All the horses were well fed, well trained and much loved. The polocrosse was amazing, the ladies and gents on the tour were all lots of fun, our glamping tents were perfect and the food was fresh and tasty. I’d give the whole experience 10 out of 10. As soon as you walk onto the farm, time slows, wine flows and the laughter begins. Don’t make excuses, just do it!’

The Margaret River Ride, Western Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Jen Groß

‘The quality of the horses and friendliness of our wonderful hosts Paul and Fiona take the first spot! Our guides were patient, knowledgeable and friendly and the food was wholesome, healthy and delicious. I was stoked to ride Lilly, the finest horse I’ve ever ridden since living in Australia; beautiful, willing, well educated and looked after. The highlight was cantering on the beach and then swimming bareback with the horses in the turquoise ocean. I highly recommend The Margaret River Ride for anyone who wants an unforgettable horse riding experience in a stunning location!’

The Margaret River Ride, Western Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Fiona Moriarty

‘What a beautiful scene this is, with friendly, relaxed hosts and staff, and fabulous Stock Horses. Huge fun, delicious food and very comfortable glamping tents. The accommodations at Jesters Flat are delightfully quirky and very well thought out, with real country Australian charm. I loved the picnic under the trees on day two – heavenly. I rode a mare called Nova, who was forward moving and very easy to handle. There were a few firsts for me, including having a go at polocrosse and actually riding my horse bareback in the ocean – yes, she really swam!’

Jacqueline Lane

‘This was epic! Paul and Fiona are the consummate hosts and care for their horses and guests impeccably. We were truly spoilt with beautiful, well mannered horses, stunning rides and all the comforts you never expect when camping. It truly was glamping! The food was delicious and plentiful, and I was especially impressed by how well they catered to all the dietary requirements. Boranup Forest was so beautiful and serene, the beach and swimming the horses was a very special experience and polocrosse is my new favourite sport. My horse Hugo was the perfect gentleman and exactly the right horse for me. Thank you, it was a very special week.’

Jane Hind

‘This ride was such an amazing experience. Knowing that I was a novice rider, Fiona and Paul matched me with George. He was brilliant for me, so responsive and sweet. It was hard to say goodbye! The knowledgeable guides, the caring and fabulous hosts, the delicious meals, one very talented cook, wine to die for, the great company of fellow travellers, the beautiful horses, the most blissful beds at the end of the day… all contributed to the best getaway ever. One I will never forget.’

The Margaret River Ride, Western Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Desiree Horne

‘My partner, Matt, booked The Margaret River Ride as my surprise birthday present (I know, the man is husband material to say the least). When he told me, I legitimately cried from how blown away and excited I was. It was an epic adventure to say the least. Matt had barely any riding experience and yet the team was never weighed down for it. Paul and the girls who guided us took the time to show Matt the ropes and make sure he was comfortable the entire time. They matched our horses PERFECTLY. By the end of the trip Matt and I wanted to take Confetti and Richie home with us. The food was awesome, Alex made it with love and always put on an impressive spread. Fiona and Paul are excellent hosts and I cannot rave about this experience enough.’

The Margaret River Ride, Western Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Elaine Brewster

‘This has been the best holiday I have ever done. Our guides were all fabulous and very knowledgeable. The other riders were all lovely and we are going to be catching up again for another ride. Nothing was a problem for the lovely Alex, our chef – best food ever. The glamping mattress and pillows were very comfortable, not like camping at all. I rode Cassie and she was perfect for me. I thoroughly enjoyed every ride on her. She was very well schooled and responsive, and loved being out in the bush. She excelled in the games and loved the beach ride. The games and polocrosse were the best laugh – we were still laughing hours later over dinner! This ride is excellent value for money and I would highly recommend it.’

The Margaret River Ride, Western Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Jacqui Zorzi

‘Wonderful hosts, wonderful staff and wonderful horses! A great experience riding through forests, vineyards and the beach – which we had all to ourselves! We were lucky to have great weather and an abundance of wildflowers. The scenery was beautiful. I especially loved riding in Boranup Forest, our ride to the vineyard for lunch and riding on the beach.
The whole package was absolutely fabulous. We were kept busy and entertained. Alex was our chef and he kept us very well fed with fresh and tasty meals. Paul and Fiona are fantastic hosts and Paul has many stories to tell. The guides are always friendly and helpful; they love what they are doing and love the horses. An amazing holiday to remember.’

The Margaret River Ride, Western Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Margaret Cala

‘This was the best holiday I’ve had in ages. I ride at home, but this trip provided all the things you could wish for – lovely accommodation in a beautiful setting with warm, friendly hosts and a great party of ‘fellow trekkers’. I rode Stacey, a sweet-natured mare who was sensible and willing, with a lovely comfortable canter. The food was fantastic – prepared by local people using local produce. Our guides were friendly, good-natured, and a wealth of knowledge. Nothing was too much trouble for them. Each day brought new adventures, new things to see and new places, with rides through forest, across open paddocks and on the beach. I would definitely recommend this holiday!’

The Margaret River Ride, Western Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Yvonne Suares

‘Some 30 years ago, a Quarter Horse I rode
In the mighty Rocky Mountains of Colorado.
A dream was formed that one day,
I would ride again along some other scenic way.
2020 was the lucky year, when the stars had aligned
And I could go riding one more time.
Montana was my destination, but the pandemic came
And my holiday left… until who knows when?
Then close to home, me and some friends
Found Margaret River, and set off for a long weekend.
There was laughter and focus, marvels and wonder
With ample natural beauty out yonder.

Thank you Fiona, Paul and the crew, and thank you to my fellow riders… you all gave me a time to remember. A special thank you Delila, Patterson and Sky, the gorgeous horses without whom my dream would not have come true. You made my holiday an experience to remember and I look forward to seeing you again.’

The Margaret River Ride, Western Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Kathryn Bowden

‘Absolutely fabulous! The ‘camp’ and tents were very comfortable, the horses were amazing and an absolute joy to ride, and the staff were very friendly, welcoming, outgoing, and made you feel instantly at home. They were also great with tips, tricks and pointing out things of interest on the rides. Paul and Fiona were amazing hosts and Alex the cook provided plentiful and delicious meals that were suitable for all dietary requirements. Both of the horses I rode were fantastic and if asked, I would have been happy to ride any of the guest horses I saw. All were well trained, well kept and beautifully mannered. I enjoyed this ride so much that I’m looking at dates to book again!’

The Margaret River Ride, Western Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Greg Kary

‘One of the best holidays I’ve had. Each day’s ride was wonderful, followed by great food, good conversation, deep sleep to recharge the batteries, and then do it all again the next day. Paul and Fiona were excellent hosts and the support staff looked after all our needs. The horses were all in great shape with terrific natures, a testament to Paul and Fiona’s management. The beach ride was certainly a highlight, but the other days spent traversing the local bush were just as special. I loved the whole trip.’

The Margaret River Ride, Western Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Anna Deykin

‘This ride exceeded all expectations. Beautiful countryside, such lovely people and beautiful horses. I loved seeing my old horse friends of 30 years and we all had such great time.
I rode Bates and she was fantastic. I wished I could bring her home! All the horses were so well trained and very well matched with their riders.
Paul and Fiona run an exceptional place and had such lovely staff who all seemed to love what they do. Nothing was too much trouble. I loved all the extra things: the art gallery, berry farm, indigenous experience with Mitch, farrier, cocktail party, polocrosse. And the beach ride was sensational!
A friend once told me that with holidays, if you had a great time, then it wasn’t expensive. This one was worth every cent. I can’t recommend it highly enough.’

The Margaret River Ride, Western Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Alice Scotts

‘If you’re reading this and wondering whether to book The Margaret River Ride… Do it! You will not regret it. Not only was the riding spectacular and varied but the hosts, Paul & Fiona, were the icing on the cake to this incredible experience. The rest of the crew were amazing, too. The glamping tents were beautiful with comfy beds, sheets, blankets and even hot water bottles!
The food was outstanding – healthy and fresh. The horses were mainly Australian Stock Horses and they were wonderful. Mine was a pretty young bay called Nellie who knew her job and was very sweet. The highlight was the beach ride! A complete ‘Bucket List’ experience. After a long beautiful canter we took off our tack, boots and hats and swam with the horses – aaaahmaaaazing!’

The Margaret River Ride, Western Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Louise Capp

‘I can highly recommend The Margaret River Ride. The horses are lovely, well mannered, healthy and expertly matched to their rider’s ability. I was matched with George, who was a real gentleman and gave me a perfect ride. The beach ride was my biggest highlight.
Paul and Fiona were wonderful hosts. I loved spending time on the rides talking to Paul and then talking to Fiona back at camp and over dinner; they are special people.
Sally and Keith were amazing cooks and I really enjoyed their company. The support crew were all delightful and made our ride safe and fun.
The accommodation was really comfortable, from the tents and beds to the living room and fire pit. The whole experience was a dream.’

The Margaret River Ride, Western Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Kristin Zizek

‘A well organised team of two and four legs. Paul, Fiona and staff, thank you for an experience of a lifetime. Many firsts conquered for me!
The guides and staff could not have been any better. They were down to earth and made everyone feel at home. So accommodating, and they all went above and beyond. I loved the long table gatherings for dinner.
I was well suited to my mare and my favourite experience was the beach ride. I loved the location, too – Margaret River is absolutely spectacular!’

The Margaret River Ride, Western Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Michelle Dobber

‘The Margaret River Ride was exactly what I needed. Lovely horses, fabulous food, delicious wine, terrific people and great entertainment. I was taken slightly out of my comfort zone every day, which I’m sure has made me a better rider. I rode the gorgeous Bates, who was fabulously responsive and fun to ride. Paul, Fiona, Keith and the girls just made me feel like family and nothing was too much trouble. I thoroughly recommend this trip – I hope to be back.’

The Margaret River Ride, Western Australia - Globetrotting Horse Riding Holidays

Julie Hill

‘This ride was a dream of mine. And it was a dream come true. One of the best and most fun experiences I’ve had. The only problem is that it’s all I can think about and I am already looking for the next one! I rode Evie, and I was happy because she was very different to my horse, which was good for me. I felt safe and trusted her. The guides were lovely people – very attentive, friendly and accommodating. I especially loved swimming with the horses and playing polocrosse.’

The Margaret River Ride, Western Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Francesca Harvey

‘We wanted to say a huge thank you to the amazing team at Margaret River for the most wonderful stay. Everything was perfect. The horses are amazing, food delicious, glamping cozy with beautiful attention to detail, and the entire team an absolute pleasure to be with. Our guides were exceptional. Their knowledge, patience and professionalism was of a very high standard. They were relaxed, personable and eager to give us the best experience they could offer. We loved the riding experiences, particularly cantering on the white sandy beach, swimming with the horses and of course the Polocrosse! I loved sharing this with my daughter, who said it was her best holiday ever! Our horses were amazing. We rode George and Nelly. They were happy, well cared for, beautifully trained and good natured. We will treasure the memories forever.’

The Margaret River Ride, Western Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Heidi Stoll

‘The Margaret River Ride was amazing. It’s something my childhood self could only have dreamed of doing. I rode Evie and she was fantastic. Beautifully educated, lovely temperament, responsive, and didn’t put a hoof wrong. I got to try things I otherwise wouldn’t have, like polocrosse and riding in the ocean, as well as seeing the beautiful Western Australian scenery. The beach ride was a highlight and I’ll never forget it. Meeting Mitch and learning about her culture and the history of the Aboriginal community in Margaret River was great as well. I feel lucky to have experienced it. The staff were great, very friendly and down to earth, and just incredible at what they do. The meals were fantastic and well balanced and the accommodation was clean and cosy. The communal areas and the fire created a lovely atmosphere. As someone who only took up riding as an an adult, it was great to be immersed in horse activities for hours, with the same lovely mare each day. I improved and learnt so much.’

The Margaret River Ride, Western Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Brianna Seale

‘I’m just back from The Margaret River Ride and it was seriously amazing!! Everything was perfect – the food, accomodation, hospitality, horses, rides and experience. It was a trip of a lifetime! The polocrosse and the beach ride were the standouts for me, but also the rides through the national parks with all the wildflowers in bloom. I rode Poppy. She was just perfect. I have done a lot of riding in my life, and she was everything I was hoping for on this ride. A really lovely mare with no annoying habits and a good forward canter and trot.
The food was fantastic. There was so much choice, and being a vegetarian, everything was very thoughtfully prepared. The beetroot brownies were to die for!
I enjoyed every minute of this trip. Many thanks to Paul, Fiona, Keith and Sally, and all the other horsey girls for making it so special. I will be back!’

The Margaret River Ride, Western Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Ali Cullum

‘I cannot think of a better way to spend a holiday – spending time with your favourite animals, wonderful people and in a wonderful place. The whole trip was stand out – our guides, the staff, the horses, the places we rode to and the group we were with, the food – everything was amazing. Paul and Fiona were hosts ‘extraodinaire’, and Keith and Sally likewise. I rode the amazing Gillie and really enjoyed her. She even enabled me to play polocrosse! I could not ask for a more perfect holiday!’

The Margaret River Ride, Western Australia - Globetrotting Horse Riding Holidays

Sarah Taylor

‘The accommodation and especially the food were outstanding. All of the staff were lovely and prepared to go that extra mile to make us feel welcome. The guides were very experienced and knew the horses and the bush environment well. The hospitality of everyone was terrific. I was very happy with the horse I rode. As a nervous rider, I was assured he was very quiet and sensible.’

The Margaret River Ride, Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Julie Keane

‘The Margaret River Ride is an amazing mix of bush, beach and fun games! Amazingly well educated horses, great accommodation and fabulous hosts and guides. I was riding Skye, who was fabulous – a perfect temperament. She would wander along with the group during the bush rides and then go hell for leather during our bending races and game of polocrosse! Paul and Fiona were amazing and worked tirelessly to ensure we had a great time. All of our guides were also amazing, ensuring we saw a variety of landscapes, and had a good mix of paces. The cultural heritage element, with Mitch providing excellent insight into the Noongar peoples, added to the experience.’

The Margaret River Ride, Western Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Sandra Talman

‘My daughter (12) and I are not long back from the most amazing trip to Margaret River. This was our first Globetrotting experience and we loved it. Paul and Fiona are wonderful hosts. The tents are both glamorous and spacious. The food and hospitality was beyond my expectations.
Each day brought something different. There was plenty of time in the saddle followed by an optional activity in the evening.
The rides take you through the forest, on (and in) the beach, along fire trails and over large paddocks. It was fabulous for my daughter to experience such freedom and space as opposed arena riding and structured competitions. The trip had the unintended result of her being so much more confident and calm with her own pony now she is back home. The best part of the entire trip for her was the games afternoon, which was so much fun.
We will return!’

The Margaret River Ride - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Kate Stanbury

‘The Margaret River Ride was truly the best five days of my life! We had the most amazing time riding through the WA bush, seeing blooming wildflowers and mobs of kangaroos, all atop our wonderfully educated horses. I rode George, who was an absolute sweetie. He was kind, gentle, reliable, always willing to go forward when needed, and perfectly suited to me. Paul and Fiona were the most amazing hosts, looking after each and every one us, entertaining us with stories, and making sure everyone was having a great time. We had delicious home-cooked food every day, extra non-horsey activities each evening (chocolate decorating and the cocktail evening were highlights!), and warm, cosy accommodation. The most unforgettable experience was riding George in the crystal clear, blue waters of the Indian Ocean. We got to canter down the beach with the wind at our backs under a perfect blue sky, before untacking and taking the horses swimming, which was an experience I’ll treasure forever. If you want to really experience WA and its stunning southwest, then I would highly recommend this ride – it has something for everyone!’

The Margaret River Ride - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Kate Cadet

‘While riding through the Margaret River this November, the next game-changing chapter in my book of memorable Globetrotting experiences literally wrote itself.
I undertook this trip as a solo rider and every minute was inspiring and totally immersive. I rode hands-down the finest horses of all my horseback adventures to date, sharing each day with 10 other like-minded, genuinely fabulous and accomplished riders. Our hosts Paul and Fiona, together with the entire hard-working crew, delivered a special and thoughtful itinerary that I wholeheartedly recommend for anyone wanting to explore this stunning region. Memories for a lifetime right there!’

The Margaret River Ride, Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Therese Quinn

‘The meals and accommodation were amazing and our lunches in the bush were beautiful – we were very spoilt. Fiona and Paul were fantastic hosts. I rode Nelly, one of Paul’s home bred polo ponies. We got to know each other better each day, and I enjoyed riding her. The whole ride was great, but the highlight was definitely our games day. I hadn’t done bending, flag races or polocrosse since my younger days – we had a ball and lots of laughter! I would definitely recommend this ride.’

Edwina Wills

‘I couldn’t recommend this ride highly enough. The hosts and guides were fabulous, knowledgeable and fun, and the horses were all so well matched to everyone in our group. I rode Chrissy – she was perfect. Very steady and reliable, but happy to go forward as needed. Paul and Fiona were amazing hosts and the food was wholesome and delicious. The tents and beds were super comfy, even in chilly weather. The rides were a great mix of trekking through stunning bushland covered in wildflowers, to wide open spaces and beaches. And the polocrosse afternoon was so much fun! I loved every second and will be talking about this experience for years to come.’

Carmel Perrott

‘The Margaret River Ride, with its little touches of luxury, beautiful bush and beach, and great company was amazingly great. The food was perfect and it was great that Sally and Keith (the cooks) and our hosts, Fiona and Paul, were able to eat with us each day. The glamping tents were great, too. The add-ons made this trip very good value for money: wine, beer, etc available each night; tea coffee, etc always available at the camp; the cocktail night, the Aboriginal experience, the fantastic accommodation, and more. I rode Rob Roy and he suited me perfectly. I had a ball on him – he did everything I asked. On him, I was able to play polocrosse and swim in the ocean for the very first time ever. I would definitely recommend this ride!’

The Margaret River Ride, Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Erica Donnard

‘I was very happy with this ride! All the horses were great. My partner, Roy, rode Patto, who was just perfectly suited to him. I rode three horses, and all were fantastic in their different ways. I especially love the games day, the beach ride and the gallop through the bush. The guides couldn’t have been better. Lovely people, second-to-none hospitality, and lots of local knowledge and experience happily shared. The glamping tents were comfortable, spacious and clean. The food was fantastic – big thanks to Keith!’

Heather Wallach

‘I came to riding later in life. This ride introduced me to experiences I have never been exposed to previously. Partaking in activities such as barrel and flag racing and polocrosse increased my riding confidence. Fiona, Paul, Sally, Keith and all the team where so hospitable and friendly, making this a truly memorable experience.’

Globetrotting horse riding holiday Margaret River

Roger Meulan

‘A big thanks to Paul and Fiona, Keith and Sally, the wonderful girls, Jack the dog and Rosie the kangaroo, who arrived most mornings for a snack. A truly wonderful experience.’

horse riding holiday Margaret River

Jo Clemens

‘Every day of the Margaret River Ride was perfect. It was a special mother daughter bonding holiday. To be able to have one-on-one with my 13 year old daughter is extremely rare, so we both loved every second together, sharing our love of everything horsey.

We loved Jesters Flat glamping and the dining room. Paul and Fiona and Sally and Keith were lovely. We learnt so much about the bush, the area, history, culture, polocrosse, horses. Sally and Keith did an amazing job with feeding us all.

The horses were educated and fantastic. My daughter rode George, who was an absolute gentleman, and she fell in love with him after day 1. I rode Poppy. We had very similar personalities, so we got along perfectly and both loved the polocrosse!

Those 5 days with my daughter will be cherished forever. It is the start of many more special mini-breaks together.’

Mel Fairbanks

“Amazing experience, horses were fabulous, as were our wonderful hosts Paul, Fiona and the whole team!”

Louise Spencer

“Paul and Fiona were absolutely lovely hosts as well as the staff. Nothing was ever a problem and they were all really happy to have a chat!”

Christine Kerr

“The accommodation was perfect and we ate and drank extremely well!”

Jennifer West

“I would highly recommend this trip to anyone looking for a fun ride with some good fast-paced intervals.”

Lieu Chi Nguyen

“Paul and his staff were always there and I loved especially that there was always a member of staff at the back to assist.”

Susie Edwards

“This ride was one – if not ‘the’ – highlight of my life. I am hooked!”

Lisa Murnane

“Loved my Margaret River Ride Globetrotting holiday. Definitely a ‘must do’ ride with beautifully cared for horses and property.”

Monica Foster

“There are not enough words in the thesaurus to describe how amazing the Margaret River Ride is!

Lee Powrie

“All in all a WONDERFUL, wonderful time!”

Margaret Poulter

“The whole experience was unique and unforgettable!”

Olivia Benefield

“Paul and Fiona were fantastic, as were all their staff. I’ve never found a horse riding operation where the staff were so happy and had such good rapport with one another.”

Leanne Ricardo

“I highly recommend the Margaret River Ride, you will not be disappointed.”

Belinda Grimes

“Take me back! We didn’t want to leave – seriously… and immediately after leaving, we were having withdrawals… I couldn’t recommend it more, and can’t wait to go back.”

Tracy Malone

“The food is excellent, the wine is even better and the setting is to die for! Paul and Fiona were so accommodating to each of our needs.”

Pauline Crawford

“We arrived as clients and left as friends – and we will all be back!”

Vanessa Peltier

“Best hosts ever! Fiona is so gorgeous and kind, Paul so friendly and funny.”

Terena Solomons

“Five fun days on fantastic horses with friendly hosts exploring the Margaret River forests, farms and vineyards. Fabulous local food and wine.”

Emma Stein

“The atmosphere at Margaret River is special and addictive. I had a truly lovely time.”

Janine Hanks

“The Margaret River Ride crew were just fantastic. You won’t find better hosts in Australia.”