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Feedback for 'Touch of the Highlands Ride, Iceland' Ride

Touch of the Highlands ride, Iceland, Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Frances Lipschitz

‘The Touch of the Highlands ride was absolutely incredible! The horses were amazing, our hosts and guides top-notch, and the scenery was fascinating and beautiful, particularly when the sun came out! We enjoyed long, fast tolts up and down rocky mountain passes and across wide meadows and streams, all the while pushing or leading a herd of 64 free Icelandic horses – that was really an unforgettable experience. We finished the week trying our luck at the famous flying pace, which was just the cherry on top of a week of amazing riding. We couldn’t recommend this trip more highly and would love to do it again!’

Touch of the Highlands Ride, Iceland - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Kate Testerman

‘I’m not sure if I can adequately convey how amazing, wonderful, spectacular, and life-changing this ride was! From the moment I was picked up in Reykjavik, every moment was perfection! The food was wonderful, the guides and staff were friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful, the scenery was jaw-dropping, and the horses! My god, I will dream about those horses for years to come. I know it seems like hyperbole, but every day was more amazing than the next. I loved riding up into the highlands through fog and across what seemed like a lunar landscape, as much as I enjoyed riding through a valley next to a bubbling stream, looking up at cliffs that seemed to be hiding dragons in their depths. And the final day, riding across the river delta, was like something out of a dream. I can’t wait for my next Globetrotting adventure, and my next trip back to Iceland!’

Touch of the Highlands Ride, Iceland - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Thea Evans

‘As someone who grew up riding but now doesn’t have much access to it, I was nervous before this ride – I honestly didn’t know what to expect. But it turned out to be one of the coolest things I have ever done in my life. The Icelandic horse is such a unique and wonderful breed. The guides were amazing, the views were outstanding, and the food far exceeded our expectations. It was really cool to see the different landscapes of Iceland while enjoying the serenity of riding horses. I have a super stressful job and this ride helped me calm down and get back into balance. I would highly recommend it to everyone!’

Touch of the Highlands Ride, Iceland - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Jackie Mathison

‘The Icelandic horses are so fun. I loved every minute of riding them. They are willing, agile and very well taken care of, and the tölt is amazing to ride. The guides were excellent. Riding with the herd was a really cool experience and Iceland is a very striking country to ride in. I’d highly recommend this trip!’

Touch of the Highlands Ride, Iceland - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Lindsey Barnes

‘I was nervous about traveling solo to Iceland at first, but I am so glad I decided to take the plunge. The scenery is take-your-breath-away spectacular. All of our hosts and guides were so friendly and amazing. We spent more than a few nights entertaining one another with our favorite songs. The real draw, however, was the horses. I have dreamed of riding these fabulous horses since I was a little girl, and the reality blew away my expectations. It was truly an experience where you have to pinch yourself to make sure it’s real. They were the friendliest, most curious herd I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. Riding the tölt was a personal dream come true. It was like gliding around on a magic carpet! Traveling with and interacting with the herd of 70 horses made me remember why I fell in love with horses and riding in the first place. It was truly an amazing ride.’

Touch of the Highlands Ride, Iceland - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Kathy Dusek

‘Absolutely the best trip of my lifetime (I am 58). The staff were wonderful and cheerful. Nele was exceptional – always happy and positive. She made sure you were comfortable and happy with your horse. All the horses were amazing. The accommodation was great – a beautiful location, very clean and neat, and all amenities available. It was just a wonderful time. We actually got to herd some of the horses – it was very exciting!’

Touch of the Highlands Ride, Iceland - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Cassandra Monks

‘Iceland was amazing. It was worth every cent. I got to see and ride through amazing scenery like glaciers, mountains, rivers, canyons and amazing valleys, all while mounted on sturdy Icelandic horses. The horses were amazing, very well trained and well behaved. Some of the best I’ve ridden – they stole my heart. The guides were very knowledgeable, friendly and easy to talk to. Can’t wait to head back there and do it all over again!’

Touch of the Highlands Ride, Iceland - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Josie Kleinitz

‘I still haven’t found the words to adequately describe my experience in Iceland. Incredible doesn’t quite cut it. So here is a quick run-down:
The horses – Absolute troopers! Getting to regularly swap horses was so much fun. Each was different in their own unique and quirky way. And despite being part of a huge herd, they were still interested and curious to spend time with us. Plus, there is nothing quite as peaceful walking through the herd at the end of an amazing day of riding and being greeted by curious faces nuzzling at your pockets in case you have treats.
The guides – Fantastic! Incredibly knowledgeable about the horses, the Icelandic Sagas and the history of the area. They took the time to get to know their guests and did a great job matching horses to guests.
The riding & scenery – WOW! There aren’t many places in the world where you can sit on a horse and look across a glacial valley to not one, but three massive glaciers! We rode over lava fields, through rocky desert country, into a valley untouched by the modern era and across grassy river plains. In some places it felt like we had travelled back in time to before human evolution.
The food – Magnificent! Fresh, local produce transformed into mouthwatering meals that showcased many traditional Icelandic dishes.
The whole experience was so much more than I expected!’

Touch of the Highlands Ride, Iceland - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Rebecca Clemmey

‘The Icelandic weather gods smiled on us for our week’s riding, wanting us to see as much of this amazing country as possible. From lush green valleys to rocky volcanic deserts, riding through birch ‘forests’ through to riding in sight of three of the biggest glaciers in Iceland.
This ride is good for the soul. By the end of the week you will emerge from the wilderness refreshed in spirit (even if the body is exhausted and desperately seeking a soak in the hot tub!) The plucky Icelandic horses are incredibly surefooted. Within moments of mounting, you find yourself tlting along on an Icelandic horse, in Iceland!! (I was a little bit excited!) I would never ride any other horse over the terrain we covered at the speeds we rode, but those horses took us everywhere we needed to go and got us there safely. Travelling with the herd was an unforgettable experience and meant that we had the ability to ride a variety of different horses and have a selection of favourites to choose from on the last day.’

Sharon Rowles

‘The whole trek was a standout experience. I was happy with all the horses I rode. Such surefooted, willing, safe and affectionate wee souls. I loved the experience of all riding and being together. I felt included even before we set foot in the stirrups. Our guides, Nele, Gracina, Martin plus owner guides Hjalti and Magnus were all superb. Always fun, helpful and patient. Iceland is a very expensive destination; however, this ride was above and beyond what I expected, so I feel I had value for money, especially when you consider the high standards of the food, accommodation, tours, flights, horses, riding, etc.

Take the tölt and sign up for a ride in Iceland. Let Globetrotting handle the details. They will not disappoint.’

Peta Ruiter

‘I’ve been following Globetrotting for more than 12 years, dreaming of an adventure that would return me to the saddle. I spent almost the first 20 years of my life on the back on a horse, but not having ridden or been near a horse for the last 20 years, I was so reluctant (and frankly terrified) to return to the saddle. But… one day last November, on the commute to work, an email titled ‘Is it the right time?’ popped into my mailbox featuring the new tours to Iceland. By that afternoon, I had confirmed and paid a deposit! I am not an impulsive type, but this was THE best holiday decision I’ve ever made. Amazing, fantastic, incredible in every possible way. The Icelandic horses are the most beautiful creatures, each with their own personality. It fed my soul in every possible way, and I made meaningful connections with my fellow globetrotters and the team who looked after us. I even learnt how to sing Icelandic songs! I will be back – the hardest decision is where to next!’

Touch of the Highlands Ride, Iceland - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Natalie Allen

‘Iceland, the land of fire and ice, is nothing short of spectacular. I had the best holiday of my life and can’t recommend it highly enough. I have never seen such a group of sad faces at breakfast on the last day of the tour! Everyone says, ‘Oh it’s on my bucket list.’ I say, stop dreaming and just book it. Today.
Icelandic horses are everywhere in Iceland and are a big part of the culture. I thought that I had arrived in Horse Heaven Happyland! Magnus and his team were fabulous. I learned so much about the rockstar Icelandic horses and the culture, history and people of Iceland. At one point, we were all singing a traditional Icelandic song in 4 or 5 languages! We had a small group of 5 guests who were from all around the world and we had the best time. Icelandic horses are such little goers, with amazing energy, spirit, and fun five gaits unique to them, and they are really surefooted. I fell in love with a few and wanted to pack them into my bag to take home with me. If you want an amazing experience filled with amazing horses, amazing people and memories for a lifetime, then just do it. I started planning a return trip before I had even left!’

Kat Spencer

‘Since I’ve come back from Iceland, whenever anyone asks me anything about it, all I can say is ‘amazing’. I find it so hard to put my feelings into words. Every single part of the holiday was incredible. The horses were beautiful little beings with such character, who gave everything they had for you – they taught me to trust again. The landscape is awesome, so enormous it makes you feel very small and insignificant. The people were so friendly, knowledgeable and passionate about their country. I absolutely loved Iceland – amazing.’

Kathy Edgell

‘Everyone in Iceland was friendly, helpful and wonderful. The guides were amazing. They provide remarkable service and experience. Each horse has his/her own personality and I enjoyed changing horses to experience so many. The last day of riding was my favorite. It became green and the rivers and steep declines/inclines were awesome. All the food was amazing. Kate and Laura were great in providing detailed, helpful information!’

Anastasia Miros

‘I am unable to leave a testimonial which sufficiently (or even remotely) describes the beauty and wonder of Iceland. It leaves me speechless. Photos do reality an injustice! I still experience goosebumps upon reflection of tölting alongside a 70+ strong herd of Icelandic horses through black-stone moonscapes, whimsical green fields and relentless glacial rivers. Since returning home, I feel like an abstaining addict who thinks/talks/blurts chronically of the people, places and horses (not ponies) of this awe-inspiring and mesmerising experience, itching to return. Here’s hoping – I just might!’

Ainslie Maher

‘This ride was absolutely AMAZEBALLS! Starting with the awesome crew, home cooked meals, and mountain huts. The crew was super efficient, very friendly and ran a tight ship. The Icelandic horses were the best horses I’ve ever ridden. So tough, intelligent and extremely well behaved. I always felt safe. I am totally in love with them and devastated I couldn’t pack several of them in my suitcase to bring home. The scenery was AH-MAAAZ-ING! One minute it’s grassy plains for days, the next it’s totally volcanic, then a giant glacier, then mountains and rivers. Every day was something totally different and exciting. I never got bored. 20 out of 10!’