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Feedback for 'Twin Coast Adventure, New Zealand' Ride

Twin Coast Adventure, New Zealand, Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Kim Boast

‘On beautifully educated, super fit, forward-moving horses, we rode the endless beaches with not a soul in sight. Sand dunes that go for miles, endless pine forests, farmland with stunning ocean views – this ride has it all! Our guide Jane was an absolute legend with so much knowledge and patience, and Laura was super helpful. I rode Paula and Izzy, and both were beautiful to ride. I’ve never ridden a gaited horse before – I LOVED them and their ambling! The best riding experience I’ve ever had!’

Twin Coast Adventure, North Island, New Zealand - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Tanya Limbrick

‘An amazing experience with a beautiful group of people. Jane, Lorah and Gary were wonderful hosts, friendly and knowledgeable, and great horse people. I was lucky to be teamed with the beautiful Rocky, who was my perfect match: willing, forward-moving, and a lovely kind soul. The Northland is a beautiful and unusual environment; we cantered along deserted beaches, rode through whisper-quiet pine forests and slithered across incredible sand dunes. The trip to Cape Reinga was a highlight, especially surfing down the giant sand dunes at Te Paki! We were fortunate to see bands of wild horses, and the stallions guarding their mares were just majestic. At the end of each day we returned to great food, hot showers, comfy cabins and great company. I absolutely recommend this ride!’

Twin Coast Adventure, New Zealand - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Jane Thompson

‘If you want to see the most amazing, diverse scenery, wild horses, AND ride on both the east & west coast of New Zealand, then do not miss the Twin Coast Adventure. After two false starts (thanks to Covid), I managed to complete this fabulous ride in early December. I rode the paint mare, Cilla, and had a great time on her! She was especially fun to canter on the beach. Our guides were very knowledgeable about their horses and environment. We were blessed with beautiful weather as well, which topped off a fun few days.’

The Twin Coast Adventure, North Island, New Zealand - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Alana Rowley

‘The Twin Coast Adventure was my first Globetrotting experience and what can I say… WOW. We really got to see it all. We rode over a myriad of terrains, cantered on pristine beaches on both the east and west coast of New Zealand, meandered through bush and forests, saw wild horses, made our way across and over stunning sand dunes and swam bareback in the ocean. We got to do some sightseeing (Cape Reinga) and had the opportunity to go sand boarding. I was matched with the most stunningly unique, beautifully natured and safe horse – Lizzy! The accommodation was lovely and our guides were knowledgeable, patient and helpful. I have absolutely no regrets, other than that I didn’t book this ride sooner!’

Twin Coast Adventure, North Island, New Zealand - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Jennifer Wray

‘The Far North is a beautiful part of New Zealand and what better way to see it than from Jane’s amazingly well trained and responsive horses, led by exceptional guides Cory and Tanya.
From the beautiful beaches of the east coast to the stunning forests and wild horses on the west, this is definitely an adventure that reinvigorates the soul. Long canters, logs to jump, wandering along on the buckle of the reins, great conversations and plenty of laughs. You can’t really ask for more. My two standout experiences were seeing two wild stallions rearing up defending their mares about 50 metres from us, and the last ride: low sun over the beach at Henderson Bay, seeing rainbows while we swam (which was frickin’ awesome!), then heading up to the other end of the beach where the dolphins joined us and surfed the waves chasing fish. What a way to finish the ride! I feel lucky to have such an experience in my own country, and recommend that anyone from NZ or afar experience what Jane and the team have to offer.’

Chris Yandell

‘This was my first Globetrotting ride and it was amazing. I went there to ride horses and that’s just what I did. I got to ride though big pine forests, canter along beautiful beaches, ride across sandy deserts, see wild horses and get very close to them, and swim in the ocean with my horse. My horse Paula did everything I asked of her, she was fantastic. I wish I could have taken her home with me. The cabins we stayed in were warm and comfortable and the food was delicious. And a shout out to my guides Jane and Cory, they were awesome. We had lots of laughs and good yarns. Everything was spot on, I could have stayed there another five days!’

Jocelyn Laine

‘A fabulous five day riding adventure on very well trained horses. Full days in the saddle with huge variety in where we rode, which meant that there was never a dull moment. I loved riding Gemma – a spunky Anglo-Arab/Welsh mare. She was a perfect match for me, well trained and very responsive to the aids with a soft mouth. All our guides and staff were very helpful, cheerful, informative and great company. Spectacular scenery and great company. The whole package couldn’t have been better!’

Twin Coast Adventure, North Island, New Zealand - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Robyn Smale

‘The Twin Coast ride is such a wonderful, genuine Kiwi experience from the back of a horse. Jane and Ken Dromgool have incredible passion and knowledge about horsemanship, their team are equally knowledgeable and their horses are as individual as their owners, which means you’re guaranteed a great ride! The trip up to Cape Reinga and bareback swimming at Henderson Bay was the icing on the cake. It was such a pleasure to ride over such a variety of terrain on incredibly surefooted, responsive horses. Everyone in the group was happy with the horses chosen for them. Nose-to-tail trail ponies these are not, which was fantastic. To top it off, our group felt like it was hand-picked. So many laughs and good times! Do it!’

Twin Coast Adventure, North Island, New Zealand - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Julie Debono

‘Jane, Chelsea and Lisa were absolutely incredible. They are beautiful people who you just enjoy being around. I was in awe of their knowledge, ability, energy and enthusiasm for a job they clearly love. All three of them were patient, kind and willing to help at all times. Their horsemanship was evident in the beautifully mannered, surefooted horses that we were privileged to ride. I was fortunate to ride Dolly, a 17 hand Clydesdale cross, who was willing to press forward in any terrain. We rode through native forests, slid down golden sand dunes and rode along the beach at sunset. The highlight was swimming my 650kg gentle giant in the surf… that was a bucket list tick for me!’

Twin Coast Adventure, North Island, New Zealand - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Jo Booth

‘The Twin Coast Adventure was one of those magical experiences where you ride beautifully trained horses in pristine countryside. The hosts were not only profoundly good horse people but also wonderful hosts who worked hard to make sure we loved every minute. Long beach canters, sliding down sand dunes, wild horses and forest pathways. A beautiful, isolated and diverse landscape explored on horses who keep you safe and thrilled with equal measure. I would retreat back at moment’s notice. Thank you for the brand new ‘happy place’ memories that will get me through the next 12 months while I plan my next Globetrotting adventure.’

Twin Coast Adventure, North Island, New Zealand - Globetrotting horse riding holidays


‘From the scenery that rocked my world, to the sunset lopes across endless beaches, to the most beautiful horse in the world who was willing and eager to explore with me – I loved every minute of this ride. I had the great pleasure of riding Queenie and she was so much fun. We were happy with each other from the first moment. She was excited to get a gung-ho rider and I was excited to get a keen-to-play pony. It was bliss. She was almost human in many of the ways that she responded to me. Jane and her team were professional and fun and kept us well fed, safe and entertained. The Twin Coast lookout blew my mind, as did the bareback beach swim. This was a brilliant, bucket list adventure. If you get the chance, do it.’

The Twin Coast Adventure, North Island, New Zealand - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Michelle Klocek

‘Our Twin Coast ride was fabulous. The Far North climate and scenery is fantastic. To ride on the beaches and through pine forests sighting wild horses was so exciting. The last day was my favourite, when we rode down to Henderson Bay and swam our horses in the sea. Such fun! Jane and her staff, Chelsea and Tania, were fabulous. Along with a crazy group of women, we laughed our way through the week. I would highly recommend this ride.’

Twin Coast Adventure, North Island, New Zealand - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Fiona Johnson

‘I’m not long back in Australia after the most wonderful riding experience in the north of New Zealand! It’s hard to settle down.
Ken and Jane and their dedicated staff host a brilliant riding experience! Beautiful, well schooled, kind horses. If you are honest about your riding experience and what type of horse and tack you prefer, they will offer you the perfect match! With an amazing group of funny, mad, accomplished horsewomen, I rode across and down vast sand dunes, walked and cantered through beautiful native vegetation and tall kauri trees, and enjoyed extended canters along majestic, pristine beaches. Then we swam and surfed on horseback! The scenery was breathtaking. Our cabin accommodation at Henderson Bay was newly constructed and had so much character. Magic!
If you are considering this ride, don’t think about it, JUST DO IT! You will have the ride of your life. I just want to go back and do it all again!’

The Twin Coast Adventure, Bay of Islands, New Zealand - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Vicki Hooper

‘The Twin Coast Adventure is unique in many ways. Northland is still quite a remote part of New Zealand. Ken and Jane have an idyllic farm and a fabulous setup. Their horses have been trained well and I loved both the horsemanship lessons and the rides out. Henderson Bay was a highlight for me, and the rides out from there sensational. There were no people, except for the beautiful people riding – a remote hideaway with the horses. It was quite hot, but riding in the forestry was very cool, the beach was amazing and the sand hills – wow! Being taken up to Cape Reinga and swimming was a treat, and the experience of seeing wild horses was sensational. The whole team were laid back, hard working, totally supportive, and all friends after a few days together.’

The Twin Coast Adventure, New Zealand - Globetrotting Horse Riding Holidays

Kaye Bracken

‘Beaches and views on steroids – who knew New Zealand had such beautiful beaches? However, the horses take centre stage! What a fabulous team, so beautifully trained and maintained by Ken and Jane. My mare, Dolly, was absolutely magnificent. Great manners, so responsive, in top condition, a beautiful nature and trained so well. The guides were totally professional – always helpful and cheery, always checking to make sure l was happy and safe, and offering lots of riding tips to help with the terrain.’