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Feedback for 'Wilderness Expedition, Iceland' Ride

Wilderness Expedition, Iceland - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Julie York

‘The Icelandic Wilderness Expedition was everything I hoped for and more. The views of the glaciers were impressive. My daughter and I discovered the bliss of washing our faces in an ice cold glacial river and awed at the volcanic terrain that extended as far as the eye could see. Getting a taste of wild Icelandic weather was contrasted with blissfully dipping into a natural hot spring at the end of a long day. Accommodations in the highlands were tight and rustic, yet brimming with hospitality thanks to the effort of our guides and hands. They treated us like friends and family, not just as paying guests, and goodbyes were said with hugs and tears. We were also delighted to gain some new friends among the other guests and are already planning our next riding adventures together, which may very well include a return to Iceland!”

Wilderness Expedition, Iceland - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Ryan Butler

‘The Icelandic Wilderness Expedition was the best trip of my life, and I travel abroad at least once a year! There are no words worthy enough for our guides – some of the best humans I have ever known. The level of trust I have in them after such a short time is remarkable. The horses are some of the most impressive I have had to the pleasure to ride, and experiencing so many personalities really made me a better rider. Between the city of Reykjavik, the tour itself, the staff, food, friendship, and of course the horses, this trip will change your life. The only downside is having to come back to reality when it ends!’

Wilderness Expedition, Iceland - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Sarah Verschoor

‘The Icelandic Wilderness Expedition is truly an unforgettable, amazing, jaw dropping experience! The staff, horses, the food, the scenery, the accommodation – everything was amazing, and the amount of time and effort put into planning and preparing it really showed. I am so thankful for the whole team, and so grateful to have been able to take part in this incredible journey. The Icelandic horses are so special in their spirit and strength. I was amazed by their confidence and surefootedness across some very difficult terrain, and their tölt was very comfortable. It was truly a joy to ride these small but powerful horses!
I told the staff that I would be back and I intend to keep that promise! I will be dreaming about this ride until my next visit!’

The Wilderness Expedition, Iceland - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Janice Maurer

‘The Icelandic Wilderness Expedition is one of a kind. I would highly recommend this ride to any adventurous soul. Mind you, this is a herding, camping, roughing-it style trip. No cell phone, no internet, truly off the grid, which I loved. Every day we rode different terrain and different horses. I didn’t have a favorite day, they were all perfect! The Icelandic horses constantly amazed me: strong, patient, surefooted, and they never ran out of energy. Each and every one of the guides and support staff were absolutely wonderful and we had a great group of globetrotters. We all became the best of friends. I will forever have special memories of this holiday.’

Wilderness Expedition, Iceland - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Leanne Goodluck

‘The Icelandic horses were all great to ride and handle. The saddle I had was really comfortable, I didn’t have a sore bum at all! I absolutely loved the first afternoon ride when we all tölted for the first time. The delight shown by everyone was great to experience as a group, it was so much fun! If the stunning scenery, the gorgeus, sweet-tempered Icelandic horses, and riding with a herd of fifty horses towards a glacier doesn’t tempt you to join the Wilderness Expedition in Iceland, then riding a horse at a flat out tölt surely will! One of the best riding feelings ever! Well worth the cost.’

Wilderness Expedition, Iceland - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Rosie Stroud

‘The highlight of the trip was riding with the herd of 70+ brave horses. Each horse I rode was incredible! We swapped horses up to three times a day and each one looked after me over rough and difficult terrain and had the sweetest nature. I now want an Icelandic horse – I would have bought one if I could get it back home!’

Sharon Rowles

‘The whole trek was a standout experience. I was happy with all the horses I rode. Such surefooted, willing, safe and affectionate wee souls. I loved the experience of all riding and being together. I felt included even before we set foot in the stirrups. Our guides, Nele, Gracina, Martin plus owner guides Hjalti and Magnus were all superb. Always fun, helpful and patient. Iceland is a very expensive destination; however, this ride was above and beyond what I expected, so I feel I had value for money, especially when you consider the high standards of the food, accommodation, tours, flights, horses, riding, etc.

Take the tölt and sign up for a ride in Iceland. Let Globetrotting handle the details. They will not disappoint.’

Kat Spencer

‘Since I’ve come back from Iceland, whenever anyone asks me anything about it, all I can say is ‘amazing’. I find it so hard to put my feelings into words. Every single part of the holiday was incredible. The horses were beautiful little beings with such character, who gave everything they had for you – they taught me to trust again. The landscape is awesome, so enormous it makes you feel very small and insignificant. The people were so friendly, knowledgeable and passionate about their country. I absolutely loved Iceland – amazing.’

Kathy Edgell

‘Everyone in Iceland was friendly, helpful and wonderful. The guides were amazing. They provide remarkable service and experience. Each horse has his/her own personality and I enjoyed changing horses to experience so many. The last day of riding was my favorite. It became green and the rivers and steep declines/inclines were awesome. All the food was amazing. Kate and Laura were great in providing detailed, helpful information!’

Anastasia Miros

‘I am unable to leave a testimonial which sufficiently (or even remotely) describes the beauty and wonder of Iceland. It leaves me speechless. Photos do reality an injustice! I still experience goosebumps upon reflection of tölting alongside a 70+ strong herd of Icelandic horses through black-stone moonscapes, whimsical green fields and relentless glacial rivers. Since returning home, I feel like an abstaining addict who thinks/talks/blurts chronically of the people, places and horses (not ponies) of this awe-inspiring and mesmerising experience, itching to return. Here’s hoping – I just might!’

Ainslie Maher

‘This ride was absolutely AMAZEBALLS! Starting with the awesome crew, home cooked meals, and mountain huts. The crew was super efficient, very friendly and ran a tight ship. The Icelandic horses were the best horses I’ve ever ridden. So tough, intelligent and extremely well behaved. I always felt safe. I am totally in love with them and devastated I couldn’t pack several of them in my suitcase to bring home. The scenery was AH-MAAAZ-ING! One minute it’s grassy plains for days, the next it’s totally volcanic, then a giant glacier, then mountains and rivers. Every day was something totally different and exciting. I never got bored. 20 out of 10!’