Thank You - Booking Enquiry


Thanks for completing our booking enquiry form, you’re ONE step away from reserving your saddle seat on a Globetrotting adventure. Please give us 24 hours to confirm availability with our ride partners and we’ll get back to you with confirmation or alternative availability. In the meantime, click HERE to read our recommendations on which credit/debit cards are best to use to avoid international transaction fees.

Oh and once you departure date has been confirmed confirmed, please don’t forget to organise travel insurance for your riding holiday. As you may or may not know, travel insurance is compulsory on all Globetrotting rides and is a condition of booking with Globetrotting. We recommend travel insurance regardless if you’re travelling within your home country or abroad. If you’ve ticked on your booking form a travel insurance quote, we’ll be sure to get this to you after you’ve paid your deposit.

To view Globetrotting’s booking conditions, in particular our cancellation policy, click on the link below (effective as of Friday November 10, 2017).

Globetrotting’s Booking Conditions