Dartmoor Derby

Dartmoor Derby

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Every September, the Dartmoor Derby takes small groups of riders through their unique riding challenge through the moors in the south of Devon, England. This three to five day ‘glamping’ trek has only been happening for a few years and yet it’s already drawing famous people to come ride! The reason I use the term ‘glamping’ is because riders can choose to sleep in either African-style bush camps to Mongolian yurts, they even have the option of booking a hotel near their rest stop! Now that’s ‘glamping’!

The trek covers over 100 kilometres of the English countryside in the heart of Dartmoor and takes groups of 8 riders through rolling hills and marshland. Riders even have the option of bringing their own horse of hiring a horse. Since this is a long trek, riders that do take part have to be fit and experienced as well as confident at every gait. Although this journey has been called a derby, it is not a race and there is no need to jump logs or fences but there is definitely an air of adventure among the riders.

Since its debut in 2005, the trekking days usually consists of getting up at 7 am and riding through scenery that can be described as something from a film sequence to get to base camp. There are some famous ambassadors for the ride that you could come across on your ride including eventers Mary King and Lucy Wiegersma.

This adventure sounds like a blast! Is there really any better way to see the rolling English countryside?

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Photo Credits: Liberty Trails and Dartmoor Derby Twitter

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