How to Choose the Perfect Horse Riding Holiday - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

How to Choose the Perfect Riding Holiday

In this day and age, time is precious and holidays are like gold dust. Especially if you only have a couple of weeks a year away from your desk, you want to choose the very best holiday to invest your time and money in. It’s a no-brainer for me: if you love to ride, you’ll […]

Globetrotting's Best Horsemanship Rides - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Globetrotting’s Best Horsemanship Rides

There’s nothing in this life as spiritually uplifting as the connection between horse and rider, globetrotters – I believe this wholeheartedly. This beautiful quote sums it up best: “At its finest, rider and horse are joined not by tack, but by trust. Each is totally reliant upon the other. Each is the selfless guardian of […]

The Camargue Ride, France - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Saddle Up: Roz Beinke’s Camargue Ride

Having cut her teeth on a safari ride in the Okavango Delta in June 2018, globetrotter Roz Beinke joined us on our guided exploratory ride in the Camargue, France, four months later. She later gave us some amazing feedback on the ride, saying, ‘I loved this ride! The accommodation, food, service, and fellow riders just […]


Maddi’s Journey in the Kimberley

WARNING: globetrotters proceed at their own risk. Globetrotting can not be held liable for any sudden bookings for The Kimberley Ride or associated purchases that may occur as a direct result of drooling over the following words and images. Globetrotter Maddi Haussegger has shared these aspects of her once-in-a-lifetime experience with us and while we […]

Shell, Wyoming - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Feedback on the Shell, Wyoming Ride

Alright, so now that we’ve come down off our warm, fuzzy, feel-good cloud of Globetrotting elation… We NEED to share this most incredible review of our ranch ride in Shell, Wyoming that we received from Amy Van Court, who spent a week blissing out on this holiday last month (June 2019). Off her own bat, […]


I Ran Away to Scotland…

Did you hear? I ran away. YEP, I managed to sneak away, travel 24 hours, and land in the borders of Scotland to escort nine of my wonderful globetrotters on our inaugural Scottish Borders Ride. What a team we were! Three American ladies, one Canadian, one New Zealander, and four Australians – joined together to […]

Why choose a guided Globetrotting horse riding holiday

Why Choose a Guided Globetrotting Ride?

A lot of our globetrotters are solo female riders who may not have the confidence to travel by themselves. They prefer to join us on a guided ride, letting us take the guesswork out of travelling to a unknown country so they can relax. Our guests love that we take the hard work out of […]

Goomboorian Campdraft Ride

Saddle Up: Lee Powrie’s Goomboorian Campdraft Ride

In this edition of Saddle Up, we’re following thoroughly addicted repeat globetrotter Lee Powrie to Queensland, Australia, to go cattle mustering and campdrafting on the Goomboorian Campdraft Ride! Read on to get an inside peek at what it’s really like to experience this amazing horse riding holiday. The adverts were amazing: mustering cattle, campdrafting, (suitable […]

Globetrotting glenorchy back country ride New Zealand

Saddle Up: Brielle Hallett’s Glenorchy Ride

If you can’t get enough of the Glenorchy Back Country ride, don’t worry, you’re certainly not alone! And thanks to Brielle Hallett, who recently completed this sell-out ride, you can quench your appetite for all things New Zealand with this glimpse into life as a globetrotter! Day 1: Arrive at High Country Horses Getting off […]


Saddle Up: Roz Beinke’s Okavango Delta Ride

Roz Beinke’s horse riding holiday in the Okavango Delta, Botswana, in June 2018 was like stepping into a different world – one filled with wildlife, brave horses, caring guides and endless adventure. But don’t take our word for it – read her trip notes below! Friday – Africa – on a bucket list ride I’ve […]


Saddle Up: Sheryl Germany’s Glenorchy Ride

In this series we will opening up the pages of our Globetrotters’ travel journals to learn about their experiences straight from the horse’s mouth. First up is a glimpse of the Glenorchy Back Country Ride, courtesy of globetrotter Sheryl Germany. Enjoy! The night before my epic adventure! I’m so excited! I’m getting ready to meet […]


Family Friendly Rides

As a mother to three young globetrotters (Finn, 6, Birdie, 4, and the newest arrival, Poppy) I’m literally chomping at the bit to bundle up our wanderlust-filled family and take them on their first horse riding holiday. Our girls haven’t had a choice: from a young age, they’ve been plonked on my reliable and dependable […]


Globetrotting Health Guide: On the Road

Anna King, globetrotter and medical professional, has kindly written an in-depth guide to staying healthy and identifying and treating illnesses and injuries while travelling. She’s covered common complaints and their treatments, first aid, coping with long-distance flights, and a whole lot of handy tips. Keep this info on-hand for your horse riding holiday! Common Medical […]


Globetrotting Health Guide: Before You Go

Seasoned globetrotter and medical professional Anna King has very generously given us the ultimate guide to staying healthy on your horse riding holiday. In this article, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about preparing for your travels, from vaccinations to first aid kits. Supplies Many travel medicine clinics and pharmacies will provide […]


The one saddle pad to rule all saddle pads

So we’ve been on the lookout for some good quality saddlecloths for a while now, ones that we’ll get many a globetrotting mile out of, and I’m pleased to say, I think we’ve found them. We’ve just received our package of fitted slimline pure wool saddle pads from Angus Barrett Saddlery and dare I say […]


Age is no barrier for horse riding holidays

Are you over sixty and concerned that you’re too old to complete one of our horse riding holidays? Age is no barrier in signing up for a horse riding adventure. And to be honest, the majority of our globetrotters range in age from 35 right through to 72, so you’ll be in good company no matter […]


touch and go

“I’m not going to lie to you Kate, this doesn’t look good.” These words hit me like a punch to the stomach. My vet, Tom Duggan, is a realist and at the time I was thankful for his honesty but completely taken by surprise that the situation was so grim. I was standing in a […]


polo tragic

When I’m up in the wee hours of the morning feeding my baby girl I’ve been purging on youtube videos of high goal polo play. While Buster and Finn dream, Winnie and I escape into the world of high goal polo antics. Polo isn’t a mainstream sport and therefore doesn’t receive much air time on the television networks so […]


bush life

I’ve written before about Buster and my rural upbringing where Buster was brought up on a farming property near Nindigully and I on a cotton property near Dalby. My childhood memories are as sweet-as-honey: swimming in the tea-stained dam (peddling your legs like a duck to prevent the leaches from latching); fire and brimstone storms reaching across the sky; feeding our poddy […]


Back in the saddle – how sweet it is

So after six months of pregnancy (click here, to read my thoughts on riding when pregnant) and seven weeks since welcoming Winnie into the world, I managed to squeeze in a couple of rides last week. Strangely, I was a little anxious about riding, post-partem, even though I’ve been there before with our Finn. I don’t know where  the […]


welcome winnie

Wow, its nearly been eight weeks since I’ve touched down in this blog-sphere. It’s fair to say I’ve got a valid excuse for the lack of posts. We welcomed our gorgeous daughter, Winifred, known to us as Winnie, into the world on September 26. Winnie has us all tangled up in love and makes us gasp […]