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The Chilko Lake Ride in Pictures

In the spotlight, Life as a Globetrotter

Caution! Enter blog post at your own risk!
These images are very likely to cause you to spontaneously book a saddle seat on our Chilko Lake Ride!

Globetrotter Emma Tomlin has kindly offered to peel back the curtain and share her dreamy Canadian adventure with you all. Captured so remarkably through her lens, these images took our breath away!
British Columbia’s landscapes will have your heart racing. From its rugged glaciers, mountain meadows, and crystal blue lakes, there is a good reason this destination is hot on our Globetrotters’ bucket lists.

We hope you enjoy scrolling through these beguiling images. Over to you Emma!

Canada has been on my bucket list for years. I had such high expectations and yet it absolutely blew my mind. Some of the best horse riding of my life and a nature backdrop that took my breath away.

CHILKO LAKE RIDE, BC, CANADA Globetrotting horse riding holidays


CHILKO LAKE RIDE, BC, CANADA Globetrotting horse riding holidaysThe horses were fab. I rode Autumn, Jackson, and Sky, who was my favorite.

CHILKO LAKE RIDE, BC, CANADA Globetrotting horse riding holidays
My favorite experiences were the mountain day, and also the ‘Rollercoaster’ (forest canter) day – just stunning riding and scenery. The boat trip rest day was also incredible – what a lake.


 The lodge that we stayed in was so welcoming and friendly. You felt like part of the family right away with Lauren, and Gary in the kitchen making you wholesome, hearty foods to give you energy for each day.


We were led by Anna, who is one of the best horse guides I have ridden with. She was so kind and caring and really looked after us. Anna guided us on every ride and made each day a completely unique experience.

 The riding each day was so diverse and exciting! We rode hills overlooking the beautiful river Chilko, we scaled a 1000-metre mountain on horseback and we rode on the ‘Rollercoaster’, cantering up, down and around beautiful forest paths and ridge edge drops. Each day felt so different, from the scenery to the type of riding and where we went. It was such an incredible experience – my pictures don’t do it justice. Just wow!

We are so grateful to Emma for taking the time to share her breathtaking images and feedback with all our Globetrotters. Thank you Emma!

So, have you started packing for Chilko Lake yet?

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