'Why I Globetrot' by Susan Parminter - Horse Riding Holidays and Safaris

‘Why I Globetrot’ by Susan Parminter

In the spotlight, Life as a Globetrotter

Susan Parminter sent us this wonderful testament to her love of globetrotting after completing her third horse riding holiday with us. It speaks so beautifully to our values and our community that we had to share it.

Why I Globetrot by Susan Parminter - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Why I Globetrot

I have just returned from my third Globetrotting holiday and have another booked, with several others on my wish list. I thought I’d share some of my musings from recent horseback conversations.

Questions asked by Globetrotting virgins included why I pay the price for this sort of holiday, some suggesting it must be nice to be wealthy. Yes, you can pay $200 for a few hours riding, but you get what you pay for.

Let me tell you that as an experienced veterinarian, you’d be surprised that my income is less than the teachers whom I recently rode with. But I don’t care what you earn, only how you treat the horses you are given the privilege to ride.

I work hard (even harder for months before my holidays, and harder again afterwards to catch up) and go without so we can have amazing holidays. Travelling isn’t easy for us as my wife suffers with a variety of physical and mental issues, the result of her 18 years service to our country in the army.

Globetrotting gives us the security of knowing that everything has been meticulously planned and tested right down to the locations, hosts, horses, accommodation and food (I don’t need to eat for a week after one of these holidays). We have been on other horse riding holidays both before and since discovering Globetrotting. The primary reason we choose Globetrotting whenever possible is trust. Trust that our hosts are knowledgeable, care about their horses and love what they do. Trust that our mounts are sound and healthy (vet care and correct tack are expensive, but our own lives and health are invaluable). I won’t scare you with the injuries to horses and people I have seen on previous non-Globetrotting rides.

I’m certainly not a good rider despite riding for close to 50 years, and have just started having lessons. My own physical injuries mean my posture isn’t perfect, but my balance is good and I rarely come off a horse unless I choose to dismount. I don’t come on these rides to give other guests riding lessons and won’t give them any unless I see them putting their horse or self in danger, and as such I ask that they don’t waste their time critiquing my riding.

I don’t really like people due to my dealings with clients through my chosen career (animals are my thing and horses are my passion) but I do enjoy meeting new people and sharing a joint passion. I will always greet you with a smile despite how I’m feeling. I tend to zone out while on a horse and just enjoy the time in the saddle soaking up the scenery, and hence I’m often surprised about the fact that we’ve ridden 20 kilometres!

In these uncertain times, I appreciate the security of knowing that if a ride is cancelled or I can’t make it, my money is safe and another ride is easily rescheduled. I love the cheerful assistance of Kate and Laura when things don’t go as planned, and their follow up to ensure that things work out.

– Susan Parminter

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