Don’t leave home without…. A Soft wheeled duffel bag

Don’t leave home without…. A soft wheeled duffel bag

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Packing for a horse riding holiday can be stressful enough (although we try to make it as easy as possible for you – check out our ultimate packing list here), let alone having to try and figure out what sort of bag you should pack into.

There’s nothing worse than trying to lug a heavy suitcase across the rough ground when camping or having your arms drop off when carrying a bag through the airport to catch your flights. So FEAR NO MORE globetrotters! We’ve found a great soft-wheeled bag that will no doubt be a lifesaver on your next adventure!

Check out THIS beaut bag from Luggage Direct which is known as the Euston By It Wheel Duffel. This is what I call heavy duty on a budget! The main material of the bag is super tough polyester and has heavy-duty straps if you need to carry it anywhere. Another important feature which would be super handy on your horse riding holiday is the multiple lockable compartments where you can store and keep anything separate from valuables to dirty socks! That’s hitting two birds with one stone! Best thing is that this bag can be bought online or in store for $59.95! #winning! So if you don’t want to break the bank on a bag then your best bet would be the Euston by It Wheel Duffel.

Don’t forget, less is more on a horse riding holiday and no one will notice if you wear the same clothes two or three times. So pack lightly in a soft, wheelie bag and you’ll enjoy the ride SO much more as you won’t be lugging around a huge suitcase all the time!

Images via Kathmandu and Luggage direct

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