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Blast from the past

mongolian on horse riding holiday mongolia

My incredibly talented husband, Steven, took this profile shot of a Mongolian man smoking his hand-made rollie (tobacco and newspaper) while watching a wrestling match as part of the Naadam Festivities in Khatgal, Mongolia.

horse riding holiday kenya

I love this photo – it gives me tingles every time I see it! This Masai mzee (mzee is a swahili word for village elder) gave me a toothy grin after gulping down warm cow blood.

This photo was taken in the wind-swept lands of Chile’s most prized national park, Torres del Paine. This child baqueano (Chilean cowboy) was riding alongside his father. The saddle is a traditional saddle used by the baqueanos’ that rome this part of the world.

My husband also took this photo in the heart of the Darhat Valley in Mongolia. I love the ‘life lines’ visible on this rosy-cheeked Mongol woman.

old world vs new world

We trekked on horseback for three days within the Taiga in Northern Mongolia to find the nomadic Tsaatan community who live in harmony with their reindeers. I took this photo as wet reindeer noses were nuzzling me for salt (reindeers have a ravenous appetite for salt). The reindeers wear plastic bags on their antlers so that the Tsaatan can identify their reindeers.

photos by kate & steven pilcher