Can I bring my own horse?

The answer is no (unless you have the cash flow to fly your horse to Kenya!) The portfolio of rides that Globetrotting recommends to clients involves riding the horses provided by the outfitter. A lot of riders prefer to ride their own horses as they know them inside out, however we can assure you that you’ll be truly satisfied with the type of horse that you’ll ride on each and every ride that we recommend.

Before you arrive the outfitter will have a globetrotting information sheet on your riding ability and the type of horse that you prefer to ride. Horses will be matched according to your ability and there is always the option to swap horses if need be.

Since we personally road-test each and every ride {and thus their string of horses} here is a list of the characteristics and traits that we’re looking for in a guest horse.

Get up close and personal with some of our globetrotters’ favourite mounts, who are now legendary in status, here.

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