How do I know the horses won't be slow, old and dull? - Horse Riding Holidays and Safaris

How do I know the horses won’t be slow, old and dull?

We understand your concern. But rest assured we road test each and every ride and seek feedback from our globetrotters on a regular basis to ensure that the horses have a mind of their own and are forward-going and alert. We believe that the quality of the horse is paramount to a top-shelf riding holiday. Nine times out of ten, if you’re mounted on a horse that you enjoy riding then your riding holiday will be a success. When road testing rides, we make sure to ride a variety of the guest horses to ensure that they are well schooled, well mannered and a pleasure to ride. We can safely say that all of the rides we promote have top-class horses – our globetrotters often tell us they wish they could bring their steeds home!

Here are the characteristics and traits that we look for in a guest horse.

Get to know some of our Globetrotting guest horses here.

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