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Why would I choose a guided Globetrotting ride?

We’ll start by saying that all our rides are guided, but every now and then we run Globetrotting guided rides where alongside the local ride outfitters, we also guide the holiday. A lot of clients prefer the safety net of a Globetrotting guided trip to ensure they are well looked after from start to finish. It takes the guesswork out of travelling so that you can truly relax and enjoy every moment. Another bonus is that typically, the day before the ride starts, we will spend a day or two visiting the tourist attractions of the capital city as a group. With limited time to explore, we know the best restaurants, artisans and authentic cultural experiences in town. No to mention, if you have any problems on the ride, it’s our job to fix them.

The guided component also includes a digital album of your riding holiday, photographed and filmed by your guides and a Globetrotting safari shirt (very stylish!).

Each year we schedule guided group rides to Africa, South America, Mongolia and other far-flung destinations (usually countries that we feel solo globetrotters wouldn’t be likely to visit by themselves, where they would prefer the safety of a guide) led by either Kate & Steven Pilcher, founders of Globetrotting, or Globetrotting guides Laura Rae or Angus Johns, who have both ridden extensively around the world.

To learn more about our guided rides this year and next (think the USA, Kenya, Botswana, Tanzania, Madagascar and Italy!), click here.

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