First time globetrotter: Caitlin Bourchier

First time Globetrotter – Caitlin Bourchier

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Caitlin Bourchier has always wanted to travel to Mongolia, but never even entertained the idea of seeing the country from horseback until she came across Globetrotting. Now she has booked her first trip – the Khovsgol ride in Mongolia – and heads off in June! Read about how she came to this decision below.

What is your earliest memory of horses?

My very first memory is of sitting on a horse belonging to a friend of the family at about age 4. Then I got to have a ride on a horse at about age 6 or 7 and I was totally hooked.

What was your childhood pony called?

A black Shetland called Bessie (aka The Brat) and a grey Welsh pony called Stickybeak.

How have horses influenced or changed your life?

I studied Equine Science at Uni and currently work in the Equine Industry.  I also have a small Connemara pony stud (because I am short and ponies are way more fun)!

What does riding or being with horses mean to you?

I’ve had horses for so long I’m not entirely sure what life would be like without them. It means there is always something to learn, something to improve and something to achieve.

What have horses taught you the most?

Patience, persistence and the effective use of bribery.

What globetrotting ride have you booked to go on?

Mongolia – The Khovsgol ride

What made you take the plunge and sign up for this globetrotting holiday?

Mongolia has always been on the list of places to go and a horse trek seemed them best way to see it. After reading about others doing these trips solo it made me realise that it was quite possible to do.

Is this GT ride celebrating or marking a significant moment/milestone/achievement in your life? And if so, would you mind sharing?

Nothing significant. It’s more the fact I realised I wanted to go, had the funds and the time to go and if I didn’t go I never would. (The conversation I had with myself went along the lines of this… “I wanna go to Mongolia….. F#ck it. I’m going to Mongolia!”)

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