Castle & Estate Ride, Ireland

3-7 NightsBeginner to AdvancedFrom €1,570 EUR?Tour costs €1,570 EUR which is approximately $2,520 AUD

Believe me when I say, our Castle & Estate Ride in County Monaghan, Ireland is a fairytale wonderland for ANY equestrian enthusiast.

This estate is home to 300 cross country jumps (including PLENTY of water obstacles) to leap, ping or pop over on your Irish Sport Horse. Kilometres upon kilometres of bridle trails (yep, that’s what they call trails in Ireland!) are sprawled across the 1000-acre estate, flanked by ancient forests and open grazing pastures. The Castle and surrounding estate is awash in history, and is one of the LAST great Irish estates still in the hands of its founding family.

Back to the equestrian wonderland, the indoor arena (let’s face it, this is a MUST in Ireland) has show jumping courses that will make your eyes water with excitement. For any globetrotter who has a desire to visit Ireland and ride their revered horses, THIS ride is the perfect fit.

What I also love is the flexibility of this Castle & Estate Ride: non-riders will be welcomed with open arms (they can clay target shoot, kayak, fish, walk the numerous trails, enjoy a hot air balloon ride, a horse and carriage ride, or relax at the on-site spa) and riders of all abilities are welcome, too, from beginners through to advanced riders. There are a number of instructors and guides, so if you’re not up for a cross country scoot, you can always opt for an estate ride or a dressage lesson.

Now when you’re out of the saddle, you’ll feel like part of the royal family, staying at the castle’s Lodge (which overlooks the equestrian centre). It’s known as one of the finest castle hotels in Ireland – so much so that former Beatle, Paul McCartney, and model Heather Mills got married at the Castle back in 2002.

It doesn’t get any better than THIS, globetrotters.

Fast Facts

  • Horse Breed:A herd of 27 riding horses to choose from including Irish Sport Horses, draught horses, Thoroughbreds & ponies.
  • Pace:Variable - depending on the program you choose, you will have the choice of dressage, show jumping, cross country and estate rides. There will be walking, trotting and cantering each day.
  • Weight Limit:Maximum of 100kg / 220lbs.
  • Type of tack:English all-purpose saddles.
  • Seasons:The equestrian program is available all year round.
  • Group size:Variable, but you can expect to ride in a group of no more than 6 people each day, often less.
  • Time in Saddle:A scheduled 3 hours per day. Guests have the option to book additional ride hours at an additional cost (subject to availability).
  • Riding Ability:Beginner to advanced - there are programs available to suit all riding abilities and interests.
    *Please note that for health and safety reasons, all guests must complete a brief practical riding assessment regardless of level and ability. Guests MUST be deemed safe and capable before they will be allowed to jump.
  • Accommodation:One of the highlights of this entire itinerary is the ancient castle and the surrounding 1,000 acre estate. As a globetrotter, you will be staying in The Lodge, which overlooks the stables (both are subject to availability). The guest rooms in The Lodge are chic, country-house boutique, each offering blissful king size bed or twin-bed accommodation, a free-standing Victorian roll top bath, and separate walk-in shower. The lodgings are said to be some of Ireland’s finest. *Insert squeal of excitement HERE.
  • Ride Length:There are 5 day, 5 night and 3 day, 3 night itineraries are available. *Please note: 4 day, 6 day and 7 day custom equestrian itineraries are available upon request.
  • Inclusions:The price includes all accommodation, 3 hours riding per day, breakfast and dinner.
  • Exclusions:The price does not include international or regional flights, travel insurance (compulsory), lunch, alcohol or transfers to and from the estate.



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25th May 202030th May 20202 spots left
€1,570 EUR ?Tour costs €1,570 EUR which is approximately $2,520 AUD - Twin Share ?Happy to share with another solo traveller of the same gender.Book
€1,985 EUR ?Tour costs €1,985 EUR which is approximately $3,186 AUD - Single Rider ?Happy to pay a booking supplement for own room.Book
€970 EUR ?Tour costs €970 EUR which is approximately $1,557 AUD - Non RiderBook
22nd Jun 202027th Jun 20204 spots left
€1,570 EUR ?Tour costs €1,570 EUR which is approximately $2,520 AUD - Twin Share ?Happy to share with another solo traveller of the same gender.Book
€1,985 EUR ?Tour costs €1,985 EUR which is approximately $3,186 AUD - Single Rider ?Happy to pay a booking supplement for own room.Book
€970 EUR ?Tour costs €970 EUR which is approximately $1,557 AUD - Non RiderBook
27th Jul 20201st Aug 20204 spots left
€1,570 EUR ?Tour costs €1,570 EUR which is approximately $2,520 AUD - Twin Share ?Happy to share with another solo traveller of the same gender.Book
€1,985 EUR ?Tour costs €1,985 EUR which is approximately $3,186 AUD - Single Rider ?Happy to pay a booking supplement for own room.Book
€970 EUR ?Tour costs €970 EUR which is approximately $1,557 AUD - Non RiderBook
10th Aug 202015th Aug 20204 spots left
€1,570 EUR ?Tour costs €1,570 EUR which is approximately $2,520 AUD - Twin Share ?Happy to share with another solo traveller of the same gender.Book
€1,985 EUR ?Tour costs €1,985 EUR which is approximately $3,186 AUD - Single Rider ?Happy to pay a booking supplement for own room.Book
€970 EUR ?Tour costs €970 EUR which is approximately $1,557 AUD - Non RiderBook
7th Sep 202012th Sep 20204 spots left
€1,570 EUR ?Tour costs €1,570 EUR which is approximately $2,520 AUD - Twin Share ?Happy to share with another solo traveller of the same gender.Book
€1,985 EUR ?Tour costs €1,985 EUR which is approximately $3,186 AUD - Single Rider ?Happy to pay a booking supplement for own room.Book
€970 EUR ?Tour costs €970 EUR which is approximately $1,557 AUD - Non RiderBook

are available all year round upon request and subject to availability.


A reduced rate applies to children aged between 7 to 11 years. Please contact us for further information and pricing.

The price includes all accommodation, 3 hours riding per day, breakfast and dinner.

The price does NOT include international or regional flights, travel insurance (compulsory), alcohol or transfers to and from the ride.

Lunch is also NOT included in the riding package, but after eating an Irish breakfast, you normally don’t need to eat anything until evening. However, if you do become peckish, Conor’s Bar (on-site) is open for lunch.

Accepted payment is by credit or debit card only. There is a 2% surcharge on all card payments.

Why is the price quoted in EUR?
With our riding destinations, the currency is dictated by our ride partner in that country. Therefore due to fluctuating exchange rates we have to quote in the same currency.


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*Please note, this is a suggested itinerary only and subject to change at the discretion of your guides due to weather and other influencing factors.

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  • Important Itinerary Notes

    What we LOVE about our Castle & Estate Ride in County Monaghan, Ireland is that the riding itinerary can be designed to suit your personal riding experience, interests, and also what you’d personally like to achieve while staying at the Estate. You’ll be offered a combination of instruction, dressage, show jumping, cross country and estate rides. There is also a mechanical horse available for beginners or novice riders who wish to improve their seat and position in a personalised lesson before swinging a leg over a horse.

    ALL riding holidays will begin with a one hour assessment lesson to determine which horses will best suit your ability throughout the week. Remember, you will be riding a variety of horses throughout your stay, which also aids you in becoming a better rider, as you’re introduced to a variety of horse personalities and abilities.

    Please also note that you will only be allowed to enjoy a cross country lesson should the instructors deem you capable and safe to do so. This may result in you working on your jumping skills in the indoor arena throughout the week, culminating in a cross country lesson towards the end of your stay. Please keep in mind, this is for the safety of both yourself as the rider and your horse.

    Below is a sample itinerary for a five day, five night ride. Please remember, this is a suggested itinerary only and subject to change due to your riding ability, interests, local weather conditions and other influencing factors.

  • Day 1

    Bubbling with excitement and anticipation, you’ll arrive at the Castle in County Monaghan today. You’ll check in and be shown to your deluxe room in The Lodge where you can unpack, settle in and pinch yourself because you’re finally here! Then you’ll head to the on-site equestrian centre, where you’ll have a one hour lesson/assessment in the afternoon. This is purely an introductory ride so you can be matched to a selection of horses that best suit your ability. The castle has a herd of 27 riding horses ranging from Thoroughbreds to Irish Draughts, Sport Horses and even ponies (for the children). Generally you’ll ride a different horse every day.

    As part of your riding package, each night you have the choice between a two course meal at Conor’s Bar, a traditional Irish pub with hearty country cooking located on the ground floor of The Lodge, or  a one course meal at the more intimate and award-winning Snaffles Restaurant (also located on site at The Lodge).

  • Day 2

    Wake up and feast on a full Irish Breakfast which is so elaborate and filling you won’t look twice at lunch (remember, lunch is not included in the price but is readily available from Conor’s Bar. Alternatively, you can ask for a take-away container at breakfast and fill it up with some pastries or fruit to snack on throughout the day). From traditional porridge topped with cream, to fresh fruit and pastries, to hot breakfast made to order, you won’t go hungry, that’s for sure.

    Today you’ll be in the saddle for three hours, broken up into a two hour estate ride and a one hour jumping lesson. Rest assured, your daily itinerary is only a suggestion and can be altered depending on your Globetrotting needs and desires. An estate ride will see you exploring the 1000-acre estate, winding through ancient woodlands and skirting shimmering lakes. Your Irish riding guide will be a wealth of knowledge about the region, the castle, and of course its rich history.

    The afternoon’s riding activity will see you head to the indoor arena for a one hour jumping lesson to gain confidence and pointers from your instructor.

    When you’re not in the saddle there are plenty of opportunities to do absolutely nothing, or walk around the estate, or lie under an elm tree and read a book, or stroll into the nearby village. This itinerary has the perfect balance between riding and relaxation, let me assure you. In saying that, if you’re keen to notch up more than three hours in the saddle each day, this is also possible on request at an extra charge (subject to availability).

    Dine again tonight in either Conor’s Bar (two courses) or Snaffles Restaurant (one course) before hitting the pillow.

  • Day 3

    Another exhilarating day ahead, where the nerves have well and truly abated and the prospect of willing horses, hundreds of jumps and intoxicating Irish landscapes makes us tremble with excitement. Another estate ride might be on the agenda again this morning, where you’ll trot and canter to your heart’s content. With a riding group of no more than six plus your guides, you’ll have the flexibility to explore a range of terrain and soak up the emerald green surrounds.

    This afternoon you’ll saddle up for an indoor cross country jump ride, where you’ll get invaluable tuition and pointers from your instructor. As riders, we’re always learning, so there is nothing better than being in a small group on capable horses with knowledgeable instructors!

    When the sun sets, you can enjoy a bevvie at Conor’s Bar before choosing whether to stay and dine there or head upstairs to Snaffles Restaurant. No matter which restaurant you choose, just know you’re in for an exceptional dining experience.

  • Day 4

    Just another day waking up in the stunning grounds of a castle – say what? And TODAY is the day your Globetrotting posse hit the cross country course with over 300 jumps and water elements. Hip, hip, HOORAY! All the training and tuition prior to today will have given you the confidence and ability to enjoy the cross country course wholeheartedly and, most importantly, safely.

    The afternoon’s session will be a one hour dressage lesson, where you might even try your hand at a musical ride.

    All will be discussed over a hearty Irish dinner that evening, either at Conor’s Bar or Snaffles Restaurant.

  • Day 5

    Today, my Globetrotting friends, is ALL about the love and desire to fly on horseback. That’s right, you’re jumping for three hours (rest assured, globetrotters, if jumping is not your thing, you can opt for an estate ride or flat lesson – flexibility is the key to this dynamic itinerary). At 10am, you will head to the cross country course for a two hour leapfrog session, and then in the afternoon you’ll enjoy a one hour show jumping lesson.

  • Day 6

    BOO HOO! Today is your final day in the Castle and Estate surroundings that you’ve called home for the past five days. The good news is that you’ll be going out with a BANG! You will saddle up for the last time and at 10am you’ll hit the cross country course for two hours of uninterrupted jumping time. This is what Globetrotting dreams are made of: scooting over logs, flying through brush and splashing through water in an equestrian wonderland.

    After an adrenaline-filled morning, you’ll bid farewell to your horses (who you’ll no doubt secretly want to take home with you), hosts and guides and depart for onward travel – whether back to Dublin or out to more adventures around Ireland.

  • Transfer Information

    There is a taxi service from Dublin or Belfast (€90 for one guest one way or €40 per person one way for 2+ guests) to and from the estate which is located in County Monaghan, Ireland, an 80 minute drive (121 kilometres) from Dublin International Airport. However, we recommend hiring a car so you have the flexibility to explore the surrounding region when not in the saddle.

    Globetrotting is happy to provide a competitive quote on international flights, travel insurance, car hire and hotels before and after your ride. We can also assist with teeing you up with another globetrotter if they are booked on the same departure date so that you can share the cost of a hire car.

Michelle McWilliams

‘From Tina at the reception desk to all the guides, we had excellent service and were well taken care of. Everyone was friendly and loads of fun. My friend and I were so pleased to see how well the horses are treated by not only the trainers but all the staff we saw interacting with them. They were well fed and the staff have a good handle on what each horse needs and what they enjoy.
When we were discussing this trip, I told my friend I did not want to canter as I was not comfortable going that fast on strange horses. Once we got to meet these gentle giants, though, all we wanted to do was canter! We were always excited about our daily rides and lessons. I had the opportunity to ride four different horses. I especially LOVED Arnie. I would have packed him in my luggage if he fitted! He was my jumping horse and I enjoyed every minute on him.
And the castle is gorgeous! The rooms were far better than we expected. The balcony over looking the stable area was a great place to wind down each day. Having two restaurants on site made life much easier and the food was delicious!’

Castle & Estate Ride, Ireland - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

‘The horse riding – wow! The equestrian team were fun and professional, and so supportive. I had an absolute ball. Miss Bumble was my favourite horse. Big, confident and free moving, we often led the group rides on the estate. On one ride we galloped leading the group for a mile, and it felt like the two of us were one body, one mind. I’ll never forget the freedom of those moments.

The activities organised for my husband Keith, a non-rider, were excellent, and run by professionals doing their jobs so well. You could not wipe the smile from Keith’s face after the clay pigeon shooting, so I decided I’d join in for the falconry, and just wow! Brian the bird handler’s level of expertise love for his birds was inspiring.

All the staff were interactive and fun. We both had the best time. For me, when Keith said he wished we could stay longer when I was supposedly the reason we were there… well, that just made it even more special. I’d encourage riders with non-riding partners to put this experience at the top of their list.’

Castle & Estate Ride, Ireland - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Carolyn Finch

‘This was a fabulous adventure. I loved Ireland and the Castle. My room was beautiful, and best of all it overlooked the stables! I loved looking out and seeing horses morning and evening. I rode a range of horses and was very happy with the variety. I loved riding out on the trails and discovering little bits of castle history along the way. I would definitely recommend this ride. It’s completely tailored to your needs.’

Tanya Argow

‘I’ve just finished the Castle and Estate Ride. What a beautiful spot. The Castle and family have so much history! It’s fascinating. This is a perfect ride for beginners, those who are just getting back in the saddle and those who have lost a little confidence. The coaches are just lovely. The horses are absolute gems. They are gentle giants – a lot of easy fun and they certainly look after you. The staff are lovely, the food is delicious, and the accommodation magnificent – the best sleep I’ve had in a long time.’

Globetrotting Castle & Estate Ride, Ireland - horse riding holiday

Tricia Huerta

‘The Castle & Estate Ride was any horse rider’s paradise: riding twice a day (you’re in riding clothes from breakfast to dinner) – it’s the riding boot camp you always wanted to go to as a kid but can now afford as an adult! From fundamental indoor jumping and flat lessons to joyful canters through the forest, over logs and through ponds, riders at every level from beginner to advanced will be challenged and delighted with every ride, every day. Extra bonus: the accommodation and food are INCREDIBLE! Ride all day, laugh, drink and eat all evening, then do it all again tomorrow. I miss it already! I cannot recommend Globetrotting more highly!’

Louise Brosnan

‘Great food, divine hotel, beautiful gardens and horse riding – the Castle & Estate Ride was my absolute dream holiday. Three hours a day of riding with plenty of time to relax and enjoy the Irish countryside. Ireland is known for its storytelling and the best stories were those shared with my fellow globetrotters. How wonderful to meet so many new horse loving friends to explore, learn and laugh with!’

Globetrotting Castle & Estate Ride, Ireland - horse riding holidays

Rebecca Foltz

‘The Castle & Estate Ride was a fairytale wonderland from the castle to the spectacular grounds, the amazing horses, the delicious food and the helpful staff. I am so happy I booked this trip! I would do it again and again. Thank you so much, Globetrotting.’

Bernadette Kelly

‘The Castle & Estate Ride is an equestrian oasis combining luxury and relaxation with sensational food and amazing riding all tied up together in one delightfully satisfying package. Every day presented a new delight and a new reason to smile and be glad I was there. All the horses I rode were well educated and enjoyable to ride. Whether in flat work or jumping, they were safe, willing mounts. I fell in love with each of them. The instructors and guides were friendly and knowledgeable. The careful attention to detail when it came to looking after the horses and people was wonderful to see.’

Sharon Taylor

‘I learned a lot and gained a lot of confidence on this trip. It’s reignited my passion for riding, dusted off a few cobwebs and allowed me to overcome some personal challenges.’