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El Rancho Ride, Mexico

7 NightsBeginner to AdvancedFrom $4,500 USD?Tour costs $4,500 USD which is approximately $6,753 AUD

Whether you’re seeking a rejuvenating, relaxed getaway or an adrenaline-fuelled adventure, you’ll strike gold in Mexico.

Nestled in the heart of Mexico, there’s a haven for all equestrian adventurers. A place where each day promises an extraordinary journey astride a willing steed. A paradise thrumming with culture, awash with diverse scenery and bedecked with every comfort a globetrotter could ask for. It’s here that we’re hosting our first ever collaboration with one of my favourite human beings: breathwork facilitator and spiritual teacher Bree Melanson. In this very special, debut edition of El Rancho Ride, we’ll combine the gift of horseback travel with the magic of Mexico AND the life-changing power of breathwork!

Based at a purpose-built, expertly-run guest ranch, our every whim will be catered for by a team of welcoming, knowledgeable locals. Each day begins and ends with shared breath as we connect deeply to each other, our horses, our surroundings, and our very souls.

Every guest’s experience is completely tailored: mount up for a full day in the saddle and return in time for sundowners, or enjoy a relaxed half-day ride, then bask in the tranquility of the on-site waterfall, pool and hot tub, troubles melting away like the ice in your Margarita.

While the delightfully well-trained horses and ever-changing scenery are sure to impress, it’s the rich tapestry of Mexican culture that truly fills our Globetrotting hearts to the brim.

Grab your sombrero and brush up on your Spanish, globetrotters – there’s a saddle in Mexico with YOUR name on it!

Fast Facts

  • Horse Breed:The herd of around 30 athletic, well-trained horses includes Criollos, Quarter Horses and Aztecas.
  • Pace:The pace varies from a walk right through to a canter, or even a gallop, and will be tailored to your ability and preferences.
  • Weight Limit:A maximum of 95kg / 210lbs.
  • Type of tack:Traditional Mexican saddles (similar to Western saddles, but with a wider seat & larger horn).
  • Seasons:Available year-round.
  • Group size:8 guests, plus Globetrotting’s Kate and Steven Pilcher, their three girls and Bree Melanson.
  • Time in Saddle:On average, 3 to 7 hours each day (you can ride in the morning, the afternoon, or all day).
  • Riding Ability:Beginner to advanced. Not sure what your riding ability is? Watch THIS video to find out.
  • Accommodation:The guest rooms at the ranch are uniquely and tastefully decorated with traditional pieces that reflect the vibrancy and color of Mexican life in a seamless combination of comfort and style. All rooms have private en-suites equipped a hairdryer, bathrobe, purified drinking water and complimentary toiletries.
  • Ride Length:8 days, 7 nights (6 riding days)
  • Inclusions:

    The price includes transfers to and from the ranch, accommodation, meals, drinks, ranch amenities (pool, hot tub, yoga studio), riding, guides, and taxes.

  • Exclusions:

    The price does not include travel insurance (compulsory), international or domestic flights or staff tips.



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The price includes transfers to and from the ranch, accommodation, meals, drinks, ranch amenities (pool, hot tub, yoga studio), riding, guides, and taxes.

The price does not include travel insurance (compulsory), international or domestic flights or staff tips.

Accepted payment is by credit or debit card only. Depending on the ride you choose to book and your country of residence, there will be a 1.2% to 2.9% surcharge.

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Please note, this is a suggested itinerary only and subject to change due to weather conditions and other influencing factors.

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  • Day Before (December 10)

    Welcome to Mexico, globetrotters! Unless you’re coming from the USA, we recommend flying into Mexico City today so that you’re ready for our transfer tomorrow morning. (Accommodation in Mexico City is not included in the ride price).

  • Day 1 (December 11)

    Vamonos! Let’s go! After we meet up in the city centre, we’ll be collected by a representative of the ranch for the 90-minute drive to Rancho Las Cascadas, where our hosts will be waiting to welcome us. We’ll settle into our beautiful rooms, then Bree Melanson will guide us in a soft, intention-setting and introductory breathwork experience to set the tone for the week to come. After a relaxed lunch on the terrace by the pool, the afternoon is ours to enjoy – no doubt we’ll say hello to the beautiful horses, and maybe even have a quick ride.

    In the evening, we’ll dine together family-style as we get to know our friendly hosts and learn about the highlands. After dinner, the fun continues with cocktails (remember, this ride is all-inclusive!) and a game of pool or darts.

  • Day 2 (December 12)

    Our first morning at the ranch begins with cafe de olla (Mexican spiced coffee) and an array of freshly prepared breakfast options. Bree will lead a short lesson on our ‘energetic self’, an easy practice to ground yourself, feel into energetic fields and balance your energy centres. Then we’ll be matched up with willing steeds and receive an introduction to the Mexican riding style. Mounting up, the charros (Mexican cowboys) will lead us on a relaxed introductory ride across rolling hillsides.

    Back at the ranch, a fantastic home-cooked lunch will be served under the shade of a magnificent old oak known as the Tree of Hearts, overlooking the waterfalls for which the ranch was named. This is the perfect spot to stretch out with a book (or a pillow!) and bask in the serenity.

    We can then either stay and relax, or take an afternoon ride to one of the local villages.

    In the evening, Bree will offer an integrative circle to share experiences and a soft guided meditation.

    This is followed by another multi-course dinner with fresh local ingredients, and more than a few stories swapped across the table!

  • Day 3 (December 13)

    After a peaceful night’s sleep and a tasty breakfast, we’ll gather with Bree to learn how to tap into our body’s innate guidance system and how to use the power of emotion(s) to manifest, followed by a breathwork session. Then we’ll be ready for a longer morning ride along the river to some idyllic local cascades. Here we can tie up our horses and hike down to the waterfall’s base (photo op alert!).

    Lunch will again be enjoyed at the ranch, after which we’ll ride to the local lakes, which are home to an impressive variety of birds. On the way back, we’ll pass through a local village, admiring the faded grandeur of haciendas from bygone eras.

    For the ultimate post-ride relaxation, we can soak in the fabulous outdoor jacuzzi overlooking our unspoiled surrounds, then enjoy a short breathwork process to help clear out any stuck emotion or energy and open to our body’s potential. An entirely new dinner menu is on the cards tonight, so loosen your belt buckles!

  • Day 4 (December 14)

    Today, Bree will introduce us to the power of the ‘neutral observer’ and how to use it to clear limiting patterns. The guided breathwork session will help us access and shift our deep subconscious to make way for our higher expression. After this amazing session, we’ll embark on a full day’s ride to a fascinating natural rock formation of intriguing religious significance. The journey is just as special as the destination, though, with various stops en route for snacks, drinks and lunch, supporting local communities and giving us a real taste of rural Mexico. The varied terrain also offers plenty of chances to trot and canter, so hold onto your hats!

    Returning to the ranch in the late afternoon, we’ll thank our horses with a good grooming session, then celebrate our first full-day adventure with a triumphant Margarita (maybe even a spa treatment, or a swim, or a massage?).

    If we’re feeling inspired after yet another fabulous meal this evening, we can book a cookery class with the magicians in the Rancho kitchen and learn some authentic Mexican recipes. Now that’s my kind of souvenir!

  • Day 5 (December 15)

    We’ll start the day by exploring the creative healing power of our inherent ‘flow state’ and what’s possible through aligning with the attributes of creative energy. Our morning breathwork session will help create a stronger foundation for flow, inner peace and self-guidance. Then, powered up and raring to go, we’ll tap into that flow with a thrilling gallop across the highlands. Alternatively, we can jump into thfe vehicles for a half-day excursion to a local village or archaeological site (of which there are many!).

    After lunch, we’ll decide as a group what sort of ride we’d like next: fast and furious, sedate and scenic, open plains, rocky mountains – there are over 30 routes to choose from!

    Tonight, Bree will guide us in honing personal pathways and new frameworks for our daily lives.

  • Day 6 (December 16)

    In this morning’s session with Bree, we’ll learn how to purify our intentions to activate our manifestation power, and immerse in breathwork that will open us to our intrinsic guidance and creative power.
    Our full day’s ride promises to be truly breathtaking, with scenery straight from a Wild West movie. After lunch at a local Fonda, we’ll let loose in some thrilling canters through winding canyons lined with towering green cacti. These remote canyons are home only to wild horses, soaring eagles, and mysterious stones (the guides will tell you more – no spoilers!).

    Riding back to the ranch sporting proud dirt moustaches and huge smiles, we’ll wash and groom our trusty steeds in thanks for their hard work. Is there any smell better than a wet, sweaty horse? I think not!

    Once we’ve freshened up and enjoyed a sweet treat made with love by our beautiful cooks, we’ll settle in for a soft meditation and personal exploration through guided writing.

    Tonight’s four-course dinner is a fusion of Mexican and international cuisine. Washed down with a rich red wine or a thirst-quenching cocktail, no doubt we’ll sleep like babies!

  • Day 7 (December 17)

    Our last day certainly packs a punch, globetrotters! Bree will teach us how cultivate authentic expression and use it to guide our decisions, conversations and manifestations, then we’ll use breathwork to clear out heavy conditioning and stories that keep us from living as our freest selves.
    The morning ride takes us along a picturesque canyon to another nearby village. We will once again be amazed by the surefootedness of our four-legged friends, and enjoy some dreamy canters between the cornfields.

    After lunch served under the ‘Tree of Hearts’, we can choose how we spend the afternoon, whether it’s one last ride, an excursion, a spa session, or basking in the jacuzzi.

    Later on, we’ll bask in some breathwork geared towards calling forth our full and true nature.

    This last evening will be a real celebration, with after-dinner dancing enlivened by a few tequilas from the open bar and our choice of music on the sound-system. Viva Mexico!

  • Day 8 (December 18)

    This morning we’ll have one final breathwork session with Bree to aid us in solidifying new habits, perspectives and ways of approaching our lives. Then, after breakfast, we’ll pack our bags, say a fond farewell to our wonderful horses, guides and hosts, and be transferred to Mexico City International Airport for our onward travels. No doubt our week together in Mexico will be a transformational and treasured memory for many, many years to come.

  • Additional Activities & Excursions

    Your hosts can arrange hiking, mountain biking, yoga, tai chi, holistic healing, spa treatments, temezcal (Mexican sauna), mixology and cooking classes, and excursions to nearby world-famous historical sites, local villages and events.

    Some activities require additional payment; bookings and payments can be made on-site.

  • Bree Melanson

    I (Kate) have been following Bree Melanson and benefiting from her incredible gifts for many years now. Her breathwork meditation is one of the most transformational practices I have found, and it’s something I tap into on a daily basis. Bree is much more than just a breathwork facilitator, though. Her methods come from her 15 years of experience as an intuitive healer helping people get ‘unstuck’ and the channeled insight she’s received from higher consciousness. Her integrated breathwork process will deeply connect you with your true power as a creator and help you to heal lifetimes of conditioning. I believe combining my two favourite practices – breathwork and globetrotting – will be a heart explosion of all things magical and transformational.

  • Transfer Information

    Transfers between Mexico City and the ranch on the first and last days are included in the price.

    Unless you’re coming from the USA, we strongly recommend flying into Mexico City the day before the ride begins (December 10th) in case of travel days.

    The following morning (December 11th), we will all meet in the city centre and take a 90-minute transfer to the ranch.

    On the final day (December 18th), we will be transferred to Mexico City in time for flights departing after 2pm.