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So I officially started maternity leave as of Monday this week from salt magazine – my other business that I run with my father. Come to think of it, I haven’t talked about it much on this here blog space. No particular reason really, I started the lifestyle magazine which is based on the sublime Sunshine Coast, my glorious home, coming into ten years now with my father, Angus. I was a fresh-faced 23-year-old who had a strong desire to write and photograph and carve out my own path rather than working under the jurisdiction of someone else. With the incredible business acumen of my father, and our shared belief and passion for our region we’ve built a reputable publication that has a loyal following. We’re fortunate to have a incredible team of contributors that believe in the salt philosophy as much as we do.

I sidetrack, so as of Friday last week, we tucked our spring edition into bed and left her in the capable hands of our printer and I hung up my mouse as editor for a couple of editions. 

So that leaves me in limbo for a a week maybe two before we welcome baby #2 into the world. It’s a strange feeling, part of me is relishing in getting the odd jobs that have been shoved to the end of the ‘to do’ list for quite some time and the other part of me is keen to meet this little soul and start being active again. I’m yearning to run, do pilates and more importantly ride, ride, ride to my heart’s content.

I’m quite the featherweight when it comes to being a full-time mother and I can’t even call myself that! Finn still goes to day care twice a week. There are moments when I would prefer to pimp myself out selling advertising than the exhausting job of looking after a tempestuous toddler. I’m hoping that its due to my 38-week pregnancy status and energy and body mobility is at an all time low and it will get easier once I give birth to this basketball. I salute all of the fulltime mothers out there. Bravo!

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