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Hey globetrotters, you’re in for a real treat, get ready to be inspired! Globetrotter Jade Wills is one clever and talented lady. She joined us on a 19-day Mongolian horse trek this year and has written the following poem of her time spent in this incredible country with a wonderful group of globetrotters. Have a read as she brings this crazy-cat country to life in her wonderful prose…


I don’t know how to begin to say

How much this group means today

It started with just me a chick

Who feared the saddle it made her sick.

Then add her friend who loves to ride

Who agreed on doing Mongolia by her side.


We thought we could do it just us two

But then was added not one or two

But 9 more companions came along

Nearly all whom came from the billabong.


So a Swiss, a yank, 8 Aussies and a Pom

Rode Outer Mongolia to and from

Those hills that climbed high over clouds

And valleys that stretched further than sound.


The horses we rode were sturdy and strong

Never letting us down or leading us wrong

Only straying from the path every once in a while

To have some grass or a mouthful or even a pile.


There were nights in tents where toes did freeze

Then days so warm we galloped with ease

On the back of our steeds we braced two storms

Save me and Jinny who were in the car all warm.


Some of us discovered Chenggis gold

A drink which made the night owls bold

However when the morning came …. well

They only had themselves to blame.


Now I come to the locals we met

Without them we would not have been kept

Oh so warm, full bellied and in every way safe

We would not have had our horses who I will miss everyday.


To list all we ventured and saw together

Is simply impossible it would take forever

All I can say to you my friends now

Is I’ll never forget you no way no how

I will end with this and what I say is true

I will never know a more crazy, fantastic, absolutely wonderful crew.

WOW! I’m left speechless at Jade’s talent and words. If you’re feeling inspired and keen to ride across the ancient lands in the footsteps of Genghis Khan find out more about our rides in Mongolia here.

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