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Stay Wild and Free: Selina and Vispo

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Stay Wild and Free: Selina and Vispo - Globetrotting horse riding holidays - image via @selina_and_vispo

Selina Micòl Wendt is an equestrian based in Liguria, Italy, whose Instagram account @selina_vispo celebrates the unique joy and freedom of riding in nature. ‘Stay wild and free’ is her motto, and we say AMEN to that!

Selina kindly took the time to give us some insight into her life with horses – and more specifically, the very handsome chestnut who features in her photos. Read on to learn more!

What’s it like living and riding in Liguria?
It is indescribably beautiful to live and ride in Liguria, I can’t imagine anything else. Nature is so beautiful here and you can experience incredibly beautiful rides.

What inspired you to share your horsey adventures on Instagram?
I want to show people how nice it is to be immersed in nature with their horse, and to have a respectful relationship with horses. The little things count in life.

Have you always had horses? Can you give us a brief history of your life with horses?
I was born over a horse stable in Germany, so after my parents, the first thing I saw was horses! It all started there, and since then I’ve always ridden, but I’ve only had my own horse for two years.

Stay Wild and Free: Selina and Vispo - Globetrotting horse riding holidays - image via @selina_and_vispoTell us about your current horses! What are they like? Do you have a favourite?
My partner and I have four horses, but I have my favorite – his name is Vispo and I always ride him. He is a wonderful horse and I have an extremely close bond with him. For example, every evening after his meal, he waits for me at the fence to say good night. There are lots more examples of this bond, but in a nutshell it is fantastic!

What does a typical day with your horses look like for you?
I get up in the morning, give my horses something to eat and clean up the area. I often stay with the horses simply to observe these fascinating animals. I could watch them for hours. If I don’t have to work, then I go on adventures with Vispo. When we come back I take care of all the horses and give them their evening meal. I love this life.

How do you balance your riding adventures with everyday life?
I go horse riding either before or after work. Since my partner also takes care of the horses, we split the work up. In my free time I am almost always with my horses. The balance is quite good!

Can you tell us about your camera setup?
Actually I only use my phone, a Samsung Galaxy S10, for my footage. It works great! I don’t use Photoshop or filters. I find it most beautiful when the pictures are natural! I usually take my pictures from the saddle – that’s the best perspective, I think.

What does riding or being with horses mean to you? How have they influenced or changed your life?
For me, to be in contact with horses means everything! My partner and I adjust our lives around our horses. Horses speak such a great language, and with them you will experience the most beautiful things. I have a lot of respect for horses; they give you so much.

What’s the most important lesson your horses have taught you?
The most important lesson my horse has shown me is that I can trust him blindly. He is so calm and has taught me that if you and your horse trust each other, you can achieve anything together.

And finally, if you could choose any Globetrotting ride to add to your calendar, which would it be?
I would take The River Valley Ride in New Zealand. It sounds very interesting and it has always been a dream of mine to go horse riding in New Zealand. Hopefully my wish will come true at some point!


To see more of Selina’s spectacular riding photos and footage, follow her on Instagram: @selina_vispo

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