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“If you’re a lurker on the Globetrotting website then now is the time to commit!! I spent about a year prowling around on the site and finally pulled the trigger in June 2017. One year later and I have just done my first Globetrotting trip to the Kimberley and am seriously asking myself why I didn’t do this sooner.
Every day of The Kimberley Ride was great! Our guides were fantastic. They would assist with saddling up if needed, made every effort to be inclusive to all group members and to share the history of the area we were riding through. All the meals were excellent. There is something so authentic about eating off enamel plates around the campfire. How unexpected to be treated one night to a sit down dinner at the table with a risotto cooked by someone who had once apprenticed to Guy Grossi (Christian has unexpected talents!).
Our group was coined the ‘old girls’ or ‘old chooks’ by Christian and we were often matched up with the ‘old fellas’, Swampy, Ray and Rod. There was something just so authentic about riding with these stockmen. I absolutely loved them!
Camping at Nags Hole is a highlight for many reasons. You have two nights there so you don’t need to roll up your swag for a day (not an onerous chore but one you are happy to avoid!), you have a sit down meal with a white tablecloth on the first night so it glamps up the experience, the waterhole there is great for swimming in and Christian’s friend Chris who came in to sing for us was truly delightful.
An unexpectedly good experience was the cruise into Chamberlain gorge. Honestly I was a bit sad that we were to do this instead of more riding, but when we hit the fish reserve I had to swallow my words… and a bit of water as I started getting spat at by the seven spotted archer fish. I was in hysterics! What a groovy little predator!! I really enjoyed feeding them and getting spat in the face. Who would have thought?!
Perhaps like me you are a solo traveller who needs a long lead-up before your first trip to get your confidence up? Trust me, it will be the best decision you ever make. Great riding, great people (both crew and guests), magnificent country and maybe just the confidence boost you need. I’m already looking into booking my next trip. Will you join me?
Truly, Winston Churchill had it right: “No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.”

The Kimberley Ride 17/07/2018


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