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Alice Schaefer

‘My very first solo traveller holiday ended up being the Tassie Tiger Trail in Tasmania with Jen and Jeremy. The bar could not have been set any higher!
Piccolo and I were a perfect match – he had the ability to read my energy and confidence levels perfectly and adjust accordingly. The horsemanship session on day one really set us all up for success. My confidence as a rider increased with every hour and after a couple of days in the saddle, we thoroughly enjoyed a canter along the beach as well as a climb up a mountain. Jen, Jeremy and Meg were the most amazing guides and hosts and made the entire experience so special. Great conversations, belly laughs and insights into Tasmania’s flora and fauna. Not only was the riding amazing, but the food and cultural experiences were up there, too. The time went way too fast, so the only thing that’s left to do is return again next year!’

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