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Alicia Turner

‘If you are on the fence about booking a riding holiday or are apprehensive about traveling alone, hop off the fence and book it NOW!! I see now why Globetrotting has so many repeat customers; on my trip alone, out of eight people, four had previously been on Globetrotting rides and a fifth was already booked for a future ride. The horses were fantastic, the accommodations were quite literally palatial, the food was top notch, and the camaraderie and friendships formed were life affirming. Our guides were a wealth of knowledge, excellent storytellers, consummate professionals and wonderful conversationalists. I rode Turner the entire week and we could not have been more perfectly suited for each other. As game as he was, he was so, so rideable – he was never, ever strong in the bridle, and even though he was an incredibly keen jumper with huge scope, he always listened. This ride was a once in a lifetime experience!’

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